Christ and Laotse

A Tao (0)Mega Tipping Point Zen-Christ
could become no better or worse than your own spiritual experiences
of your own bicameral mindbody of Christianity.
These Christ-icons are all made of the same LeftBrain yeast
becoming fully diastatic bread
becoming RightBrain’s fully diastatically Beloved Community Body.

Jesus of Nazareth
was neither the first nor last
to recognize both Self and Other
as bread of life
sun of life
light of life
son/daughter of life
words of life
yeast of life
body of life
body and blood of life.

On the other hand
Laotse may have been the first and last
to see Self within syncretically enculturing ElderOther
dipolar yeast health-diastolic,
avoiding more static flat-line pathologies.

Tao of Yang body-life
reverse-facing double notnot humored YinYin
wu wei’s flow of diastatic ego-death,
reproduces a great deal of in-between cognitive-affective dissonance,
so the devil appears within details
inscrutable Eastern nondual co-arising ecometric politics of namaste,
LeftBrain Western enculturation dominance
tolerates, with chronic stress irritations,
all our yeasty Taos
of full 7-Grain Sabbath Breads of Life
longing to conjoin
in and through Beloved Spirit-Natured Communities.

I suppose a Jewish therapist
deeply immersed within the Torah,
reading words of Jesus
in the first three gospels
might easily imagine these the teachings
of an often depressed schizophrenic
with compulsive self-obsession
as a sacrificial lamb
living in an unredeemed economy,
but this sidesteps sacred truths,
yeast does transubstantiate diastolically through organic bodies,
a positively deviant virus becoming fertile nutritional commodities
for anthrocentrically benign-as-healthy
wealthy evolving purposes,
etching yet evolving through yeasty regenerations
of self-redeeming health with beauty generations.

If the original primal Christian intent
was also the Tao of Self+Other ecoconscious
egocentric sacrifice to (0)Zen Center,
then Jesus of Nazareth was also transubstantiating
Eastern nondual co-arising ecology of nature-spirit mindbodies
into Jewish sacred organic ecopolitically correct sheepish language.

But, this inquisition about
humane icons with divinely evolving spirit-souls,
each holonically RNA/DNA integrative-proportional-relational
instructions for a folding
prefolding fractal Universe of organic health becoming
continues within each living cell’s core rooting system,
each yeasty plasmatic culture,
each health v pathology subclimate
with four equivalent seasons,
trinitarian LeftBrain traces
across bilaterally eternal co-present notpast/notfuture
RightBrain time.

Elder RightBrains never die,
they simply enter and exit deep erotic/agapic sleeps,
co-arising positives as notnot quite so much is more.


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