Open Letter to StudentLeaders

An open letter to new legislators,
new chief executive officers,
new judges,
and all new healthy climate parents and other advocates.

When you were in the process of securing this new position in your life,
and, hopefully, the lives of your extended family,
you probably were expected to speak fluently
about how your past experiences,
often negative,
had prepared you for this vocation at this time,
to represent the most prosperous and healthiest interests
for all within your electoral/appointive constituency, first,
and then, as possible,
for all people everywhere.

You were elected/appointed.
So presumably you do this well,
this learning from past negative experience
to suggest how we will do better
with your future in this empowered choice-making office
representing both your extended intentional family’s healthiest wealthiest interests
and also, with further maturation,
extending those economic and political responsibilities for just and peaceful leadership
across your full constituency of bio- and ecosystems.

This fluency between experience and problem-solving reflection,
is presumably why we elected or appointed you
to carry often heavy responsibilities for others
with, hopefully, the right freedoms of authority;
not too much to become a poor listener and fellow-student,
and not too little
to eventually despair that you know it all,
you know far too much about why we all seem to be losing healthy climates together
when our most earnest integrative intention is to grow more cooperatively owned
and managed health-climates,
and landscapes,
bodies and constitutions,
corporations and organic incarnations
evolving regenerative health,
negatively defined as negatively correlated
with bicameral compete/cooperate pathology,
sometimes developing chronic paranoid ecopolitical fear-mongering;
the Original Student’s Sin of promulgating further cognitive-affective dissonance,
as hidden as the Emperor’s Empty Plutocratic Clothes.

It more harmoniously seems,
in this moment of your-our economic and political gratitude
for ever-new opportunity,
you have a fundamental choice to make
about your decision-making process itself
while living within your chosen office(s).

1. It is now my turn
to come through on all those verbal commitments I made
to myself
and to those who have put me behind this desk,
or even on this pedestal,
based on wisdom of learning curves rooted in past regenerative experience,
and degenerative nightmares,
and my understanding of the positives and negatives,
the nutrients and the toxins,
apparently endemic to our shared ecopolitical experiences.

Here, you see yourself more as a teacher
than a co-mentoring deep cooperative learning,
co-passionately discerning,
co-empathically trusting more than mistrusting Earth’s ecological regenerative health,

2. It is now my well-timed opportunity
to step more deeply into my learning curve.
What do these voices of these constituents,
those now in my day to day learning experience,
most want to discuss and contest with me that we actively hope to learn about together?
How can I share this learning process with my most multiculturally informed,
and informing, constituents?
[Or, in the case of more therapeutic parenting, our kids.]
How can I bring this larger extended family along
on this our new journey of ecopolitical cooperative discovery
about what promises to optimally WinWin
improve regenerative short and long-term health and security trends?

On the other hand, what promises to continue to degenerate
all that Business As Competitively Usual
that I had invested in my Win/Lose campaign speeches
but not in my wiser and more WinWin moments and days and weeks?

Cooperative-evolving, revolving, resonating
more compassionate,
more deeply learning about active loving integrative hearts
and confluent rather than dissonant bicameral ecological minds
and DNA-fueled bodies
and RNA-reweaving root-prime ecotherapeutic nutritional environments
and health v pathology climate experiences on planet Earth.

We approach this time of 2020 gratitude
more deliberately investing in cooperative ownership and management
of our political economies.
Democracies begin to choose to invest in deeper and wider democratic ownership
rather than more competitive plutocratic management and ownership.

like the poli-nutritional powers from which they derive
investment and divestment values,
with monocultural plutocratic capitalist WinLose understories,
devolutionary paranoid and nihilistic anthrocentric theories
passing as survivalist evolutionary rational theory,
will always under-perform
more regenerative health of multiculturing democratic,
co-empathically more trusting than mistrusting, polities,
deep listening toward Left/Right
as EgoYang/EcoYin
Tao of ReGenerative DNA EcoPolitics
with PermaCultural (0)-DissonantWaste Balance Outcomes.


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