Deep Listening Ecology

Deep Listening is integral and creative;
learning to listen in an organically dialectical context.
It works most effectively when you,
and your team,
and family,
and species,
trusts their environment,
so everybody can venture outside ego’s inside range of comfort and mastery.

It grows increasingly urgent,
politically and economically,
to step outside this LeftBrain Mastery Zone
to integrate new information into one’s mind,
as body of nondual co-arising belief/feeling gestalt.

Learning is an economic hydraulic political-choice system,
a recycled sharing of quantifiable information values,
when we think of learning as short-term memorization,
with only short-term RealTime healthy utility.
But, sustainable nutritional-economic delivery systems,
including the processes of listening to learn
are eco-squared (fractal-ecological-dialectical) systems;
they are organic integrated networking ecologies
of true love TherapeuticPower as co-empathic positive-healthy balancing Exchanges-Economies-Trusts.

Sustained qualitative-emotive-co-empathic-co-arising learning,
life-long experiential listening,
recognizes each grateful learner
as part of everybody’s natural co-mentoring environment
of active cooperation,
defined as both political mutual subsidiarity of YangPower
and economic co-arising WinWin as Yin-eco-squared TaoBalance
of healthy self-governance,
ReGenesis PermanentlyHistorical EcoListening Revolutions
of Evolution’s ReGenerative SpaceTime Creation Story.

Education premised upon politically healthy choice
mutuality of trust
within co-arising co-empathic balancing networks
of cooperative information WinWin ecosystemics.


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