Dear Eve, and not so much Adam

Dear Eve and not co-mentor Adam,
solo writer of The Clitoral Monologues,

Love your book.
Just one suggestion,
switch the title to
The Clitoral-Penile EcoPoliTickle Dialogues.

Feminist to feminist monoculturing monologues
make OK theater,
perhaps even the first feminist nurturing ecopolitickle opera,
if you were to also become gifted with writing songs
and choreographing exotic clitoral-clitoral dances,
but your wisdom becomes more cooperatively powerful
on an ecopolicultural nondual co-arising stage,
both clitoral yintegral
and penile yang-poignant thrust
of regenerative timing;

Our wisdom nurturing, anthrocentrically healthy, selves,
reweaving evolutionary predators invading parasites
into hunters loving gatherers
of heathiest wise nutrition.

Probably strategically better to respond to The Penis-Only Monolonging
Business as Competitively MineIsBigger Usual,
with Clitoral-Penile synergy
of wiser transgenderal politickling investments.


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