Officers of the Peace

TO: Police Officer Training Schools

FROM: Parents EcoPolitical Cooperative for Healthy Climates

Thank you for listening to our mutual concern about escalating violence between our multicultural children
and your multigenerational health and safety vocation.

We have a few communication suggestions
that our kids have taught us over the years
about more civil responses
and authoritatively kind welcoming conjectures
and shared concerns about not-so-civilly uncooperative behaviors.

We would like to share our orthopraxis of active peacemaking
through less violent communications.

It is so important to begin and end each day and relationship
mentoring please and thank you.
Also remember to reward You’re Welcome
as always, in our shared civil lives.

We find that when we have chased a speeding stoned-out son or daughter down,
it helps to begin with
“Thank you so much for stopping.”
With a genuine smile, if at all possible.

This generally provokes shock and awe about our unusual restraint.
Within this pocket of silence
we recommend planting a kind, but quick, follow-up
“Would you please be kind enough to show me your license
to drive your mindbody vehicle in this way
at this speed
in this ecopolitical environment
of health risks and opportunities?”

Usually, our kids are only too happy to share their documentation,
such as it has become, to date.
When this is the case,
please do not forget to respond with gratitude,
“Thank you so much for your cooperation.”

If our young offenders fail to respond with
“You’re welcome”
Please do remind them that their mothers might have taught them
with more gratitude for civil public lives and roles
of responsible authority.

To remember “You’re welcome” is everything
From economics of beginning faith
to politics of ending with multicultural grace.

Sometimes translated as
but never Whatever…!
You’re Welcome is our mantra of cooperative ecopolitical civic lives.

You’re welcome
because we know you’re doing the best you can,
bless your competitive little egocentric heart.

You’re welcome
because we’re all on this road together,
racing through lives
screaming for a more civil pace,
we are diversely enculturing mentors of welcome,

If not,
then try to recall, as we do, when Police Officers
might have been known as Officers of Peace.


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