Families That Stay Together

The family that bathes together
stays together
until every mindbody smells better together.

Is that like
biology is ecological timing,
hunting healthy polymorphic synergy?

If yes, it loses something in abstraction.
If no, you might need to stay in your bath a bit longer,
and extend your polycultural definition of family.

Is that like
baptism from monocultural ego identity
into permacultural EarthTribe individuation
thru rainbow colors of TransParent thru BlackHole
DiPolar CoArising Temporal EcoConscious Presence?

Only when baptism
merges a global extended family
immersing into EarthTribe’s Solidarity Revolution,
haunted by Earth’s nutritional DNA/RNA mutuality memories
of polypathic Ego/Echo BiCameral ReIterative Synergy.

Bathing with our Exterior Landscapes
as we would have Earth Goddess and SunGod
continue TransParently eco-mentoring
our Interior EgoLandscapes.

How about,
all souls bathe together
stay together
until every form of nature’s regenesis
smells and looks
tastes and feels and sings thru prime crystal revolving light,
harmonic dialects of family fragrances,

It sounds pretty enough,
but I still don’t think it smells deep rich composted
quite enough for EarthTribe’s baptism
into Great Transitions of post-climatic full-blending octave fragrances
of time as light’s perfume of regenerative choice.


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