HummingBirds and SpiderWebs

Where might we see
yin’s silent voice
surfing on a windstorm?

Where might we hear
speaking with GrandMother MoonLight,
for octave systems
through PositivEnergy stringing words
of Mother Spider,
instinctively born
of fractal RNA wombs

Seeds of potentially perennial,
revolvingly dynamic,
unfoldingly systemic
spirited GeoLogical Time
ZeroCenter Zones of Pattern

Yet HummingBird Yang
of vibrant Joy
square fractal dances
flights consciously exercised
growing us joyfully smarter
than we really can fly

Northern up
Southern down
Western sunset backward dominant,
LoseLose dualdark
Eastern dawn of Spring reborn
WinWin forward baptized
in resilient ecotherapies.

PostMillennial PositivEnergy
dialects of ZeroZen Tao
spoken ecometrically
as sung polyphonically by yin Spider’s
nutritional nesting Energy–
joyous celebrating networks

Octaved spider webs
with polypathic LeftBrain emergent
scales of flight
hovering joyous HummingBirds.

SouthernSoul with NorthernSpirit
Wild WinWin Revolutionaries with WiseElders

Young yin-webs
network hosting
listening for

Where might we hear
yin’s silent voice
humming through a windstorm?


HiStory Times

Once upon an evolving time
we were a great first nation,
or second nation,
depending on your historical perspective,
but definitely not a third nation
although some cooperative economists
thought we might be competing ourselves
in that over-invested and ego-inflationary direction.

This first and second nation
had grown tired of electing puppy dogs,
with bought and sold kennel cough
and regurgitation,
as Chief.

Living within this mighty nation was a Big Bad Wolf
who campaigned by shouting “Wolf”
and cheerleading for BigBad Woolfacism,
and the sleepy and bored people
found this exciting as if more entertainment
must be a change for better
rather than almost unimaginable worse
and so nearly half of them
stumbled into dog-eared polls
and elected Chief B.B. Wolf.

B.B. Wolf took his wolfish degenerative promises somewhat seriously,
thinking, sort of, and both reasonably and unreasonably enough,
this was why he was new Chief Wolf,
but became frustrated
as he learned the larger half who had impudently voted for Other
were more hoping for a Big CoOperative Wolf
which he considered more of a Big Bad Bitch.

Tired of hearing “Wolf!..Wolf!”
and “Come hither Bitch!”
twittered and beeped and compressed across every media outlet,
this battered tribe began turning off their radios
at mere mention of B.B. Wolf,
stopped choosing to read his anti-potlatch tweets,
boycotted every paper and editor and blogger,
story teller and poet
who dared mention Chief Wolf
and his campaign of blighting promises
and threats
and competing WinLose compromises
and fake news
and non-events
and non-plans
and non-design
and non-cooperative
and non-trust
non-sensical scrambling politics.

This went on for near a week
before B.B. Wolf’s press secretary
called a Briefing
to which no one came but him, or her,
depending on which secretary drew the shortest straw that morning.
No one even briefly bothered hearing for sure
which came to represent
further dissonance and dismay.

By afternoon
even B.B. Wolf heard his own empty echoing chambers
and twittered “Never mind.
I’m the first and best Chief
to ever hold a Brief without pressing business anyway.”
Then announced he would be happy to try something new,
to mindfully listen to questions and comments
and concerns
to see if we might together become smart enough
to come up and down with some well-planned feasible answers,
somewhere this side of more fake non-news,

way in the back of the smallest press room
in the smallest town
in the shortest State,
some BBB, no doubt,
as the Chief would later say,
asked him what Saudi Arabia
might have been willing to invest in
with less toxic outcomes
if he had offered wholesale
on trees and organic edibles,
wind turbines and solar panels,
natural construction and organic gardening
and nutritional militias
armed with our best good regenerative seeds
and permacultural nurturing designs
for care-giving and -receiving
and global cooperative health insurance
and mutual wealth of resonance assurance.

Still, he had promised to think about it
and so he did the best he could
within his echoing silo.
But the next day
all this nation’s media
on- and off-polypathic communication lines
that spacetime 4D regenerative mattered
twittered and tweeted
blogged and editorially bleated
mindful questions
and cooperative “Yes…and…” responses
listed blisteringly out loud
like positive organic healthy yeast
far too deep and rich for B.B.. Wolf to hope for continuing control
much less to actually nurture and manna lead
like a Big Good Wolf might have started,
and then watched what we together might have remade.

He “Wolf!”ed to agree to disagree
and did so endlessly
but all the larger half not in his fan base
and at least half of his smaller half of former followers
were much too busy
refilling all his negatives
with their WinWins
“Yes that healthy choice,
and how about this nutrition too?”
instead of their old degenerating
anti-climatic ways.

This remained such the larger gospel reweaving story
B.B. Wolf had no one to rant at
and, frankly, not much to do
other than playing golf
and counting his money
which were his trump cards anyway.

And so it is this story began
with selecting Chief B.B Wolf
and ends
with everybody living happily
and healthy wealthing ever after.

A moral of and for this story:
That’s what big bad wolves are for,
to show you what is best
to more relentlessly ignore.

I’m sure we can, together,
think of both…and nutritional more.

Our Beginning:

Once upon an evolving time
we were a great first nation
and second cooperatively matriarchal established state,
co-depending on her-historical perspectives…


Integrity of Empathy

Why need we insist on a difference
worthy of significant notice
between universal empathy
and uniting trust in co-relational health?

Whose interests,
economic and/or political,
are served by severing
external face of nature’s intelligent form
from integrity’s internal spirit of regenerate function,
co-empathic trust,
or whatever unlanguaged choices our insides inductively feel
and then deductively-reductively,
yet trustingly,
think feel right
and true,
and good,
and rationally balanced?

How could universal Yang’s empathy
not include unitarian Yin’s integrity of regenerative trust
in DNA’s and older RNA’s decompositional holonic mirrors
of enthymematic fertile rememory?

Why would ought else feel and sound and think
as antipathic negative powers of dissonance,
anticipating chronic ecopolitical paranoia,
vulnerable to further sociopathic condemnation,
exacting higher educational and parenting standards
for ever more fear and anger management?


2020 Polypathic EarthRights Party

Tell us what everybody most needs to know about the 2020 Global EarthRights Party.

Well speaking for myself,
and I guess probably my extended family
of diverse relatives and friends and neighbors,
certainly including the polar bears and turtles
and frogs and trees at-risk,
although I hesitate to put my words in others’ mouths,
or root systems,
I believe our cooperativey held central platform
supports regenerative health,
so we are all against further degenerative climate pathologies.

some of us seem to be LeftBrain better about defining these pathologies
we are all against
than we are RightBrain adept with optimally flowing refinements
of regenerative healthy wealth,
which we are all for.

That said,
I believe we might also agree,
whatever regenerative health is,
and most locally incarnating economic and political good,
this same healthy norms of polypathic value/disvalue
is characteristic of all living organic constitutions
balancing freedoms to recreate cooperative abundance
with freedoms from further degeneratingly dissonant competitions
of and for I must win so you must lose egocentrism,
most either/or assuredly,
but also downgrading co-arising anthrocentrism ourselves
as anything less than humanely-divine Left/Right bicamerally balanced
internal ecopolitical parties
playing WinWin ecological-biological health games.

The very idea that we could, together,
further advance cooperative ecopolitical regenerative capacities
of organic ego/eco-perpetuation
through competitive nationalistic
or even egocentric Win now to Lose even more climate health later
seems patently worthy of poetic satire
and fabulously obvious as politically incorrect
within the 2020 EarthRights Rainbow Party.

For someone who feels so hesitant to speak and sing and dance for others,
you certainly do invest a healthy amount of redundant back and forth
in your response to what was my first,
and now must become my last, question.
we’re out of time and space.

My point exactly.
Degenerating absence of sufficient ecopolitically cooperative time and space
is a LeftBrain dominant illusion of dissonance
within EarthTribe’s polypathic regeneratively co-arising
Elder RightBrain eco-flow of timing.

Maybe one more quick question,
hopefully with a quick response.
Who is not already in this 2020 EarthRights Party?

Well, it’s not yet 2020,
so one quick answer is everyone.
On the other hand,
everyone who actively intends to fill-in our polypathic regenerative health
as a wealth-network cooperative,
gifting ourselves forward between now and 2020,
is further introducing our WinWin evolutionary gaming prototype
of regenerative bilaterally balancing Ego/Earth time itself.

Are you suggesting that I could be a 2020 Party member
without even realizing it yet?

but, because of our inherently regenerative healthy constitutions,
we seem to become explicit DNA EarthRights Party members
as soon as we realize
we are already programmed to play this thermodynamically resonant Party Game,
but just not very well Right with LeftBrain balanced yet,
settling for ecologies,
within and without,
of WinLose relativity
when we could, together, enjoy exclusively WinWin DNA/RNA Solidarity ecopolitics,
also constitutionally regenerative within,
as prime (0) spacetime fusion polypathic principality,
and endo/ecto bilateral-capitally co-invested,
and when political landscape nutritional balance within,
resonantly digesting LeftBrain justice with RightBrain interdependent peace,
reflects our economic climate investments/divestments without.

When do you expect this prototype to fully unfold
toward peak regenerative performance,
if you will.
And please avoid anything too graphic;
this is a family show, keep in mind.

In 2020, if you will.

I guess I should have seen that climax coming.

Sounds more like you are already there
in your growing polypathic imagination,
looking for dormant nutrients and seeds
in this year’s harvested ecopolitical pathologies
of climate despair
and resistance to EarthTribe’s health loss and suffering.
It just gets easier to EarthRights play and party WinWin
with bicamerally fusing flowing ego/eco-consciousness.

Tell me something.
With the microphones and cameras off,
who do you think is the best Avatar
for EarthRights Party successful outcomes?

I think all Avatars are equally successful in the end
because in WinWin games,
no one optimally wins
until every breathing player wins
our abundantly integrative potential
for regenerative polypathic health.


Fishy Science School of GeoMetric (0)-Soul Economic Arts

Math speaks through us
within us
of cognitive landscapes
imagined still and/or moving.

Primal metrics are rational and symmetrical,
good as true as straightforward,
complex creation story problems
unfolding with precise answers,
right as at least not not ecologically wrong,
ecopolitically suboptimal perhaps,
yet at least not full-blown subclimate of depressive pathology,
no irrational remainders of wasted paper and trees and days and decades remaining.

Tidy, if somewhat empty,
zero-sum metric loving souls.

But scientists need to understand
how we climatically feel about these metric bicameral functions
of cognition’s agape through terror
of dissonant irrationality,
exterior landscapes of joy with some considerable unknown as yet dismay,
empathically felt interior erotic-sensual trust
fertilely opposing toxic hate of chaotic landscapes and lifespan dreams and meta-unphysical paradigms
and ecological as ecopolitically correct global multicultural climates
of and for not-so-much pathology.

This appears to become our bicameral fractal spiral
of three dimensional spatial landscapes
with one bilateral temporal summerish-mature Yang climate
of ecoconscious
Left/Right Balancing consilient polypathy,
bicamerally (0)-soul invested ecopolitical resonance,
octave-crystal holonic harmonies of RNA/DNA Revolutionary EarthRights Solidarity, HistoricCultural ReWeaving,
evolving rainblown spirals of metric scientific enlightenment.

Math erupts interior ecologic of healthy landscapes
while science is about exterior ecopolitics
evolving healthier climates
of polypathic Left/Right optimal-health comprehension.

This politics of science unveils economic health
perhaps even co-opting YangDominant capitalism,
co-operating ecologically positive climates,
of co-empathic trusting
fully-democratically accessible
co-messianic power
as opposed to decomposing pathologies of static distrust,
swelling toward LoseLose games and lack of passion displays,
climatic disempowerment of EarthTribe’s Common Rights.

Politics of knowledge power,
both positive and negative,
economically competitively ruined
unwilling to share and play Golden Rule through Ratio nice,
static monoculturing, repressing, self-oppressing,
paranoid ecopolitical isolation,
petrification, terror, fear of future times,
anger about losses from potential regenerations past,
negative psychology shadowing Positive Psychology
becoming bicameral politics.

All of us infantile deep learning scientists
begin bilateral walking through nurturing climate landscapes.
Some learn to bicamerally struggle
with flying through days and most especially nights
of health v pathology regenerate/decomposing climates,
feelings of straightforwardly true
and too often not so much lifting off co-gravity’s ground of becoming.
Few remember to swim erotically in our anciently sacred sea
of Agape’s implicating bliss
ecoconscious self-governed kiss,
kicking and revolving not too hard to soften
old rememories of our ecologically graceful old school
for/of co-empathically trusting fish.

EcoPolitical Science as GraceFilling School for fish
begins far back before graceful bipedal walking,
on back to beginnings of wave-linear metric bilateral time
swimming radiantly Yang with Yin
prime relationally entrusting
incarnating dualdark Elder Yin’s implicating procreation
born of Sun’s Yang sperm
waving warming embryonic Earth
regenerating healthy cooling information
of ecologically swimming bilateral identity,
revolving resonant light,
rainbow’s metric timing.

Where Father Sun greets Earth’s primal rain
there we scientifically engage
our Elder metric strains of harmony,
not merely cognitive-mechanistic predictability
of constant boring reiteration,
but profoundly politically embedded
in organic love and lust networks
of continuously revolving life through death functions,
adding days to subtract nights,
multiplying families to divide
empathic trusting schools of ecopolitical fish
spirals around and through coral boundary reefs,
reflecting ultra-violet resonance
of moon and star filtering almost light,
bounding heartbeat dreamy landscapes
and climates of septically bifurcating emptiness,
zero-centric ecopolitical scientists
still swimming toward bicamerally balancing identity.

The scientific life is not all full-swollen fertile summers,
not all hibernating depressive
monoculturing, isolated, hopeless winters of mistrusting discontent.
What co-arises in adolescent springs of life
will again co-gravitate in Elder’s Harvest
about what all those regenerative days and decomposing dialectic nights
of summer’s most Yangish WinWin outcomes
were all notnot about,
double-deductively as double-bind predicative,
positive MEME-Yang as notnot negative MEME-Yin balancing,
LeftDominant as RightBrain EcoPolitical/EcoLogical Climate
DNA-health-nurturing yet too-repressive,
non-elite. nutritionally undervalued,
yet healthwealth optimization regeneratively (0)-primal
Eulerian-spiral thermodynamic Prime Dipolarity
(co-arising as co-gravitating, reverse-4D temporal)
[as translated by Bucky Fuller’s speed of light as geometric-fractal/fusion-holonic/sacred-prime (0)Core],
Perelman-bilateral function Prime Relationship unfolding Tipping Point Universal Optimization,
[with 4 prime dimensions, Thurston, Group Theorists et. al.]
TaoTime WuWei= MidWay WinWin Gaming Theory
reiteratively profound enthymematic communication
(bilateral cooperative prime-septic (0)-sum
Positive=ReGenerative Health aptic-bicameral-internal-assumption
[Julian Jaynes, BiCameral Ethological/Ecological Theory
of LeftBrain language-dominant
as landscape/climate regenerative value),
resonantly-harmonically eco-light,
polypathically bicamerally still speaking
health v pathologies of ecopolitical science.


JustUs Fundamentalists

Said the JudeoChristian Fundamentalist (JCF)
to the Islamic Fundamentalist (IF),
We began building our ego-nesting sensory receptors
learning to RightBrain distinguish Self from BenignOther,
sensory nomial v binomial fundamental bipolar trust/mistrust memory.

Corresponded the IF to the JCFs,
Ah yes, as we LeftBrain relate to integrate self-health
to and within radical-alien pathological distrust.

JCF: Yet YHWH made all of us
to mature in our capacities for self-health regeneration.

IF: And Allah never loses sight of fundamentally radical sensory nutrient ecologies
of and for regenerative DNA/RNA continuity cultural strings
of Self+GreatElderOther designing memory;
where exegesis of logic breeds eisegetical analogies;
co-ecological dialectals,
algorithmic analogs.

JCF: Where we find absence of active love,
cognitive/affective dissonance,
between trusting RightBrain and mistrusting Left,
we learn hyperactive monoculturally stressed distrust
of a jealous god within.

IF: Yes, don’t we?
A feverish emotive hatred
concomitant with anger/fear motivated belief systems,
stirring up holy revenge for marginal powers of mere EgoMe
and further cycles of concomitant terrors.

Meanwhile, Nature/Spirit Gods and Goddesses of Earth’s ReGeneration
predict a multicultural bicameral coup
of great and small co-empathic trusting revolutions
emerging our climate of ecological nodus,
difficulty of difficulties,
climate sin of omitted climatic sins,
dissonance about transitioning dissonance,
fear of fear ourselves,
distinction of prime relational difference
between positive language for ecopolitical health
and negative aversions to verbal and behavioral pathology.

I am a simple Taoist
trained to always choose
All the Above
as Below,
so what might we know together
enough to find our better humors?

It is when we can laugh together at our shared fears
that we know we have conquered them
more than they could ever conquer us

Within as Without our Polypathic Nodus,
where dissonant shockwaving chaos of Ego’s revenging terrors
meets and greets and struggles with
complex waves of Earth’s all-absorbing laughters.


Breastplates of Righteousness

My mind is as fascinated with investments and divestments
as my body is attracted to healthy and beautiful vestments,

and haunted by prospects of naked loss of home
and self-identity.

My vested interests emerge issues and concerns about nutrition,
as opposed to empty calories.
Nutrition, whether economic or political,
pursues ecologically systemic complexity.
Nutrition can be consumed and produced by a healthy cooperative ecosystem,
while a highly disturbed and dissonant absence of balance
perpetuates internal-external competitions.

We would all prefer,
regardless of cultural color of our vestments,
avoiding empty caloric pseudo-values
without healthy merit
as effectively,
cooperatively as possible
through clear polypathic discernment,
ecopolitically co-arising, compelling
temporally harmonious Tao-abundant wealth
of a nondual co-arising mindbody

Whether the mind of an ant
or human,
the soul of a river
or forest,
or the spirit of Earth’s Time as dynamic operatic space
as my mind invests and divests Her ecopolitical history,
Her/His healthy beautiful vested body,
haunted by prospects of Earth’s naked loss,
our homeless absence of cooperative self-identity.

Earth’s co-empathic mind,
fascinating investments producing ego-divestments,
where nature’s nutrition cultivates spiritual-mental health,
left righteousness.


Growing Polypathic Students

“I am circling around love,
around the throbbing hum,
and I have been circling for thousands of days,
and I still don’t know if I am a wounded saint,
or a rainy dawn,
or a creation story.”
Rob Brezsny, in Pronoia

You know the term ionic?

Balancing, like energy finding its most neutral point of stable self-perpetuation.

Yes, so dynamically bionic action across some unstable boundary,
relational threshold,
frontier of self and other rediscovery.

Ionic stasis is the objective of bionic dynamic transactions.

Yes. So you know the term iconic?

Like a symbol of, yet also in and with some systemic quality
of which it is a participating part.
Like a funnel cloud
for and within revolutions of recycling reiterating ecosystems.

Yes, dynamically polypathic self-regenerative and self-referencing
across some stabilizing frontier of co-empathic trust
within a foundational, seminal truth-exegeting system
of deductive-inductive,
yang-yin reiterating structure,
like uracil of and for cytosine,
hemoglobin from with chlorophyll’s universal functions
double-binding dipolar defining rooting-branching ionic structures.

Iconic language generates binomially dynamic interfacing verbal distinctions
between subjects in self-perpetuating relationship with each other.


Like in an out, up and down.
Appositional dipolarities that co-arise, mutually define.
You can’t have me without a you,
an out without an in,
a tomorrow without a yesterday,
a karmic consuming cause, without a grace-producing effect.

So each bit of iconic polynomial (P) information
is also binomially dynamic language.
Each P=N(NP) truth statement
includes an appositional notnot truth statement, implicated,
as in David Bohm,
bilaterally concaved, as in Bucky Fuller.

You know the term ironic?

Where an outcome feels like it’s just the opposite of what was anticipated
as an objective?

Yes, like to become so fluidly flexibly stretched yin
that you eventually develop a more ionically stable
and healthy Yang/Yin balancing strength of power-over/with-together

And to become so polypathically chaotic that you begin to discover binomial rhythms
regenerating complex rhythm patterns within and of Earth’s ecologic,
ionic recyclings of yinnish energy functions
into more lasting tensile strength of Yang-ergodic co-gravitating forms.

Ionic language with ironically evolving outcomes
of polypathic comprehension,
binomial Left-Right Brain enlightenment,
dynamic ecoconsciousness.

Like humanity as sacred embryonic icon of Earth’s ecological divinity.

Like LeftBrain ego-swelling as ecological bionic balance shrinks
and EcoIdentity of RightBrain truth-beauty balance excelling
as egocentrist identity evaporates into binomial confluence.

Bionic humane icons of ionic irony,
divinely polypathic.


Who’s there?


You who?

Yoohoo shouting through a transparently dualdark notnot cosmological divide,
boundary door
within a binomially co-arising mindbody universe.

Nondual dipolarity is as difficult to deductively grasp
as is notnot.

Because nondual notnot function
is not for yangish grasping,
but for and of yin-flow stretching ecoconsciousness.

We recycle love,
wounded rainy dawn saints
recreating creation stories.


BareBones EcoPolitical Zeroism

Radicals of PostMillennial Zeroism,
like Fundamental-Basic PreMillennial Taoism:

Yang presents unmitigated monopolistic political omnipotence.

Yin hides totally purged (recessed)
economic flat-line absence of positive nutritional flow trend,
omni-polypathic nonpresent exformed.

Just as Nature abhors these primal vacuums of appositionality,
there is no such thing as either of these two extremities,
just as there is no such thing as YangSpace
without Yin’s bilaterally evolving notpast-notfuture NOW time.

And, their divinely humane ecopolitical stage
balances MidWay Wu Wei
issuing advent of M.L. King’s (et. al.)
Beloved Climaxing Cooperative Community,
and any other polypathic ecological system
we might care to nondually and multiculturally co-arise together.

Our new democratic-plutocratic healthy wealth
of Zero-Soul-Sum-Core-Axial-Integral ecopolitical revolutions.