UnDead Thru Abundant Life Outcomes

Here’s my thing.
I wonder if Yin-UnDead river of time’s ebbing wave
predicts Yang-Love Health Abundance.

No, really,
I think about that,
and I wonder if EcoReligious CoOperative Messiahs
could also become Bodhisattva Integral-Unitarian Occupiers,
Zero-centric self-invested/divested PlaceHolders,
bilaterally stretching thresholds for health-balanced time
co-investing light cooperative emergence,
with dualdark anger-fear absorbance, co-redemption,
now PostMillennially re-emerging
ecotherapeutic regenerative values
remembering YangEgoLeft as YinEarth/Heaven Prime CoRelationship Elder Right
deep syntaxed RNA-Root-EcoLogic Systemic Zero-EcoAbundant/Absent LifeTime
mindbody neurosystem
regeneratively balanced sense of normative
light is to dark
as warm is to cold,
as EgoInterior is to EarthExterior,

As YangEgo is to YinEco
as precessive endosymbiotic evolution is
to regenerative ectosymbiotic dualdark revolutions
of fractal-sensory dialectical-dipolar TaoTime.

This feels important to me
that we seem to already incarnate this bicameral ecoconsciousness,
without permaculturally comprehending
BiLateral Ego/Eco balanced-fractal-temporal function
as prime-relational normativity
of Self and Other
cooperatively co-arising
incarnate Golden Rules of regenerately evolving nature,
Golden Ratios of revolutionary temporal nurture
within PrimeRelational Pro/ReGenesis
of EarthTime’s BiLateral Health EcoCulturation,
both DNA and RNA polycultural evolving outcome,
divine octave-color harmonic-fractal WinWin
reiterative dipolar.

I also wonder
if Bodhisattva and Messianic co-redemptive natural function,
might feel more like a doormat inside,
than any clear mindbody bicameral-balanced landscape,
a Climax of EcoConsciousness without cognitive dissonant blemish,
more like a doormat within dimmer nutrient lights,
more like a dipolar-hinged threshold
when faced with brighter co-radiant loving light.

Some of us are more Messianic-Yin’s in our response to nature’s call,
come and let me invest in you
until I am drained into the depressed suppressed UnDead,
let me absorb all those angry-past and future-fears of death’s threshold,
while breathing all these toxins back out
as dissonant reminders,
we could do better than we are
as eco-mentoring messiah-teachers.

Bodhisattva’s are more Yang-threshold cultures of Absence,
recessive polarity of precessive doormat Purgation,
dipolar co-relativity of primal health
as absence of pathological co-elational-radiant imbalance
experienced as cognitive/affective temporal-disassociation dissonance stress
as the backstory for
neural-temporal revolving-regenerate light/dark norms
predicted by RNA-iconic
Fractal-(0)-SoulInvestment Tao BiCameral ReVolution
folding and unfolding DiPolarity PolyCultural Outcome Equi-Valence
Fractal-Dialectical PermaCulture PostMillennial Time.

Doormats, like thresholds, struggle within Ego-centric biosystems
within AnthroCentric eco-enculturation language
and mindbody confluence/notnot-dissonance sensory systems.
Thresholds hear both sides of
healthy polycultural messages
with less healthy monocultural understories,
waiting to revolt this ecosystemic balance,
as opportunity increases risk of overpopulation.

Time’s BiCameral Thresholds
need co-arising Doormats,
like Moose Medicine balances Owl Medicine,
like Bodhisattva Warriors Active Love as Peace.

Peace as WarmLight
measure of Healthy Enculturing Time,
commodified as (0) PrimeTime DiPolar ReGenerative,
with temporal-neural fold-functions
polyculturally confluent ecosystemic fractal-function,
like both DNA and RNA,
icons of regenerative tissues and revolutionary health reissues.

So, but about the UnDead Yin Messianic side
of this co-redemptive creation story,
do we choose to become doormats toward death of time,
or doormats toward full-abundance of time?
For me the answer again is both.
Absorbing ego-purgation death
of angry-past memories,
absorbing all those fears
about absence of sufficient healthy ego-incarnate time,
until all that remains is Absent (0) diastatic
diastolic flow of time as memory
revolving synaptic light as notnot dualdark past and future
timeless waves of time’s elation
ecosystemic co-gravitation
integrating symbiotic universe,
surfing light through MidWay horizons
of polyculturing alpha-dawns
opening (0)Mega notnot dusk of Time UnDead.


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