If our Price is Right

“At the beginning of the twenty-first century,
for the luckiest
[high-risk and opportunity for eco-consciousness]
people who have ever been born,
it seems that our passionate pursuit of individuation
has reached its [EgoLeft dominant] apex.”

“We have discovered that we are [also] part of a vast,
[polynomial, polycultural, polypathic, polymorphic, polysymbiotic]
fourteen-billion-year process
that is evolving right now,
as ourselves
[AND Other AND Earth
as WinWinWin eco-cooperative poli-economic
love-medicine systemic health resolution].”

“And our ability to recognize this vast [healthy/pathological] trajectory
that lies behind us
and that still lives within us
allows us to appreciate
the tremendous significance of the [great transitional] moment
we are [evolving] in.”

The awakening of this evolutionary
[ecoconscious bilateral-dipolar systemic comprehension]
shatters the postmodern predicament.
And it is up to those of us who recognize this liberating context–
the luckiest [bicameral balancing] people in the world–
to make ourselves available
to the [coarising] energy and [co]intelligence that has,
over tens of thousands of years,
patiently cultivated our human capacity
for higher [and deeper] consciousness
and [self/other interdependent Left/Right eco-dominant] cognition,
so that it [regenerative healthy love]
can take the next step,
through us and as us.”

Andrew Cohen, “Evolutionary Enlightenment, pp. 83-84, 2011, SelectBooks


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