Climate Health Believers

I believe
multicultural vitality is better than monopolistic monoculturing boredom;
not just different, but the difference of climate health v pathology.

I believe
you believe this too.
Because if you did not
then you would probably not still be reading this.

We may also believe, then,
multicultural climate vitality
is better than monochromatic absence of complexity
within organic rhythms of each day and night,
each year,
each season of development,
each interdependent lifeline through empty-dying
purging ego-monopolistic
monotheistic wealth-of-power hoarding time.

We might believe
scientists search for what to think,
how to more freely explain
Earth’s natural ecosystems
including humanely organic biosystemic interdependent constitutions,
ecopolitical mindbodies,
organic Earth-declarations of economic freedom to WinWin YinYin
balancing freedom from Yang’s political LeftBrain dominance.

We could believe
artists search for how to feel,
how to ecologically comprehend
co-arising ecopolitical trusts,
heuristic-eisegetical mistrusting, yet often humorously retrusting,
climates of discovery/recovery creative tensions,
adventures through internal ecopolitical landscapes,
and even darkly terrifying AngerFear toxic distrusts.

We might find
philosophers, like poets,
redundantly explicate why we both think and feel ecologically
as bicameral ecopolitically co-operative,
organic climates with both internal and externally enculturing landscapes,
positive systems with double negative dipolar co-arising potentialities,
freedom to Yang freedom from too much repressed Yin,
sonnets of self-as-other golden permacultural nurturing governance.

We are
musicians and dancers
heart-beaters and breathers
showing ourselves what we most like
and notnot dislike,
to know ecological therapy,
remember landscapes,
become healthier grace-filling opera climates
of neural-sensory delight,
ecopolitical co-operatic abundance
of sounds with sights,
healthy tastes with therapeutic feelings,
fragrance with both resonance and repugnance,
light with dualdark
flow spiraling
revolutioning harmonics.

Of these,
which would you predict to become most organically correct
about climate health and pathology?

With these together,
do you believe you would not want to remember
you have already joined this ecopolitical climate struggle?
refinement through struggling with and not against
extending families and evolving/revolving paradigms,
co-empathic resonance replacing cognitive dissonance,
born yet healthier again
climates of-Yin/Yanging-for ever-more omnipotent regenesis.

I still believe Yang/Yin ecological climate vitality
is better than ecopolitically depressed boredom
yammering on and on,
repeating the same old ruminations
about struggling against both future and past
because we never considered more cooperative possibilities
through struggling with past degenerative climates
to recover future regenerations of time’s healthier,
more vitally balancing,
ecopolitical evolution.


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