Pregnant NonParalysis

In feminist political analysis,
when not stuck
in all day systemic paralysis,

Every win/win
v win/lose
v lose/lose energetic trend,
synergetic person,
integral narrative,

Each interdependent development
and apartheid decay,

All seasonal health
and unreasonably greedy
fractured wealth,

Exhales multi-paradigmatic power
more neuro-sensory automatic,
and inhales enlightening Ways
for cooperative Earth’s holonic sacred promise

For Energy’s massively co-passioning
Green CommonSquareDemocracy.

Matriotic enculturing wombs
were not climate created for
and from only wounds
and premature tombs.

Pregnancy is a universal virtue
when multicultural deep listening
enlightens hope
empowering good-humored faith
no longer
less stronger
lacking educational systemic support
due to incoming
outgoing issues
of unconscious monoculturing neglect
and multicultural health under reporting

Spiritual climax
predicts naturally pregnant
eco-political awareness
within healthy wealth subclimate sensors
not overdoing censorships
passing in dualdark
double negative underwhelming
benighted dreamless nights.

Wonder and awesome Earth
prime NonZero Relationship
grows a potential climax experience
becoming more accessibly rose
in absence of coveting
and experiencing egocentric Fame,
too greedy for praise
for doing our communicating best
solidarity duty.

Seeking individualized Power
of personality
of character persuasion
of inordinately capitalized VOICE,

Speaking far beyond personal WORD experience,
avoiding humbling dysfunctional family story choices,
bumbling ego- and anthro-infestment
triumphalistic rejoices
cannot pay well enough
for repressive
oppressive damage
to personal knowledge
and indigenously wise
anonymous win/win
interfaith play and work opportunities

To invest in Power
for what famously infamous purpose?

Competitive StraightWhiteMale privilege
LeftBrain dominant deductive powers
may be Either/Or calculated
and used,
exploited to further reduce non-elites
into gooey stuck infamy,
sinister dark criminalization,
perpetual enslavement
to addiction,
chronic stress,
oppositional defiant
Terrorista vista

Where restorative justice advocates
wear interdependent root systemic mediator hats
of and for win/win compassion

Then and There
matriotic allies
find monoculturing Fame here and now
an inaccessibility issue
for lack of sufficient StraightWhiteMale
privileged domestic peace

LeftBrain fragile Either/Or
competitive nationalistic thinking
dominates EarthTribe’s climatic privilege;

Power to weaponize infamous unhealthy wars
rather than sacred Light
healing our most lovely True
and Beautiful
cooperative divine/humane
integral infamous EarthJustice

Brightening ecowomanist global power
could have no Patriarchal Other-defaming purpose
for EarthHealth wealth
re-ligious meaning,

When all praises sing out
in cooperatively resonant
famously resilient wealthy Voice
for healthy EarthClimate Choice.


Tao of BiCameral CoOperation

My RightHemisphere’s enlightening felt choice
for Integrity
empowers my LeftHemisphere’s ecological voice
for cooperative worldview Synergy

GreenGoddess gave birth
to EarthChild Left and Right re-connecting
secularizing sacred good news
for polyvagal neuro-sensory health attachments

interfaith reborn synergy
developing nonviolent integral good news
green interdependent conversations
networking communions
of nonviolent communicators

EarthMother’s Win/Win global matriotic
peaceful health

climate justice wealth

EastBrain felt enlightening choice
of eco/theo-logical Integrity
empowering WestBody ecological voice
for cooperative worldviews

mature, good, green faith,
sung and danced,
performed and liturgically reformed
to inclusively enable

The Tao times
and seasons
and ways
of bicameral intelligence


Growing Polypathic Students

“I am circling around love,
around the throbbing hum,
and I have been circling for thousands of days,
and I still don’t know if I am a wounded saint,
or a rainy dawn,
or a creation story.”
Rob Brezsny, in Pronoia

You know the term ionic?

Balancing, like energy finding its most neutral point of stable self-perpetuation.

Yes, so dynamically bionic action across some unstable boundary,
relational threshold,
frontier of self and other rediscovery.

Ionic stasis is the objective of bionic dynamic transactions.

Yes. So you know the term iconic?

Like a symbol of, yet also in and with some systemic quality
of which it is a participating part.
Like a funnel cloud
for and within revolutions of recycling reiterating ecosystems.

Yes, dynamically polypathic self-regenerative and self-referencing
across some stabilizing frontier of co-empathic trust
within a foundational, seminal truth-exegeting system
of deductive-inductive,
yang-yin reiterating structure,
like uracil of and for cytosine,
hemoglobin from with chlorophyll’s universal functions
double-binding dipolar defining rooting-branching ionic structures.

Iconic language generates binomially dynamic interfacing verbal distinctions
between subjects in self-perpetuating relationship with each other.


Like in an out, up and down.
Appositional dipolarities that co-arise, mutually define.
You can’t have me without a you,
an out without an in,
a tomorrow without a yesterday,
a karmic consuming cause, without a grace-producing effect.

So each bit of iconic polynomial (P) information
is also binomially dynamic language.
Each P=N(NP) truth statement
includes an appositional notnot truth statement, implicated,
as in David Bohm,
bilaterally concaved, as in Bucky Fuller.

You know the term ironic?

Where an outcome feels like it’s just the opposite of what was anticipated
as an objective?

Yes, like to become so fluidly flexibly stretched yin
that you eventually develop a more ionically stable
and healthy Yang/Yin balancing strength of power-over/with-together

And to become so polypathically chaotic that you begin to discover binomial rhythms
regenerating complex rhythm patterns within and of Earth’s ecologic,
ionic recyclings of yinnish energy functions
into more lasting tensile strength of Yang-ergodic co-gravitating forms.

Ionic language with ironically evolving outcomes
of polypathic comprehension,
binomial Left-Right Brain enlightenment,
dynamic ecoconsciousness.

Like humanity as sacred embryonic icon of Earth’s ecological divinity.

Like LeftBrain ego-swelling as ecological bionic balance shrinks
and EcoIdentity of RightBrain truth-beauty balance excelling
as egocentrist identity evaporates into binomial confluence.

Bionic humane icons of ionic irony,
divinely polypathic.


Who’s there?


You who?

Yoohoo shouting through a transparently dualdark notnot cosmological divide,
boundary door
within a binomially co-arising mindbody universe.

Nondual dipolarity is as difficult to deductively grasp
as is notnot.

Because nondual notnot function
is not for yangish grasping,
but for and of yin-flow stretching ecoconsciousness.

We recycle love,
wounded rainy dawn saints
recreating creation stories.


Time’s EcoRising Issue and Opportunity

I am a teacher?
That’s what you hope?

If a teacher
engages students learning what and why and how
the teacher intends, and practices,
e-color mentors,
co-walks the walk,
I suppose I am not a green teacher,
so much as grayscale multisystemic decomposer of psalms,
or I have too seldom been an effective teacher.

On the other hand,
I have known few teachers,
or other full-octave spiral lovers,
of my time.

I do believe ecological regenerative mentors
evolve Best Practice listening.
even better are co-mentoring agreements,
cooperatively derived covenants,
InteriorYang with ExteriorYinYin,
WinWin Health-Dialectic Syntax,
to plant and care for our organic gardens
as cultural languages,
polyculturally conversing together,
with Earth-regenerative intent.

might apply this full-wheel permacultural development process
to your field
your mindbody
of incarcerated over-commodified and –domesticated adult nutritional values
and negative disvalues
with collective mental health issues and concomitant opportunities
to balance our regeneratively spinning octaves
of nutritional enculturation.

maybe next year
this Polycultural DNA/RNA Inclusive Party might all agree
to teach others
how to cooperatively transplant and care for
our organic prisoner garden of economic neglect
and toxic political overpopulation of self-empowering fat deposits
reproducing Left-brain dominant sub-optimization,
lacking WinWin full color-circle light
and swimming in economic ecological health care challenges.

maybe next year
you would teach me
how to apply this rich organic-fractal compost
to my full four-seasoned work
within an increasingly autistic anthro-centric world
of peers and parents
chronically killing and bullying
polycultural DNA/RNA nondual co-arising eco-intelligence,
form and information as Yang Convex Positive,
midway balancing Yin-squared = Eulerian Prime (0) dipolar co-arising cross-fold-function
square root of light’s bionic dialectic transparent
revolution of light
as Tao-time’s light/dualdark emergent CoPresence.


Richard Dawkins’ Dilemma

Excuse me, Mr. Dawkins,
or maybe two,
if you please:

You say “we are survival mechanisms.”
which of course who could live to dispute?
from looks of me and you
and human natures more generally,
and bicamerally,
we are also health-thrival-relational
cooperative organisms
before we could ever get to all that
struggling with survivolution.

You call us, “Robot machines,
blindly programmed to preserve
the selfish molecules known as genes.”
To which I heartily add my

Amen, we are bionic bio-eco-systems,
bicamerally DNA/RNA programmed
to regenerate SelfAsOther
Folding and Unfolding temporal messages
through Time’s enculturing memory:
light’s 3D spatial structure
reverses dualdark co-gravitation
equivalently iconic and regenerative ionic
throughout bionic ecological
and binomial analogical/geological
(0)-soul temporal-neural bilateral dimension.

Photosynthetic incarnation
like polymorphic symbiotic transfiguration,
sacred self as othering,
while swimming in co-relational emergent health through loving synergy.

Not so blindly programmed
when bicamerally ecoconscious
of self-as-other health regenesis,
Permacultural Design for Interior as Exterior,
v. pathologically chaotic dissonance;
absence of cooperative co-arising relationship
with Earth’s EcoSyntaxed Universe.


Buddhist Revolutions

If Buddhakaya is the ongoing incarnation of Buddha,
and other mutually-messianic mentors,
then the Buddhakaya evolves optimally living systems.

If Dharmakaya is the incarnation of Buddha-messianic mentoring,
then the Dharmakaya is the ecology of bionic information systems.

If Sanghakaya is the Buddhist community,
then Sanghakaya is bio-economic health and wealth
as eco-justice communication and transaction and relationship
to Time’s Universe
Universe’s Earth
Earth’s Regenerative Nature
Nature’s BiCamerally Intelligent Information Systems.

These are the Great Fractal interdependently Open-Systemic Universe,
And BiCameral Nature is only one of them.

Before Eternal Time’s Universe and Earth existed
There enthymematically was transparent negentropy:
Silent, isolated,
Standing monoculturally, changing not, entropic,
Yet eternally revolving omnipresent negentropy,
Worthy to be the TransParent synergetic ProGenitor of Time.

I do not know its TransParent Ionic/Ergodic name
And address it as Time’s Universe.

If forced to give it a name, I shall call it Time’s ReGenerative Universe.
Being regenerative implies reaching for omnipresence,
Spatial reaching implies an omnipotent co-incidental objective,
(0)Mega Point,
Co-incidental objective implies revolutions
further articulating the Original Point of Time.

BiCameral Nature models Earth’s Regenerative Ecologic;
Earth models Universe’s Fractally Revolving Time;
Incarnating Time models itself after Prime TransParent Matter/Energy;
Space/Time models Co-Operative Eco-normic Commons Balance.

Why, then, do we tolerate economic wealth or psychological health
that does not model ecological balance optimization trends?
Why would we settle for wealth as health as nutritional optimization,
Sustainable Quality Development Standards
uniquely appropriate to the evolution of permacultural Polyculturist

Ecology’s evolution and seasonal revolutions
design and develop naturally eco-normic systems:

Time’s ecosystems evolve multisystemic stimulus-response karmic spacetime,
developing and decaying and regenerating events.

Permaculturists notice
study this co-incidental, co-evolving “Host” site,
subject and objective of research,
to explore endosymbiotic outcomes,
confluently sustainable
and dissonant relationships within subsystems,
unveiling potential for redeveloping design
to optimize Earth’s primary objective,
sustaining healthy/wealthy nutritional life systems
for future generations of RNA-rooted Hosts.


Nature’s Even-Tempered Balance

The dregs and tumors of decay
predict the medicine and balance of life.

Those who stand on tiptoe do not stand firm;
Those who stand with equal weight,
bipedal-planted, do stand firm.

Those who strain their stride do not walk well;
Those who stride well-timed,
grasping out only when and where environment reaches back,
walk optimally endowed for matching power with positive co-passion.

Those who reveal themselves are not luminous
because those who reveal us to ourselves are too bright.

Those who justify themselves are not far-famed
because those who justify us to ourselves mentor just rightness
with integrity of present truth with future promise.

Those who boast of themselves are not given credit
because those who boast of us within all Earth’s Tribes are mutually credited,
by all natural systems.

Those who pride themselves are not chief among human nature
because those who pride us within all nature are “spiritual leaders”.

These, in the eyes of Time’s transparent matter balancing energy,
Are called “the dregs and tumors of decay,”
things of disgust, disvalue;
AND are called “the therapy and harmony of fully integrated life,”
optimizing relationships of economic and ecological value.

Therefore those of Time’s natural transparency of space,
spurn dissonance,
absorb eco-balance of Yang/Matter deducing-inducing
Yin-Yin Iconically Gravitational Balance.

One Yin without Her energetic Second,
Ego-death inviting faith in
and through
and by
and of
and with
TransParency of Eco matter/energy;
transparent Time, 0 soul of ecologic,
0 sum total of economic transactional values,
universally quintessential PlaceHolder,
both Yang with Yin,
“dark” matter rhyming hydrogenic form,
“dark” energy timing helionic understory
of Earth’s ancestral permacultured
Ergodic Fractal Tree.

Ego death is both a silo isolation risk
of 0-static flatline,
and yin with yin,
coincidental co-relational opportunity,
opening a return to dominance of eco-Self’s primal identity
at cellular,
sub-organic interdependent,
“whole system universal body-mind” levels
of 0-centric
RNA-regeneratively rooted,
consciousness of memory as in-telligent in-coming in-form-ation.

Life evolves rooted within cellular systems of id-RNA-entity,
eternal holonic binomial
transparenting matterYang with integrative energy, Yin-Yin.

Natural systemic wisdom is exegetically shared
through Commons of RNA/DNA roots,
while eisegetically shared through sacred synergetic ecologic,
and transcendent
positively co-operating eco-normic heuristics,
multisystemically liturgical language
with Earth-warmed rhythms and patterns,
sounds with sights,
smells with tastes,
feelings of mutual gravity toward our shared medicinal
nutitritional dancing,
avoiding toxic intent and praxis
of negative-live dissonance
monoculture of unconscious entropic chaos,

“Death” equals isolation,
a silo sential silent “0” PlaceHolder,
faith in absolute isolation of ego-Self-identity
at cellular,
and “whole system embodied mind”
as tri-systemic levels
of conscientious mutually-transparent,
subsidiary yet co-incident,
binomial Eco-Intelligent
TransParenting FormYang with FunctionYin/Yin
polypathic binomial
metric eco-normic
Open Bionic System.

To co-prehend this ecologically economic conclusion of “Death”,
is to comprehend cooperative optimization,
Earth Tribe’s Polyculturing Life.

Note: This piece begins in dialectic conversation with “The Dregs and Tumors of Virtue”, The Wisdom of Laotse, Lin Yutang, trans. 1948, Modern Library, p. 141.


Ego’s EcoCentric Discernment

Who am I talking to
as I rehearse my memorizing stories
and my own heroic analysis
of how these fit within karma’s great chain of becoming
this prophetic saintly wise teaching parasite,
living off my malnourished,
ambivalently valued
slaving steadfast
bicameral heart
seeking just right race and pace,
bicameral lungs
seeking midway mutual gravitating energies
of Yang’s grace face of Yin,
bicameral neural bionic processor seeing
Id-sensing within egocenter
Ego-listening without anthrocenter
SuperEco-standing withinYin/withoutYang ecocenter,
0-souled chi identity?

Is my own HereNow self-listening
incarnating ego/eco-self unfolding
Triumvirate Tiered post-Freudian sacred stages,
binary revolutioning spiral mass-dynamics
with energetic string informed wave-linear-dimensions,
bionic DNA-elliptical bio-structure
swelling diastatic fractal eco-functions,
square rooted in RNA EarthTribe’s perennial ringing
dancing Earth Vessel Tree of Life,
rooting down into Dark Core Vortex
within Yin’s not-not-polynomial dense bright
comprehensive coincidental comprehension
of no aversive grasping,
no wrestling against life’s composting light,
when wrestling with death’s night-intuitive vision
balances Left with Right?

How do my pre-languaged
Universally Intelligent and Informating
natural systemic cells and organs,
embodied skin of chi-center soul,
speak my Left-brain linguistic thoughts
of past revisited with future hoped for,
belonged to,
longed for
since all past Elder enculturing regenerations
stepped into this HereNow rhetorical enbrightenment
to light past’s future memories
toward Alpha through Omega Points,
freedom toward freedom from
fear of fear
to invest full-octave medicine’s Beloving Love?

If anyone is listening to these internal questions,
revolving hypothetical inclusive resonant resolutions,
I suppose these prayers for self, other, and Earth redemption
seed Universe’s Co-Intelligent ecotherapy
absorbing my own Ego’s dissonant  distorting pathology.


InForMating Love

When life enjoys our full inhale,
breathing in-formation,
Then dying purges through breathing out,
exhaling excarnation,
recessively oriented toward last breath,
precessively convexing (B. Fuller) back in Dia-Memory toward next breath
as first breath of each eternal moment;
then reverse regeneration advents.

These two, living fully and dying redemptively,
always balance within each Eternal Prime Relationship Moment,
at least potentially, with implications, enthymematically,
as Yang+Yin Incarnating-Form = Polynomial+Not-Not-Binomial In-Formation.

Summing and adding,
proportioning and Golden Ruling,
Natural Lawing and Ordering all these universal Tao variables,
Zero-Balancing Life-Fractal Prime Relationship
and Economically Deep Ecological TransItional Transactions,
regenerate full +/(-)(-) naturally systemic octaves
of harmonic truth with justice,
Prime Principle of Universal Life/Death Systemic Optimization
through (-)(-) double-binding,
double-negative bicamerally balancing hemispheres
noticing RNA’s Dark Logos Soul;
PreGenesis of Tao.

This Form of Great Chi-Atman Explication (Bohm),
Primally follow from our regenerative speciating path of evolution;

SpaceTime languaged as Tao,
Great Harmonic Way,
evolves elusively, evasively,
ubiquitously, coincidentally,
Yet latent (Implicate–D Bohm) within are objects
subjects of dense ergodic Energy, ionically balancing bionic,
co-intelligent in-formating,
Dark and dim,
blinding Primal Vortex,
implied, implicating, Synergy-Love Order,
Latent with life-force,
regenerational (0)-sum systemic.
Life-force being very true,
positive as double-negative,
rational numeric,
just systemic,
Latent in it are evidence,
content-ing Golden Rule riches within
this (0)-soul Theorem’s (G. Perelman)
human natured deductive Proof.

From the days of old till now
Taos’ Logos for manifest Forms,
Beloved Green Commons enculturing,
has never ceased formating,
By which we may view this Progeneration of Universal Intelligence (Fuller).
How do I know the shape of DNA,
double-bound smooth-structured elliptical Co-Memory?
Through Polyculturing Natural Systemic
and Economic Optimization Function!

Note: This is another in a growing series of post-millennial paraphrases of Laotse’s Taoist wisdom literature. Here I have synergized (at risk of corrupting) Taoist scripture with more contemporary cosmological language and interpretive thought of Buckminster Fuller, Gregori Perelman’s and William Thurston’s work in Group Theory to propose that Tao’s language of Yang/Yin balance may have been already inductively proven as our permacultured Turing Machine for analyzing and synthesizing primally binomial/bionic/binary structured, organically evolving information trends, visible as dia-statistically reverse-correlational QBit strings of confluent OVER dissonant/irrational information development patterns and temporal rhythms. Again, if so, this would seem to be at least a hypothetically justifiable theory that Polynomial Information is negatively correlated and proportionally/fractally equivalent to Not-Not-Binomial Exformation, assuming, as did Einstein, that we live in a primally 4-dimensional universe, with 3 equivalent spatial-temporal dimensions OVER 1 temporal-linear binomially prime dimension of light (+/-C-squared OVER Prime Relational (0)C-Tao Dipolar Language).

The primal pre-atomically organizing form of +Quarks and (-)(-)double-boundaried QBits may have primal revolutioning, regenerative, equivalent, and coincident-temporal function.

That is, neutronic function, neutral, normative, balancing, ergodic-ionic, appears synergetically binary, and binomial, enthymematically bionically-mutually gravitational/synergetic, because this neutron function is primal expression of prime-rational self-reflective +/(-)(-) Win-Win Game Theory balancing relationship, as Yang+ is to Yin(-) functions.

Fuller expresses this Prime Eulerian Relationship as +-convex information OVER (-)(-) [constancy of “2”] concave geometric function; a fractal 4-dimensionlly dynamic revolving equi-valent, with 3 spatial-linear = C-cubed OVER 1 Prime Temporal Bilinear (= c-squared, the intuited speed of light).

Pi = Prime Dia-Relationship +1/(-)0 Dia-Metric Constant = Yang/Yin DiPolar Balance

= Thermodynamic and Electromagnetic and Mutually Gravitational Balancing Bicameral/DNA-Codex Memory Assumption,

fractally regenerative

with Universally Intelligent RNA optimizing systemic regenerative function.

Accepting, with one huge swallow, all of the above ecological analogy as heuristically “true” = “not-not false”, then +Polynomial information is proportionally equivalent to its appositional temporal-spatial polarity, (-)(-)Binomial String Theory Exformation (Bohm’s dia-implicating order back toward our Black Hole Elder) because this is how our DNA-Codex Memory bicamerally evolving balancing-hemispheres optimally understand both past and future information, explicate, and implicate; Yang, with Yin permaculturing design and evolutionary development.




Cooperative Therapy

EarthTribe lives with



as cooperative integrity,

Yin-root of Yang

compassioning filled-up mind,

metaphysical spacetime’s place,

polyculturing home.


EarthTribe’s chronic issue

with and from

stimulating and responding

causing and effecting

winning and losing

dialectical behavior’s therapeutic intent,

silently implied assumption

of primally inclusive Thesis.

From how far back in orthodox history

has this Prime Relationship hypothesis emerged?

Which Thesis do we prefer, and why?


Are we in a human race to save scarce time,

without enough for all EarthTribe,

to profusely sweat resonant resolving power

overflowing with bucket lists of diversely correct needs

and inclusive righteous wants,

our asks,

our truly organic special interests,

our WeSelf-marketing,

our egoistic self-delighted wisdom?


Is that who we are,

what we inherited,

how we want our  autistic kids to live in

this great transitional


Millennialistic Tribe?


Or, could we belong as parasitic cooperators


prime rooted in power of equi-valent solidarity,

mutually subsidiary,

harmoniously balancing


eco-logical orthopraxis?


Do we have sufficient time

for gratitude,

sharing this benign EarthHost

we think of as an ecosystem,

we resolve to co-prehensilely embrace

as integrating incarnation’s multisystemic relationships,

we permaculturally plant as self-optimizing polycultures,

we learn as Deep and Wide Ecology,

we humor as eco-centric Zeroism,

wishful willing messianic redeemers,

self-inflicting wild polypathic prophets,

we compute as (0)-sum geometric crystal forms,






quantic dancing functions and gravity’s restrained relationships,

frequencies of analogical energy

and digitized,




binomially balancing informational development trends,

thermodynamic and electromagnet-ionic panentheism

smooth-structuring ragged chaos,

bionically speaking,

both Universal Metric  closed-field Set

and metadynamic,

openly magnanimous



Metaphysical Positive/Yang greets Negative/Yin

as Physical Universe’s non-polynomial timeless chaos

returns his Grand Empirical,

Polynomial Space-carnating Way.


EarthTribe lives cooperative integrity,

spacetime’s polyculturing EarthHome.

Each moment plant’s nutrient seeds,

yesterday’s twisting,

and hopefully tomorrow’s turning,

synchronic swimming-flying flowers.