Growing Polypathic Students

“I am circling around love,
around the throbbing hum,
and I have been circling for thousands of days,
and I still don’t know if I am a wounded saint,
or a rainy dawn,
or a creation story.”
Rob Brezsny, in Pronoia

You know the term ionic?

Balancing, like energy finding its most neutral point of stable self-perpetuation.

Yes, so dynamically bionic action across some unstable boundary,
relational threshold,
frontier of self and other rediscovery.

Ionic stasis is the objective of bionic dynamic transactions.

Yes. So you know the term iconic?

Like a symbol of, yet also in and with some systemic quality
of which it is a participating part.
Like a funnel cloud
for and within revolutions of recycling reiterating ecosystems.

Yes, dynamically polypathic self-regenerative and self-referencing
across some stabilizing frontier of co-empathic trust
within a foundational, seminal truth-exegeting system
of deductive-inductive,
yang-yin reiterating structure,
like uracil of and for cytosine,
hemoglobin from with chlorophyll’s universal functions
double-binding dipolar defining rooting-branching ionic structures.

Iconic language generates binomially dynamic interfacing verbal distinctions
between subjects in self-perpetuating relationship with each other.


Like in an out, up and down.
Appositional dipolarities that co-arise, mutually define.
You can’t have me without a you,
an out without an in,
a tomorrow without a yesterday,
a karmic consuming cause, without a grace-producing effect.

So each bit of iconic polynomial (P) information
is also binomially dynamic language.
Each P=N(NP) truth statement
includes an appositional notnot truth statement, implicated,
as in David Bohm,
bilaterally concaved, as in Bucky Fuller.

You know the term ironic?

Where an outcome feels like it’s just the opposite of what was anticipated
as an objective?

Yes, like to become so fluidly flexibly stretched yin
that you eventually develop a more ionically stable
and healthy Yang/Yin balancing strength of power-over/with-together

And to become so polypathically chaotic that you begin to discover binomial rhythms
regenerating complex rhythm patterns within and of Earth’s ecologic,
ionic recyclings of yinnish energy functions
into more lasting tensile strength of Yang-ergodic co-gravitating forms.

Ionic language with ironically evolving outcomes
of polypathic comprehension,
binomial Left-Right Brain enlightenment,
dynamic ecoconsciousness.

Like humanity as sacred embryonic icon of Earth’s ecological divinity.

Like LeftBrain ego-swelling as ecological bionic balance shrinks
and EcoIdentity of RightBrain truth-beauty balance excelling
as egocentrist identity evaporates into binomial confluence.

Bionic humane icons of ionic irony,
divinely polypathic.


Who’s there?


You who?

Yoohoo shouting through a transparently dualdark notnot cosmological divide,
boundary door
within a binomially co-arising mindbody universe.

Nondual dipolarity is as difficult to deductively grasp
as is notnot.

Because nondual notnot function
is not for yangish grasping,
but for and of yin-flow stretching ecoconsciousness.

We recycle love,
wounded rainy dawn saints
recreating creation stories.


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