TaoTime Mastery

always do your best to reveal
only what is already both known and loved,
nature’s kindness and justice,
truth as beauty,
love as abundantly rich healthy life
and death.

what do we love about death?
Should I not know any probable response
I would be always and everywhere mute
rather than offend this Golden Rule
of TaoTime Mastery.

Beauty in death
is its ZeroZen-Sum interest in dipolar love
as bilateral octave functioning light
and bicameral life with and in and of and for
Earth as Other Left
Earth as Mother-nurturing loving
proportionally midway Elder TemporalRight.

TaoTime Master,
deep ecologically analogical
polyculturing multi-polypathic
reiterating well,
regenerating wave,
dualdark wound
through nondual coarising Promise.

always do your best
revealing only ego’s true investments
in Earth’s regeneratively healthy beauty,
already both known and loved,
abundantly rich organic life,
Beloved Communities and Cooperative Networks.

Co-defined as not-not,
appositionally coarising dipolar nondual prime absence of relationship,
Lose to Lose
reiteratively absent
stressfully dissonant
sleep deprived
over-caffeinated, stimulated, domesticated, commodified
suboptimizing PreMillennial industrial-evolutionary trends toward DNA/RNA dismay,
LeftBrain enculturing empirical dominance,

Yet this same DNA Elder string of regenerating information,
teleological intelligence,
recognizes and is fed by,
regeneratively balancing TaoTime Mastery trends,
great revolutions with smaller-slower evolutions
toward (0)sum ecobalance,
transliterations of paradigmatic transmutations
through time’s lovely light and dualdark transparency,
co-gravitating nondual integrity,
YangSelf as YinOther SelfGovernance EcoMastery.

time’s diversification of species and ecospatial networks,
responds to trends transitions turns
in interdependently symbiotic networks
increasingly Yang/Yin, x/y regenetic stress inducing
within political and economic development environments.

ReGenerative anomaly,
as a Positively Deviant Nutritional Event,
becomes more likely
as evolutionary trends reverse
away from overly monoculturally-yanged,
a temporary revolutionary critical-event opportunity coarises,
opening cognitive-affective autonomic freedoms to adapt by learning
a more balancing ecological center,
rather than BusinessAsUsual autonomic
pre-programmed speciation,
a form of heuristic historic health v. pathology door of climatic crisis,
searching, stretching through (0)sum political and economic ecologies.

This regenerative pattern of ebb and flow toward evolving time of balance
may apply to exterior landscapes
of regenerating cooperative ecosystems
or interior landscapes
of ecoconsciously networking biosystems.

our ZeroCentered deep ecological learning system
returns to most recent tipping points of former confluence
where there is now DNA v. RNA ambivalence,
to induce revolutionary generalization
recovering parallel ecological-analogical
EarthTribe patterns of cooperative polycultural evolution.

regenerating creativity
evolves this transliterative ability to recover-discover
predict midway health by explaining patterns
between and of,
from and by RNA’s original intent fractal algorithms
of healthy light waving dualdark co-gravitating Other,
ZeroZenTao Soul-Sum Co-Invested Ego with SuperEco SpaceTime love,
truth as polyculturing beauty,
confluent interest;
divest of Ego’s LeftBrain dominance
cognitive-affective dissonance
through RightBrain’s CoMessianic Basic Attendance,
or most any form of healthy dance,
as you think through now’s Longing Promise of,by,for,with
MultiCulturally Healthy Political and Economic Belonging.

Hung weaves in
as Sau breathes out, again,
until notnot home exhales farewell
to absence of Earth’s ecstatic light-elation,
back toward Omega’s dense rich-forming harmonies
corevolving cells regenerating
densely reiterating holonic memories
coarising love as Time repeating through Earth’s wet-blown
organically digital atoms
primally speaking with nondual coarising regenerative co-intelligence.

where you speak, learn to sing in harmonies,
where you walk, learn to dance in rhythmic synchrony,
when you breathe, remember both Yang-in and Yin-out,
until ego is done within agape of co-arising incarnate nonduality,
absent Promise reflecting warm light love.


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