In This Beginning

Exactly where and when does Ego begin,
my creation story introduction,
and is there anything in there about a sequel?

Identity of EarthTime revolving HeavenlyStimulants,
autonomic memory unfolding Ego’s storage capacity,
regeneratively biased in favor of time’s continuance,
dipolar dynamics of balance and diastatic-diastolic harmony,
evolving Ego-function rooted in Elder PrimeTime’s
seasons of light and dark landscapes.

Birth through young adulthood
diastolic trending eco-biosystems,
and then from mature adulthood on through disbirth
decompositional interior processing trends
reviewing regenerative exterior experiential forms with ecofunctions
sinking deeply into ecoconscious CoPresent Great Transition
diastatic (0)-soul TaoTime of Yang/Yin co-arising elation,
surfing love of regenerating time ourselves,
reincarnations of all prior generations of history,
children of Earth’s RNA Tribes,
eco-polyconscious TransPresent bicameral memory
refold storage
RE: investment and divestment
for future regenerating health v. pathology

TO: Ego-Identity bicameral flowstream incubators


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