CoOperative Theism

What is the difference between a theist and an atheist?

A bicamerally balancing eco-teleologist.

Well, so what’s that; an eco-teleologist?

You, if you believe the Earth is your co-gravitational (0)-centric epi-ecocenter.

So, who wouldn’t believe that?

Probably no one.

So, why, exactly, is this an issue I need to look at right now?

Because, if you are an ecotheist, then you are also a (0)-interest bodhisattva warrior poli-economist, presumably.

Wow, I really did not see that coming at all!

Yes, well, I get that all the bilateral time.

Hmmm…. I can see that in sort of a 4D WinWin Cooperative EcoOccupyers ReJoin RNA Tribal Network, kinda’ way.



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