Global Earth Rights Party

Perhaps we might all agree

that life’s purpose appears to grow regenerativity,

recreative memories as positive

rising above, and yet within,

and both before and after,

less creative mistrusts of ambivalently evaporating health v pathology outcomes.


And, if self and other regenerative health

is the DNA and RNA stuff of history positive living

and the multiculturally orthodox reason for today

and actively hopeful reasons for and of tomorrow,

and all time’s future regenerations of species,

biosystemic political landscapes

with ecosystemically ecological climates,

then self and other governance began before enlightened conventions,

and declarations of freedom to regenerate powers with

through freedom from overly competitive ecopolitically powering-over constraints,

and subclimate constitutions of organic nationalistic incorporation,

but always reiterating WinWin reverse hierarchical nesting tree understory networks

of forests building biosystemic songs and dances

for and of Earth Rights.


Earth Rights to healthy positive

and not so much pathology negative

absence of regenerative health potential.

Earth Rights are also

self and other regenerative dipolar balance rights

and wrongs of LeftBrain dominant deductive-reductive history,

overpowering RightBrain co-empathic tree cooperatives

nurturing WinWin deep learning nutritional ecology,

compositions constituting undersung Earth Rights Proclamations,




And so it seems we are already,

as this global anthrospecies,

some combination of anonymous and self-declaring Earth Rights Advocates,

remembering our international ecopolitical cooperative-regenerative party.

Together, each and every seasonal development year for growing health,

we erect another economic-politically empowered-disempowered ring

around our historic regenerative constitution story,

creation narratives of chaos, and complexity,

and regenerative hope to try Golden Era LeftRight Balance again.


Perhaps Climate Rights Advocates

as also Human Rights and Wrongs Advocates

might facilitate and co-mentor this globally cooperative ecoconsciousness,

by cooperatively schooling and gifting forward our collective investments

to globally incorporate our Earth Rights EcoPolitical Party.

From this regenerative discernment

we could realign WinWin ecology’s health

with ecopolitically cooperative wealth

and invite all the other, lesser, nationalist political parties

to listen and learn within this organic cooperative fertility

about healthier platforms for helpfully caring for ourselves,

setting aside older WinLose condemning theological models,

to care for our extending family Others,

as Earth’s Golden Rule of ReGenerativity,

ecopolitical cooperativity

of LeftRight balancing trees,

well composted networks of root systemic ecopoliticians.


Perhaps an on-line Earth Rights and Wrongs WinWin Game

would help national and provincially competing ecopolitical professional followers

of degenerating paranoia

learn together to lead

through cooperative co-mentoring regenerative facilitation

of Earth Tribal Right and Left TaoBalanced ecosystemic regenerativity.


Perhaps our colleges and kindergartens

could become ReGenerative Earth Rights Gaming Party sites

for playing and deep learning

ecopolitical as ecologically balancing recreativity

of multicultural health,

without further conserving yet more self-condemning

monoculturing egocentric pathology.


That is,

if we do agree

that life appears to be for regenerativity

as death disappears into dissonant degenerativity.


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