Atheists are Panentheists

What is the difference between an atheist and a panentheist?

Atheists cannot discover any signs of divinity outside ourselves
While the panentheist uncovers what organizes interior landscapes and climates.

In Buddhism we have a principle of Emptiness
and a correlated principle of Interdependence.
Atheists stop rather abruptly with the Emptiness platform
while panentheists are so bogged down by all us Interdependents,
sorting through co-dependent relationships
but without the therapy bills,
Emptiness feels like an unfamiliar but theoretically welcome relief,
like solitude before it turns into sour loneliness.

So maybe a LeftBrain atheist
is also a RightBrain panentheist,
and the two together is a Buddhist.

There is no inconsistency here.
just two faces of the eternally timeless,
just as time is lost to sensory review
when it becomes most sacredly replete.

Other than that, one is harder to spell
and takes a whole lot longer to fully articulate.


CoOperative Theism

What is the difference between a theist and an atheist?

A bicamerally balancing eco-teleologist.

Well, so what’s that; an eco-teleologist?

You, if you believe the Earth is your co-gravitational (0)-centric epi-ecocenter.

So, who wouldn’t believe that?

Probably no one.

So, why, exactly, is this an issue I need to look at right now?

Because, if you are an ecotheist, then you are also a (0)-interest bodhisattva warrior poli-economist, presumably.

Wow, I really did not see that coming at all!

Yes, well, I get that all the bilateral time.

Hmmm…. I can see that in sort of a 4D WinWin Cooperative EcoOccupyers ReJoin RNA Tribal Network, kinda’ way.