Our Future Evolving Selves

This leans rather heavily on a Taoist reworking of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s The Evolving Self, especially pp. 234-238, which is excellent and worth reading without my more expansive ecological analogy.

Greek Gods as muscular Yang athlete images
evolve from older internal messianic bodhisattva Yin,
double-edged imaginations of power with wisdom.

It is in this coincidentia oppositorum,
claims Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,
that the peaks,
the Taoist Tipping Points
of wu wei human regenerativity
become interdependent integrity.

Cosmic Christ CoMentors
permaculturally parent integration of ego
within larger regenerative ecosystems,
culture images no longer limited to anthrocultural imaginations,
climates refacing interior and exterior landscapes
of regeneratingly sustainable ecopolitical wealth.

Teilhard de Chardin charts a hopeful healthy (0)Mega Point
assuming evolutionary models deliver intrinsically valued meaning,
purposes for bicameral imaged imaginations
of Cosmic Christ as ecoconsciously balancing
YangFather Sun with YinMother Earth’s grace of regenerativity
begun within Eden’s ecopolitically polycultural balanced landscape,
human and otherwise,
gardens ebbing and flowing Omega Tipping Points
toward ecological healthy wealth within
as Cosmic Christ without.

EcoPolitics of Earth’s optimal regenerativity,
future Cosmic Christendom,
develops through anthrocentrically interdependent development
of a child with biological health needs
and pathologically self-isolating aversions,
immunities learned through long-active mistrusts,
cognitive and affective dissonance,
best replaced with nutritional comforts
as embryonic mindbodies begin deep learning
how to regeneratively self-organize
to interdependently care for their healthy wealthy needs.

With co-redeeming practice,
supported by a helpful, not condemning, family
and community
and ecopolitical climate,
infant powers with others
expand from needs to be accepted,
so also wants to become accepting,
from needs to be loved,
so also wants to be Cosmic CoMentoring Lovers,
from needs to be nutritionally respected,
so also wants to become polypathically healthwealth respectful,
through all economic transactions
as also politically empowering and disempowering relationships
with others,
within Earth’s ecological TaoTimed balance.

YangEgo LeftBrain
deductively remembering
reweaving Elder RightBrain’s Yintegration,
Earth’s nurturing proportioning fractal-flow
toward bicamerally balancing ecopolitical maturation,
replete with DNA/RNA Solidarity drive
to appositionally explore this balance
of independent Yang monocultural powers over others
within interdependent Yin polypathic powers with
Cosmic Climate co-passioning healthwealth others;
fully DNA balance potentiated,
uniquely integrated biosystem,
primarily invested in ecopolitical health for ego
as ecological wealth for healthy all.

Now EarthTribe re-approaches bicameral wisdom
to co-invest in broader nutritionally cooperative goals,
deriving future self satisfactions
cooperatively helping, and certainly not competitively condemning,
this Cosmic ClimateHealth Cause
multiculturally even greater than self-diastatic Cosmic Christians
because of now adding ecologically reasoned regenerative conviction.

Ecopolitical ontogeny,
internal landscape nutritional development,
recapitulates ecological phylogeny,
external climate health v pathology.

While future selves may continue increasing competitive either/or
LeftBrain dominant
Business As Competitively Usual,
we remain more permaculturally attached
to Taoist independent/interdependent action
and RightBrain balancing empathic visions favoring trust over mistrust,
as if co-mentoring helpful health were evolution’s trump-suit,
stronger than self-condemning competing pathologies.

Earth’s climate devolution,
melting of ice,
reminds of nutritional values informing ecoconsciousness
of a viral cooperative revolutionary growth
toward bicameral balancing ecopolitical majorities,
multiculturally polypathic evolution of CoMentoring EarthTribes.

To experience ecopolitical flow,
adds Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,
we first identify our favorite Yang challenge
to LeftBrain egocentric heroism
through letting go of power over others as extensions of oneself.

The second face of this Yang challenge
represents RightBrain’s regenerative Yintegration skills.
Cosmic EcoPolitical Polypaths
harmoniously combine these appositional tendencies,
universally original Left-ego
yet unitively networking Right-eco-capital-home,
authoritatively independent Yang
yet harmoniously co-responsible Yin,
politically bold yet economically cooperative disciplined,
monoculturally rational yet polyculturally intuitive, integrative integrity,
deductively systemic yet inductively nurturing.

We each have sought,
since still within Earth’s womb,
Yang’s unevenly mature uniqueness with Yin’s deep nurturing co-mentorship
within multiculturing nutritional networks of Earth.

As either/or oppositional competitions of LeftBrain dominance
balance both/and appositional cooperations of RightBrain flow,
then we become regeneratively EarthTribe resolved,
participating in Tao-optimzing flow of Earth’s revolution.


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