Messiah Wilderness

How do we rebaptize this our shared glad day,
raising up our wellness drenched
with non-elite christ mindbody?

Surely Matthew the Fox would know,
and other postmillennial gospel singers,
swingers of new cooperative economic communication fortunes
found without disciplined searching
among Earth’s daily revolving wild baptisms,
co-gravitating reborn seas of regenerately fishing men
now become bicameral hunters and co-equal gatherers
of Beloved East-West Community.

Wisdom scriptures swell through every harmonic creed
each deed spoken across culture’s regenerations,
singing multicolored psalms of Paradise
rebirth again through death
of stale humans only need apply
to and for heaven’s radically ridiculously open gate
of ecojustice sung by crickets
feeding songbirds
flying on and on back toward sunrise
surfing Earth’s original baptism
dunking sun’s fertile rays of godlight.

Christ incarnate presence
without cultural elitism
or even anthrocentrism;
christ as light by which all have come
from progenitor Elders,
by which all return,
no creature comes through Father Time
on Virgin Mother Earth
but through and with each co-messianic Other.

Christ pilgrims loved as nature mystics
learning to plant and harvest souls, Earth’s seeds
of holy holonic consiliance,
integrative agape I AM
this Earth WE ARE,
fathers and mothers of rich cultural child traditions
evolving revolving time as light
remade in humane image,
creation re-imaging
regenerating time’s revolving warm nutritious light.

like economics, of religion
is either cooperative or tyrannical,
Earth-centric or fundamental ego-centric hubris
rooted in polypathic trust
and fear of monoculturally elite dinosaurs
of vacuous spiritual paths toward further competitions.

Political bodies of peace
build economic outcomes
of Earth’s CoMessianic Right to ReGenerative Justice.


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