On Social Psychology of PoliticalPower Relationships

I suppose these my self-articulating thoughts
aspire to represent our ecopolitical therapeutic arts collective.

Poetic licenses and decompositional life sentences
invested in prayer to fully incarnate,
then master karmically healthy performance arts
of coarising nondually facilitated research sciences,
life through death ecotherapeutic punctuations
of rhythmic balanced fertility.

Empathic political art trusts in truths with beauty bounty.
Poetry evoking sacred liturgies
of Earth-empowering art therapy
for more enlightening stretch-canvased consciences.

Art predicating and predicting life
regenerating ecopolitical sciences
of and for healthy future co-investments
in cooperatively recycling performance thoughts
with co-empathic deep listen feelings.



[Recommend reading with “Decomposing Love”]


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