Extending Families

What if all your communities of choice
were to gather around you
to also become each others’ communities,
extended families,
of choice?

Homeless children and mothers
decompose their social-economic analysis
of loves and pathologies
with your PhD health policy developers.

Your rich and powerful associates
consult with political-ecological evolutionary scientists
and vice versa
about possible sustained futures together,
so we all might learn something worthy of living in hope
for a new postmillennial golden age.

Medical professionals
meet and greet sensory health optimizers,
those specializing in the consumption and production of resonant sounds,
nutritious tastes,
beautiful sights,
profoundly robust and fertile fragrances and compost,
healthy communication and creative imagination,
memory creation and sustainable family and community development,
regenerative ecotherapists
cooperatively togethered.

Religious and metaphysical leaders
discerning healthier futures
with nature-spirit nondual poli-economic evolutionary seekers,
new pilgrims toward a polypathic ecologic
Earth’s gatherers might trust enough to communicate already
togathering for this cooperative community of multiculturing choice,
discerning this moment,
this day,
this project,
this lifetime,
these small and great family transitions.


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