How the East was Lost

The title,
How the West Came to Rule,
disturbs me enough to continue reading,
like wanting to escape a nightmare
but too fear frozen with why it could never truly end well
to stop dreaming.
In this case,
is to stop reading.

I’m sure this history of violent capitalism’s romp across Earth,
fueled by ecopolitical engines of Europe,
then also what had become industrialized and militarized market colonies,
is brilliantly nuanced and developed,
and yet, for me,
the subtitle GeoPolitical (0)Source Origins of Capitalism
is also the story of
How the East Came to UnRule,
through more ecopolitically cooperative-oriented extended families,
Elder Venerating as self-regenerative practice
for economically nutritious WinWin,
multiculturally held as morally and ethically,
ecologically and psychologically,
but also patriarchy and matriarchy healthier
than capitalism’s violent Great Climate Assumption
of Christ’s further love-evolution
by means of unfortunately necessary ballistics,
because of Original Sin,
you know,
not believing our ecopolitically cooperativist Golden Rule
applies to my own LeftBrain dominant Ego
honoring Heroic Saints I would not myself wish to ever economically become,
not quite as East venerated cooperative-competitive Elder ReGenerator Bodhisattvas,
in the West, not sacred compassion enough to stop playing tough-love,
How the West Came to Capitalism’s WinLose Aquisition-Inquisition,
an evolutionary historic assumption
about optimal WinWin regenerative enculturation.

I continue reading
How the West Came to Rule,
Anievas and Nisancioglu,
and continue my nightmare epic
How the West Came to Lose Climate Health as Wealth;
an Elder Wise creation story of ecopolitical origins
through capital-rooted Zero-Sum Balance,
both investment with disinvestment
of consuming-Yang with productive-Yin economic ebb and flow
of Capital DiPolar CoArising AnthroCentrism.

To paraphrase Einstein,
Cooperatively communicated imagination
is more ecopolitically important than knowledge

Of evolutionary Trees of Good Golden Rules
and Evil Dissonant EgoDeaths
to revolution WinWin regeneratively self-perpetuating Games
like Thought Experiments,
rooted in Elder cooperatively communicating DNA/RNA Solidarity images,
icons of eternal full-octaved, multiculturally polypathic, imagination.

We are anthrocentric patriarchal love
through competitive condemnation,
more Western significant than matriarchal cooperative ecopolitical nurturance,
feeding LeftBrain violent capitalist-survivalist WinLose either/or assumptions
about Earth’s both/and WinWin evolution;
not so much the other way around,
historically speaking.

While I have not reached the Conclusion
as brought to Western and Eastern us
and all in-between uneven compete/cooperate Tipping Points
by Anievas and Nisancioglu,
I do so hope we all arrive at this same time,
How the West Came to OverRule Climate Health
becoming mere premillennial decomposition
opening new opportunities for ecotherapy,
newly conscious responsibilities,
even academic authority?
for how the West and East cooperate
to OverRule Past-Climate Pathologies,
a way of venerating our holy sainted Elders,
Left and Right ecoconscious therapeutic balance
of multicultural EarthTribe West/East harmonics.


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