Zero-Soul Timeless Consciousness

In a surprise announcement today,
President Plan B Sandman’s EcoMinster of Economics
translated bicamerally balanced ecologic
into “Full-Budda Bilateral Consciousness.”

rather than presenting metaphysical support,
he seems to offer analogical support
for his ecological assertion
about logic,
or logos,
or language,
or whatever the hell he was talking about.

“Prevailing winds of temporal electromagnetic
and thermodynamic change flow counterclockwise,
Western culture toward Eastern;
while sun’s Reiterative-Unitarian-Common
CoGravitationally CoArising light/nutri-nomials,
double-bound transparent in each Now point of Time,
flow Eastern history toward Western culture,
at this point in time,
as through all time and transitions.

Consciousness of Time moving forward is in formation.

Consciousness of Time flowing backward
in a bicamerally balancing mind,
with normal mental and physical health,
is ex formating.
In other words,
permaculturally decomposing,
which is to sustaining nurturant life,
as RNA/DNA healthy balance is to regenerating living organic systems.

Permacultural decomposition
bicamerally sorts through
and Win-Win ecological scenarios,
to produce climaxing beloved outcomes,
sifts through affective and deductively dominating distance
apparent mutual immunity of egocentric with ecocentric,
dissonating analogical-fractal rhythms of RNA/DNA normation.

Julian Jaynes
and Charles Darwin
and Albert Einstein
shared an assumptive problem,
sub-optimizing ecological consciousness.

Jaynes’ evolutionary/revolutionary theory
of birthing a deductive languaged
Left-dominant ego-selfconsciousness,
flew away from Left-Right hemispheric nondual co-arousal
of Self as Other consciousness,
by only looking at the history of madness,
struggles between internal mortality and divinity.

Ego-Left is an intrinsic deductive DNA self-consciousness
child of SuperEco Right’s co-arising Buddha consciousness,
balancing Yangish-Left with DoubleBinding YinYinish-Right
to intuitively know as Elder RNA has mentored,
but never allowed to speak
beyond the folds of co-gravitating time’s fractal-Fullerian
RNA syntax.

Their mistake in common,
to confuse the endo/ecto-symbiotic relativity of evolutionary change
with the bilateral-fractal rhythm and Commons-patterned relationship
of ecological Buddha consciousness.
While dipolar related
as logic-form
to eco-function,
it is the prime relationship between
deductive-Left polynomial information
and inductive-Right’s intuitive health-as-wealth consciousness
ruddering our way through individual lives
and tribal evolutions
and transitional revolutions.

Erik Erikson’s evolutionary theory
of human cultural development
spread across our history of nations
supports Positive Psychology
as social-cultural maturation.
Combined with Jaynes,
Erikson’s model might suggest
we are in last stages
of releasing adolescent anthrocentric religiosity
to embrace a deeper balanced
confluent ecology
of Buddha egoLeft/ecoRight-consciousness.

This Buddha eco-consciousness
appears to have emerged nondually
as co-arising dynamically regenerative intelligence,
with double-elliptical dipolar dynamisms of balance
and full-octave-fractal harmony,
bilateral strings of negentropic nuclei
networking toward this timeless Time
in Beloved Individuated-Integrative Space.”

While I hesitate to comment,
the EcoMinister did not appear to anticipate applause,
much less future headlines.



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