Positive Psychology Practice

Today we hear Positive Psychology is hot.
To not agree is to be both negative,
and a snot;
too cognitively dissonant
and dino-snore-a-lot.

When your loved one tells you,
for the thousandth time,
“You never listen to me”
you have been invited to a challenge
of double-binding negativity.

You will not find it helpful to respond
that you often listen,
quietly disagree,
and proceed along your positive intended way.

Your family bond will not grow ripe with healthy wealth
by responding
“I hear, listen, consider your dissonant perspective,
and find it unpersuasive that I should change
to join your comparative insanity.”

How much simpler all these positivist ‘ologys,
logic and its logos mythic roots, would be,
if Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
had been called something more operatic,
like “PolyTheorem of Relationality.”

How many deeper roots would feed Positive Psychology
if we could understand Positive functions
of Cognitive Dissonance,
if we could find Full-Live MetaSystem
surrounding Half-eviL Reverse-Temporal-DecaySystem,
learn contention knocking on contentment’s door of awareness,
learn longing’s silent scream for belonging bicamerally balanced.

We listen with our Cognitively Dissonating Deductive Left,
but we health-hear with our Positive Self/Other Inductivizing Right.

Sanity begins where insanity leaves off.
Rational minds work to retain coincidental confluence,
bi-reiteratively multisystemic Relational Balance.

Dr. Jaynes’ bicameral balance
meets Mr. Bucky’s polypathic Universal Intelligence,
Synergetics translated into relational self/other integration.

Co-arising coherency of Right-Left self-consciousness
embraces cognitive/affective dissonance for deductive purposes,
while cognitive/affective Right-brain confluence
conjoins Positive Psychology with Positive Deviance Theory
to sum our squares and Fullerian cube roots and forming systems,
Zero-Sum ecological Win-Win therapeutic harmony,
economic equivalent gift-it-forward life transactions
of nutrient healthy wealth
of superconsciousness.

EcoTherapy is Positive Psychology’s mutual mentoring praxis
of Permaculture Design,
with intent toward Climax Beloved Community optimization,
sustainable for at least Seven Generations of Earth’s DNA/RNA life.

ReGenerating revolutionary recycling systems
articulate Universal Intelligence
of Bicameral DNA/RNA temporally unfolding fractal-harmonic syntax.

including humane nature,
information, evolves DNA, thus Elder RNA-rooted, code
as Prime Perennial-Fractal,
the four seasons of Alpha-Omega Point reasons.

Elder Right temporal brain function
reaches back to RNA’s static/synaptic
chronic/critical ecological paradigm of consciousness,
deep coincidental learning,
co-arising ecological paradigms of intelligence,
stimulus-response as before-after gestalt dynamic
positively induced development,
health as wealth,
synergetic integrity of thermodynamic balance,
permacultured design and resolution
of growth and development cycles
and recycles
evolving Beloved,
out of cognitively dissonant “still-not-colistening”,
Communities and Guilds.

All this wealth of information
hiding inside the Emperor’s outside-in-visible deductive clothes,
turning inside-out and upside-down
toward co-balancing integrity,
deferred mutually subordinate dominance,
of Left-Yang’s deductive power
conjoining Right-DoubleYin’s inductive flow,
co-arising Positive/Negative confluent/double-dissonant

“Yes dear, I am listening
both to you and to my self,
still learning how we can both win
love’s game of positively cooperative life.”


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