Climatic Dreams

I had a historic dream
that Einstein led polypathic Elders
pursuing roots of time
as emergence of light’s speeding race
through regenerative histories,
thought experiments revolving resolving enculturation.

I dreamed energy conjoined space
as rhythm reiterates pattern,
as time incarnates changing place
as space bifurcates time’s revolving light and dark
mutual recessivity,
ecological balance of Earth’s cycling revolutions,
cooperative norms within interdependent symbiosis,
multisystemic revolutions of evolutionary paradigms,
poetry as language both light and dualdark heart-soul investment.

I dreamed terror reacting to ballistic weapons
revolted into wonder responding to synergetic cultural ballast,
dense nutritional balance of political relationships
with economic transactional harmony,
that spirituality rejoined naturality,
as nurture reflects nature,
that wealth rejoined health,
that degenerative histories conjoined regenerative futures,
that deductive logos refueled inductive mythos,
that economic intention continues incubating ecological forms
and recycling symbiotic frequencies of emergent evolution,
that living nondually co-arises loving
as struggling to harmonize with others
rather than struggling against poyculturally enriching outcomes.

I dreamed religion regenerates culture
rather than competes good spirits against evil natures,
that competing spiritual economies merged into cooperative ecology.

I dreamed of regenerating religions
co-arising from degenerative divisions
to presume solidarity of rightful love multiplication
as polycultural cooperation,
co-arising human nature’s political economy
encompassing all Earth’s co-evolving species.

I had a fertile Earth Day dream
that cooperation and fusion
absorb competition and fission,
that integrity overcomes suboptimizing mendacity,
that polycultural life management skills
reverse anthrocentric monocultural supremicist aggression,
that love optimization overwhelms threadbare anger and fear management.

I dreamed
we share a self-as-other regenerating integrity dream
of cooperative Earth Tribes
golden-ruling together
producing and consuming harmonic global poli-economic outcomes,
a self-regenerating WinWin network
where all needs are opportunities
without risk of health-loss to others,
without compromising future generations
of beloved climax gardens,
landscapes of nondual robust resilient re-enculturation.


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