Visiting the Buddha

We were visited by a baby

It felt good to bow
into her glittery brown eye level,

To speak of whatever came to mind
which was mostly about her truth
and blossoming beauty

Knowing she would not judge
and would listen
as long as I might care
to continue our song
of aging story.

Her response,
to continue sleeping
or to smile
while feeling
feeding eye to eye
mutual warmth

This is what I remember
wanting most
to speak about,

To remember
on this Memorial Day

Visited not yet by a victim
of war
but by a wise innocent
for peace.


AntiChristian Trump

Communion does not approach dawn
to vilify our most public egotistic victims
and predators.

Who would it help
to dismiss, with terrifying labels,
reproductions of sacred history?

But, global legends
contain lessons
for our interdependent
deep cultural learning.

What is a Western Messiah,
an Eastern Bodhisattva?

A wise leader
who sacrifices personal health
immediately transcendent empowerment,
on behalf of those left behind,
poor in spirit,
wounded in nature,
fractured in mind and body.

So, an AntiChrist
is self-serving,
a worshiper of mammon,
a capitalist pig,
if you prefer,
although this feels unfair
to the contented
peace-loving reputation
of healthy pigs.

An AntiChrist
would weigh the value
of personal
and corporate quarterly,
and annual,
and election term profits
more heavily
more selfishly
more anti-Christian
more anti-Islam
more anti-Buddha
more anti-peace
more anti-health
more anti-compassion
than the value of aging lives
most transparently vulnerable
to this post-millennial Virus.

No naturally healthy
and spiritually wealthy
and religious person,
whether disciple of Christ
or follower of Mohammed
or contemplative with Buddha
or ecofeminist as yin-faced Laotse,
could look
and listen
and feel
and think
with cooperative integrity
to discover restorative fruits
of the Holy Spirit
and/or indigenous HolyWind
in the Nationalist Republican
and narcissistic Capitalist Trump

Competing against multicultural campaigns promoting
faithfulness to wealth of health,
hope for conserving Earth’s living safety,
long-suffering patience,
peaceful democratic compassion.

By our active love for Other,
for the immigrant,
the sinner,
the pagan,
for even those who are privileged
and intolerant supremacists
and bullies,
are we known as not AntiChrists.

None of us can prove
by salvific action
or fruitful compassionate deed
that we are redeemed Christians.

But all of us can disprove
by unhealthy degenerative divestments,
by selfish actions,
by pathological misdeeds,
by violent and intentionally misdirecting words,
that we are unredeemed AntiChrists;

Not that I believe Biden
and the not green and non-violent enough Democrats
are likely to invite,
much less multinationally enact,
the global healthy wealth Second Coming
of Earth’s peaceful rapture.


Shared Journey

We ourselves must walk the path.

We ourselves must dance Earth’s revolving
revolutionary viral path
empowering and disempowering
healing violence
and hurting peace,

wandering toward multilateral peace
restoring cooperatively just ways,
co-invested means

We ourselves must sing
global gospel harmonies,
anthems for political empowering directions,
against economic disempowering elections

Dancing away
from our ego/eco-singing selves,
ancient memory paths
before division
into secular v sacred,
natural v spiritual,
Left yang-strength v Right yin-flow,
Western resilience v Eastern resonance
on every NorthBound co-arising
co-gravitating trail.


PermaCultural Research and Design

PermaCultural InFormation/ExFormation Research and Design

Zero SpaceYang gratefully greets YinBiLateral Time,
after several science and math collateral cooperations,
over and through and beyond metaphysical and special case physical centuries,
appear to favor cooperative dipollar appositional health
over ecopolitically competitive bipolar oppositional pathologies.

Literature Review:
See Creation Stories.
Especially those originating Sun’s dawning DivineYang Light
spreading across mists of revolving spirals,
yinFlow sacred double-boundary waters,
seas within seasons
of CommonSquared speeds
for multicultural racing light
embracing wet octaves,
spectral ergodic,
ionic and bionic-fractal prisms,
thermodynamic balancing Creation Stories
of equivalent Patriarchy-Matriarchy
transregenerative pre- through post-history,
Original Hypostatic Unions,
ongoing more cooperatively than not.

EcoPolitical cooperative regenerativity
emerges from
and re-invests toward
Positive BiLateral Balancing Psychology.

PermaCulture Design
with Yang polycultural sustainability
through Yin-harmonic decompositional resonant diversity.

Deep and Sacred Ecology Learning Design
and bicameral practice of co-operativity,
EcoPolitically Incorporated,
divine-humane incarnated,
reincarnating co-arising dipolar convex
as co-gravitation dualdark concave,
WinWin CoOperative Game
and ReGenerative Systems Theory
of EcoPolitical Best Practice Methods
toward reweaving,
cultures of short- through long-term healthy wealth.

PolyCultural up and out, convexly informational co-intelligence.
MonoCultural in and down concave root-systemic exformational
toward downright anti-ecologically dissonant anti-empathic decay.

Is more internally and externally productive
of both short- and long-term healthy outcome optimization
over LeftBrain dominating bipolarizing bicameral Debate.
Debate requires competitive skill sets
used and refined toward WinLose ZeroSum monoculturing outcomes,
Discussion invites listening before speaking
non-violent skills for further delineating
potential WinWin integrity
of NotNot Zero polycultural
YangEquiValence = NotNot YinAmbiValence incoming consumption
toward EitherOr with BothAnd harmonic outcome production.

Yang 3D space polynomial static geometrics
octave double-bind Zero-PrimeCore Fractal-DialectalDynamic Relationship
with Yin 1-BiLateral notnot polylinear wu-wei path
of wave-spiraling EcoPolitical Tipping Points
and Waves,
Bull and BearCub Embryonic Markets,
LeftPatriarchal and Right ElderMatriarchal EcoNormics,
Deep Learning EcoPolitics of Gaian Systems.

B Fuller
Golden Rule
Golden Ratio
Golden MultiCultural Elixir of Mother Earth
multiculturing sha-wo/men and gospel wizardish witches,
mothers and GrandMother Moon
feeding in and out
prime relationships
between and among light c-fractal
and dualdark dreamscape RightBrain
timeless ultra-violet (0)Sum nights.

References Cited:
LeftBrain SpaceTime Taoism
RightBrain RealTime Zeroism
bionically secular/sacred ZeroSoul co-arising,
nondual ZenTao
of EmptyEgo
revolving fractal spirals
for Interdependent ThermoDynamic
Earth DoubleBoundaried
Special Case
CoOperative CoLateral Balance.


Listening For God

Among the Potawatomi
they speak of Yawe,
dynamic being,
perpetuating interdependence
within this whole Earth system.

Among the Israelites
they only reverently spoke of YHWH,
again integrity
continuous historic interdependent perpetuation
within and between languaged fissures
of empty non-being.

Among the Taoists
again dynamic integrity
dipolar co-arising Yang embedded strong relationships,
exegetically stored and restored
between empty Yin fissures of non-becoming,
notnot yet imagined
exformational absence
potentially synaptic.

Among Buddhists
dynamic zen integrity
dipolar co-arising
Interdependent Earth
within and between Universal Empty Zero
basic non-being spaces
notnot imaged
yet diastatic places potentiating.

Among still communicating Christians,
they listen for YHWH’s
richly dense and resonant love
again integrity
perpetuating cooperative inductive-dominant interdependence
within this whole Earth climate
of mutual subsidiary systems
between universal language networks
for centering polypathic journeys
from and of and toward and away from seasons zen zero,
absence of integrity’s regenerate Promise,
notnot yet imaged polypaths
of Yawe.

Dynamic becoming,
integrity of nutritional values,
perpetuating healthy interdependence
within Earth’s (0)-sum
whole WinWin network of
CoOperating Awe

I Am
We Are Becoming
through cracks in patriarchal stasis.




Routine Rituals

New Year
yet the same ritualistic routines,
absent their blissfully celebrating roots
buried in more fertile loves and hope-filled times
and might have beens
if not for this today
with these people
on this sacred nurturing Goddess Earth,

Still making more or less nice with FireGod Sun,
whom some experience more condemning and unkind nature,
while others as more enlightened to be helpful spirit,
even kind with manna as Vitamin D
feeding DNA’s further interdependently co-arising potential.

Routine and ritual,
multitasking and acclimating ecosystems,
yang-digesting and yin-nurturing biosystems,
consuming economic PowerOver Ego
and producing Ta(0)Systemic ReGenerativity,

both feeding us regenerative health and nurturance
but also bleeding us of fully invested interest in right now,
where we are,
with whom,
and why
and why notnot could be polypathically otherwise.

Routine, like ritual,
piety, like patriotism,
both feeds us nutrients from Earth’s sacred Creation Stories,
but also bleeds us of cooperative co-investment
within this radically democratic ecological climate,
sometimes degenerative,
cognitive-affective antipathies,
LeftBrain enculturing dominance
noticing, not quite too soon,
RightBrain’s bicameral ego/ecoconscious nurture-flow
of karmic sacred regenerative graced healthy ecotherapy,
reweaving nature-spirit
Yang/Yin nondually co-arising
ReVolution (0)-Universal CoreSoulSum
Black Hole
dualdark (NotLose,NotLose) = +Win,
appositional thermodynamic tensegrity balance (B. Fuller)
PolyPathic Ego/EcoCenter.

both distracting from better celebrations elsewhere
and attracting more celebratory rituals
for more abundant EarthFlows
of sacred karmic grace
so democratically accessible,
these icons of nature’s kindness
right/left outside our doors
and LeftBrain dominant walls.

Our routines are internal celebrations
expressing gratitude with wonder and awe,
open ecoconsciousness as co-empathic,
celebrating this opportunity
this day
this life
this eternal (0) now sacred moment
of Yang opportunity
through Yintegral wisdom’s Earth nurturance,
this PricklyPolitical/EcoGooey moment (Alan Watts)
of climate pathology messages
regarding climate health ecotherapeutic vocational opportunities
accessible right here,
right now,
with the people and plants
we each intentionally share our nurturing lives with
for mutually regenerative health
extending on out to alien wierdo folks
who seem totally clueless,
and yet our co-empathic ecopolitical challenge
to rediscover all creatures prefer cooperative Golden Rules
predicting WinWin evolutioning strategies
over LeftBrain’s egocentric supremacist monoculturing need
to always have the last word,
about everything and everyone on Earth,
yet blind to Ego’s forest of deep learning opportunities
for the stumbling blocks of anthrocentric plutocratic family trees.

Routine, like ritual,
Piety, like polypathic eco-empathic celebrations,
Singing, like dancing,
Speaking, like acting
as if we might care to hear and actually watch out for each other,
both feed our celebrations
and bleed our LeftBrain purgations
of routines reified of reweaving rituals
of deep revolving fertile healthwealth
LeftNature-RightSpirit eco-rituals,
remembering embryonic Matriarchal Nutrition Stories
of mutually cooperative integrity
flowing out what we could mean
by (0)-sum WinWin ReGenerativity.

Yang as universal ultra
with Yin as violet octave-flow exformating
dualdark co-gravities,
double-binding timeless now experience
of Routine
as DNA’s BusinessAsUsual
rituals of sacred celebration
surging within Earth’s abundant
greens and browns and blues and greys
and reds with orange and yellow,
and pink and purple,
and even white and black opaque
and violet rainbow RNA-inspired CathedralEarth
of rhythms and patterns
of sound and sight,
co-passionate delights,
agapic and erotic

Another revolutionary ring
around Earth evolution’s sacred Matriarchal Nurturing Flow,
provoking timeless wonder and polypathically awesome days
and perhaps even multiculturally exotic nights.
Who knows,
you might get RightBrain integrative freedom lucky
liturgically diastatic
regeneratively healthy-wealthy


Its All In the ZeroZen PolyNomials

If facts can be reduced to polynomial information bits
then wisdom might be expanded through polypathic exformation bytes,
double-fractal octave-co-redemptive folding/unfolding
weaving/unweaving stages
of Left-geneticYang with Right-memeticYintegral
co-arising ecopolitically nondual trust
in co-ecologically strictured autonomic-affective
internal climate of health v pathology development.

(0)-sum investments in these biting facts of wisdom,
where we continue healthy-wealthy hunting and finding
no inductive-Right difference of feeling
that could make any possible deductive-Left ecological difference.

CoIntelligent living with others
as we would have others live with us
includes wisely ego-dying with others
as we would have others die as Allies
rather than competing Enemies.

Earth’s interior regenerational bliss
is also Ego’s degeneratively refining mutually cooperative purging
of monoculturing anthro-willfullness
LeftBrain cognitive dissonance
yielding to internalized
polypathic-DNA inspired
nature-spirit exegetically ecological messages
with multicultural-becoming wisdom,
in an of and through and for our Golden Left/Right BuddaAge
of Tao-Zen Interdependent(0)Empty Centering Rules
Rhythms of ReSonant ReGenerate ReSolutions.


MetaPhysical Therapies

and perhaps all pedagogical traditions,
are variations on a creation story theme,
both rooted in, and feeding on, multicultural evidence
of faith in polyculturally evolving mental/physical health-integrity outcomes,
actively loving trusted truths as co-empathic beauty,
and or diverse more fundamentalist,

religious and scientific and aesthetically woven creation stories,
are bicameral enculturations
of humane supernatural faith
in Sun+Earth prime nutritional ecosystemic relationship.

Faith evolves an external landscape cultural projection
of an internal enthymematic landscape of political and economic gratitude,
and absence thereof.

is a Basic Attendance
aptic-empathic response
to the practice and experience of agapic love,
tribal integrity,
RNA/DNA synergy;
the Holy holistic gestalt
of becoming ReGenerate Issue-Identity Awareness;
original intent of deeply enlightened co-gravity’s bicameral listening
for healthy WinWin self-identity narrative opportunities
with diminishing LoseLose risks through decomposition of faith networks,
internal and external.

My problem is that I am not the center of my universe.

My solution is to permaculturally reintegrate
within our shared universal center,
each moment,
each thought within time,
each relationship between times,
each paradigm about the healthy development of EarthTribe’s regenerating time.


The Annual Budget Survey

“What most nourishes
and yet also entices
your active love,
your curiosity invested in achieving highest priority outcomes?
What are your outcome priorities?
Talk about the top of your deep-loving bucket list,
your plans for yourself and your loved ones
during this next year,
and throughout your most regenerate project’s life span.”

OK, so, “beloved community” will stand in for world peace
and globally cooperative political and economic justice
within and between all EarthTribes
and EcoSystems.

“What nourishes, yet entices, about this promise of Beloved Community?
Not only, What is your outcome intention?
But also, How does it co-invest in nutritionally deep and rich health?”

I’m coming up with empathic co-arising eros/agape love,
defined and refined by Buckminster Fuller
as “synergy,”
applied not only to environmental design,
but also to our systemic designs
positively nutritional enhancing,
while pathological toxin reducing,
support networks
evolving still-maturing WinWin issue frameworks,
our paradigmatic synergetic integrating concerns,
while increasingly climatic pathological trends
threaten to unweave the fabric of humane life on Earth,
and even unbind root systemic life within Earth’s healthy skin
and atmosphere,
Her primal matriarchal boundary relationships with ProGenitor Sun,
bilaterally revolving Tao-light
as notnot dualdark night.

I remain curious about how I,
and we,
continue this journey toward our (0)Mega Point
of Beloved Community Enlightenment.

“How and where are you, and perhaps we,
already moving from competitive WinLose
toward synergetically cooperative,
WinWin issue framing
and budgeting,
and co-investment reforms?”

My family and I continue working on planting more positive co-empathic seeds
and thereby decreasing our individual egocentric/anthrocentric,
monoculturally competitive,
weedy internal and external
political and economic relationships.
Less angry and frightening flareups
through more gift-it-forward cooperatively synergetic-empathic trust,
stretching toward trust as sunrise stretches toward sunset.
Acting within good faith,
inclusive permacultural health frameworks.
Speaking without hidden agendas
and with active love
of mutual health,
building Beloved Community.
Planting trees of forests dehydrating weedy played-out competitions
for birthing mutual diurnal baptism by warm fires and clear waters.

“Please submit an implementation schedule with your proposed budget.”

“We will be smelting our global political swords
into cooperative economic planning plowshares,
resolving resonant budgeting priority issues
as regenerative opportunities
to start again
on a more inclusive
transgenerationally past through future,
healthy root planning system.”

“In god as healthy-medicine ecosystems,
with ecologically responsible nutrition budgets
and multisensory planting through harvest deep-learning schedules,
we multiculturally trust.”


UnDead Thru Abundant Life Outcomes

Here’s my thing.
I wonder if Yin-UnDead river of time’s ebbing wave
predicts Yang-Love Health Abundance.

No, really,
I think about that,
and I wonder if EcoReligious CoOperative Messiahs
could also become Bodhisattva Integral-Unitarian Occupiers,
Zero-centric self-invested/divested PlaceHolders,
bilaterally stretching thresholds for health-balanced time
co-investing light cooperative emergence,
with dualdark anger-fear absorbance, co-redemption,
now PostMillennially re-emerging
ecotherapeutic regenerative values
remembering YangEgoLeft as YinEarth/Heaven Prime CoRelationship Elder Right
deep syntaxed RNA-Root-EcoLogic Systemic Zero-EcoAbundant/Absent LifeTime
mindbody neurosystem
regeneratively balanced sense of normative
light is to dark
as warm is to cold,
as EgoInterior is to EarthExterior,

As YangEgo is to YinEco
as precessive endosymbiotic evolution is
to regenerative ectosymbiotic dualdark revolutions
of fractal-sensory dialectical-dipolar TaoTime.

This feels important to me
that we seem to already incarnate this bicameral ecoconsciousness,
without permaculturally comprehending
BiLateral Ego/Eco balanced-fractal-temporal function
as prime-relational normativity
of Self and Other
cooperatively co-arising
incarnate Golden Rules of regenerately evolving nature,
Golden Ratios of revolutionary temporal nurture
within PrimeRelational Pro/ReGenesis
of EarthTime’s BiLateral Health EcoCulturation,
both DNA and RNA polycultural evolving outcome,
divine octave-color harmonic-fractal WinWin
reiterative dipolar.

I also wonder
if Bodhisattva and Messianic co-redemptive natural function,
might feel more like a doormat inside,
than any clear mindbody bicameral-balanced landscape,
a Climax of EcoConsciousness without cognitive dissonant blemish,
more like a doormat within dimmer nutrient lights,
more like a dipolar-hinged threshold
when faced with brighter co-radiant loving light.

Some of us are more Messianic-Yin’s in our response to nature’s call,
come and let me invest in you
until I am drained into the depressed suppressed UnDead,
let me absorb all those angry-past and future-fears of death’s threshold,
while breathing all these toxins back out
as dissonant reminders,
we could do better than we are
as eco-mentoring messiah-teachers.

Bodhisattva’s are more Yang-threshold cultures of Absence,
recessive polarity of precessive doormat Purgation,
dipolar co-relativity of primal health
as absence of pathological co-elational-radiant imbalance
experienced as cognitive/affective temporal-disassociation dissonance stress
as the backstory for
neural-temporal revolving-regenerate light/dark norms
predicted by RNA-iconic
Fractal-(0)-SoulInvestment Tao BiCameral ReVolution
folding and unfolding DiPolarity PolyCultural Outcome Equi-Valence
Fractal-Dialectical PermaCulture PostMillennial Time.

Doormats, like thresholds, struggle within Ego-centric biosystems
within AnthroCentric eco-enculturation language
and mindbody confluence/notnot-dissonance sensory systems.
Thresholds hear both sides of
healthy polycultural messages
with less healthy monocultural understories,
waiting to revolt this ecosystemic balance,
as opportunity increases risk of overpopulation.

Time’s BiCameral Thresholds
need co-arising Doormats,
like Moose Medicine balances Owl Medicine,
like Bodhisattva Warriors Active Love as Peace.

Peace as WarmLight
measure of Healthy Enculturing Time,
commodified as (0) PrimeTime DiPolar ReGenerative,
with temporal-neural fold-functions
polyculturally confluent ecosystemic fractal-function,
like both DNA and RNA,
icons of regenerative tissues and revolutionary health reissues.

So, but about the UnDead Yin Messianic side
of this co-redemptive creation story,
do we choose to become doormats toward death of time,
or doormats toward full-abundance of time?
For me the answer again is both.
Absorbing ego-purgation death
of angry-past memories,
absorbing all those fears
about absence of sufficient healthy ego-incarnate time,
until all that remains is Absent (0) diastatic
diastolic flow of time as memory
revolving synaptic light as notnot dualdark past and future
timeless waves of time’s elation
ecosystemic co-gravitation
integrating symbiotic universe,
surfing light through MidWay horizons
of polyculturing alpha-dawns
opening (0)Mega notnot dusk of Time UnDead.