Conspiracies of Kindness

Pronoia’s Paradise of CoEmpathic Trust
is what happens in
and on
and as a holonic soul of
when we expect,
the absence of Business As Usual (BAU) Paranoia.

Paranoia is the mutual suffering in fear
and concomitant chronic anger management
and ambivalent self-hatred
of LeftBrain dominant
anthrocentric-languaged enculturation,
absence of active RightBrain agapic love
for Pronoia,
an EarthTribe originally intended
with co-empathic political, economic,
as ecologically bilateral trust.

EarthTribe’s Pronoia Cooperative
conducting relationships and transactions of Basic Trust Attendance,
as empathic faith anticipated within mental health itself,
the Positive Psychology progenitor of Gratitude.

Gratitude for Earth’s kindness
is the belief/feeling medicine,
Moose/Owl Medicine,
for arriving in Pronoia internal paradise.

The larger landscaped challenge for us
is how to arrive in Beloved Communities of Pronoia Paradise,
Basic Trust Cooperatives (BAC),
rather than continuing on so much with BAU,
monopolistic anti-trusts.

For this,
we would best Pay-Gratitude-Forward,
actively love the positives you can hunt and gather today,
plant and harvest for tomorrow,
to starve the BAU negative cultural weeds
of competing Paranoias in yourself,
as in Other.

Both states of becoming are highly co-empathic,
and therefore autonomically contagious,
but paranoia feeds on anger, fear, and hate,
while pronoia feeds on good humor, beauty, and co-empathic ecologic,
(0)-balanced dipolar co-arising political/economic trust,
anticipation of pregnant Earth’s richly fertile,
nearly timelessly reincarnating possibilities
for even further polypathic integrity
of becoming
evolving TaoTime OurSelves.

So let us say Grace together
by sharing our complex responses
to “Who are you?”
List your magical powers
and scratches and dents of suffering character,
lost opportunities to have become someone else,
comprising who you are so far,
your conjoining toward this climatic time and place
of co-celebrating grace
you bring to us,
and we bring to you,
this banquet of mutually pronoiac feeding
on who we are becoming
gracious nutrients,
this meal of pronoiac communing on grace ourselves
and what grace has brought to this table
this day,
this now,
this incarnation of co-empathic divinely gorgeous trust
in Earth’s fertile conspiracies of kindness.


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