Zero-Soul Advent

EarthMother Speaking:
Each still-wombed life extends Mother Advents incarnating time
so each Maternal risk and endosymbiotic opportunity,
each ectosymbiotic free will and intent act of Host, ProGenitor,
rich fertile nutritionally balanced informing action,
fades competitive egocentrism,
as narrow-minded anthro-centrist elitism,
to incarnate more fractally bicameral
and dipolar consciousness,
wisdom’s good faith compost for Earth’s co-operating future.

Advent Speaking:
Hello! I’m still waiting!
Each of these eternal moments incarnates timeless eternity
without unfolding rebirthing memory,
a polypathic potpourri of culturally autistic risk and polycultural opportunity
to avoid your ego-deductive domination’s self-suffering
to more mutually embrace eco-poly-paradigmatic synergy of ecosystemic (0)-soul birth.

Each day an extension of my time
so each morning a risk and opportunity
to avoid greedy egocentrism,
addiction to thrills
then attachment to their suffering consequences,
as if I could have learned them alone,
to step into harmonious eco-centered (0)-consciousness.

Advent, Still Waiting:
Each waiting half-filled ego extends Time’s holonic-neural enculturing memory
of risks and opportunities
to avoid evolution’s monochromatic dead ends
even more Adventing,
by embracing EarthRevolution’s poly-enculturing (0)-soul
political with economic conscience.

Andrew Cohen: “Evolutionary Enlightenment”, p. 98
“The practice of Evolutionary Enlightenment
has two fundamental components
[Left-Right mindbody (0) dipolarity]
that reflect
the two domains of [endosymbiotic] Being
and [ectosymbiotic] Becoming.
In the [Internal Landscape] domain of Being,
the practice is learning to master
the timeless art an [eco-con]science of meditative
stillness [and ecosystemic decomposition].
In the [Exterior Landscape] domain of evoutionary Becoming,
the practice is defined
by Five [0-balancing ego/eco as Left/Right] Fundamental Tenets–
[1. Bicameral Noticing for] Clarity of Intention,
[2. Positively Inhaling Spring] The Power of Volition
[3. Diastatic Full-Bicameral Eco/Ego (0)Identity Power to]
Face Everything and Avoid Nothing
[4. EcoSystematic DeComposition as] The Process Perspective, and
[5. Co-Regenerative Double-Fractal-Holonic Resonance] Cosmic Conscience.
For those who aspire to walk this path in earnest,
these [embryonic] tenets must be [co-arisingly] lived at all times,
in all places
under all [MotherEarth’s Advent-ure] circumstances.”


Note: Brackets within Andrew Cohen’s quote are my own voice, not intended to improve on his, but to enjoin our chorus. G D


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