ReConnecting Rituals

are sacred
when they reconnect
what LeftBrain dominant
straight white privileged man
has transcendently and monotheistically disconnected

Earthly nature
divorced from Heavenly spirit,
from light,
from enlightenment,
autonomous theological identity
from interdependent ecological experience,
personal health
from transcendent joy

Like segregating
sexual health rituals
from sensory wealth of regenerative spirituals
sacredly enriching both Yang LiberalLovers
and more mundanely conserving
Yintegral every day
red-blooded green conservation

PolyCultural rituals
of resonant positive is not negative,
resilient health is not pathological
cancerous wealth

Lives fulfilling YangYin in-between
balancing rituals
reforming divinely sacred empowerment
and profane ecosystemic
enlightened health/wealth
co-passionate care

sexual and sacred
are ultra-nonviolent
celebrating EarthMother’s sacred
holonic non-zero zen womb
of Yintegrity double-binary

ProGenitive balance
with Yangish LeftBrain
patriarchal EitherTop/OrBottom
conservative reaction
to protect healthy/safe conserving EarthTribe
through co-empathic therapeutic wounds
of historic win/lose zero-sum thinking

Unaware of positive
socio-eco-psycho-bio-theological flow
panentheistically co-operative
intersectionally co-invested
dipolar co-arising
bipartisan Left/Right
PolyPathic = Not(NotPolyVagal)
P=N(NP) strategic win/win
ritualistic systems
for resilient/resonant
global peace outcomes

both naturally enlightened
and spiritually empowering
for health/wealthy EarthTribe,
cooperatively DNA-enscripted
organic mindbodies
formed and reformed
by co-passionate neuro-sensory systems

Seeking pleasing
pleasure rituals,
like making slow-grown
universally uniting love.


Critical Sex Theory

Critical race theory
could also dynamically camouflage
critical sex theory,
critical gender theory,
critical binary theory

Which might look like
Analytical Feminist Theory
on Earth’s creolizing Eastern Hemisphere

And speak of more competitive
DisPassionate Predation Expertise
toward the colonizing
riled-up Western Hemisphere

Dipolar co-arising
a great transitional dialogue
within each individual
Left and Right mindbody
engaging theoretical experience
of competing cooperative
integrally spiraling
potential wealth
of EarthTribe health.





When you are,
experiencing coitus
of some generic buzzy kind
common to all species
of loving life,

And you are about to have
a peak
full mindbodied experience…

Excuse me for interrupting,
but I think you mean a peak
polyphonic engagement
or maybe
a polyvagal peak win/win default moment
in a neurosystemic
kinda pleasant
enlightening and empowering
serotonin and dopamining way.

All of the Above,
speaking with polycultural compassionate
nonviolent communication intent

more back to the less LeftBrain verbal
original focus,
cooperatively acting,
in a poly-lateral
compassion story game
you hope might never need to end,
alone again,
yet waiting for a repeat,
active hope
embodied wealth
whole-sum happiness regained

This sometimes ritualized
sensory pleasure praxis
goes back in time
and out to include all Earth’s
polyculturally self/other co-governing
Ego/Eco BiCameral Systems

positive dialogue
between non-apartisan engagers,
mindbody co-investors.

Yet, to speak of Living Green/Blue Balance
of Earth’s healthiest wealth
as any living body of co-relationships
told and retold throughout
our global history

Now retold without shame
or punishment
assuming Sacred EarthMother’s
holonic polyentheistic nature
spirit is to put an all-encompassing
multiculturally regenerative win/win meme
ahead of monoculturing
predative YangBang memory

As to how we win/win co-passionately got here
and feel mutually engaged
when, as global green health allies,
we stay focused on Earth,

Most sacredly pleasurable
Light yintegrity mysteries
and Power yang natural histories

Of our original non-zero polysensory
polymathic bilateral zeroism

PoliCulturally Light Hot!
and subversive Wet Empowering
fast and slow-grown
peak resilient experiences

ongoing nonviolent talk

About procreative
mostly pre-verbal care
in pleasantly cooperative
deeply and widely engaging
thriving sensory relationships
of EarthTribe loving
regenerative revolutionaries.


Radly Bad Religion, and Politics, and probably Sex

wealth of bad;

Not so glad
not so rad
and not really healthy gonad
regenerative gospel.

Sad sex,
mad religion,
wealth of unaffordable,
rapaciously bad politics
seducing capitalist white bad boys
with mad cash investments
in wealthy corporate religions
with win/lose purposive missions

To forget we little regular folk
may all worship different Sons,
but all those Sons and Suns
and heavenly Daughters
share one Holy Green EarthMother

sensitively natural,
ecologically nutritious

Not so unenlightened sad
Not so disempowering mad,
Not so health care bad.

Not choosing life
as love
story’s win/win co-arising cues,
good news

Enlightening glad multicultural nonviolence,
green communion,

EarthTribe here is now
radically empowering
mystical peak
indigenously sacred
co-empathic experiences,

neurosystemic communion

Left hemisphere agnostic
Right hemisphere divinely engaged
bilaterally co-enraptured
with full-spectral spiraling
NonZero OpenSpacious Nutritional Systems
supporting ambiguous
sacred curiosity
of a green health
makes a truly wealthy
bodhisattva messianic Planet.

Who could imagine
One ZeroSum
Earth’s biosystemic Other?

What could be Now
without someday becoming There?

Yang strength resonantly Now
without Yintegrity flowing
healthy wealth balance
we would all like to become

ReMembering healthy Then
without sick Here

Economic yintegrity Then
with politically empowering Yang
co-arising potential green
compassionate Here

Sadly rad,
madly bad
singing and dancing
with glad gospel gonads.


UnSpirited Sexuality

Secularization of nature
begets secular demotion of sex
rewinds reminds reversing time
before Western therapists
of ego issues beget eco-healing medication
including secularizing meditation
into mind full of LeftBrain dominant
commercially marketed commodification
of what were once more private worship services.

Reducing sexual cooperative co-investments
to merely natural reproductive lust
or untouched genital bust
is a LeftBrain reductive Nature v Spirit sin
against Holonic Animus Mundi,

EcoWomanist Yintegral Flow
of nonverbal
bilateral ego/ecosystemic
eco-binding attachment feelings

Divine climaxing integrity
and humane humbling memories
of fully engaged authenticity
mirrored in our Yang/Yintegral reconnecting
re-imaging sexual activity
of sacred Muses
embodied music and rhythmic dance,
flowing sexuality.

gospel good authenticating news
could reduce secularizing
estranged stress disorders,
negative pathology,
unhealthy lack of democratic synergy
spiritually natured energy
mindful integrity.


Looking for Love in Right Places

I find
right hemisphere prominently feel,

But cannot quite touch
something sexy
about left/right cooperatively resonant
waves of wealthy ego-rooting
eco-rooted health.

I suppose
whether felt as sexy
or more generically sensory,
depends on neurological origin
and completion
of sensory information
and climatic exportation.

Spiritual resonance experiences qualities
of our multicultural
EarthBound journey together
and apart

As naturally resilient outcomes
of felt left/right integrity,
glimpsed and heard
when resonantly touched,
bring consensual pleasure

as inclusively appropriate

Sensually sexy disciplines
of physical passion,
metaphysical waves
of revolutionary
resonant compassion
and reminding
20/20 loving insight
through restoring
by healing
global EarthJustice integrity,
sensory spirit of sexual nature.


Moving Through Urgent Forests

I claim a sit-spot
in a wildlife sanctuaried forest
just beyond my backyard,

And cycle there
while seeking a primary distinction
between sexual and sensual feelings

Already peddling toward suggestions
my motivations for this direction
could be impure,
certainly less than perfection,

I am not right-brain deterred,
This forest is my familiar territory
where fools
and wise men
fear to tread
on resonant ecofeminists.

When seeking
remembering sexual possibilities
and impossibilities,
and distractions
and unattractiveness
along my recycling way,
these remain ego-centered
egotistic patriarchal,
left-brain economic-politically strategic,
monoculturing further dominance.

is more interdependent,
intimate awareness
of external mind touch
with internal heart feelings,
heart-pumping uphill
and soul-relaxing downhill,
and exhilling.

Waves of contrast
speak of comparative dipolar motivators
more longterm both/and satisfying sensuality,

against shorterm dualistic urgency
for my immediate sexual release,
my internal-only organic polyvagal climax
quickly moving from transcendent forest life
to demi-segregating death,

And then riding on in
and out
to reconnect with my ego/eco sit-spot
with embodied sensual narrative
of this one sacred/sexual life
living polypathically
lived rememory
reliving naked forest life
hopefully again
and recycling pleasure seating again.

Practice makes perfect,
so our great everyday pilgrimage teachers
ecofeminists one and all,
and do,
and walk
and talk
with integrity’s most resilient sexual/sensual/spiritual
reforesting win/win public/private wealth
global/local health potential.


Climate Health Marching

Marching and dancing and singing
in and of and for healthy climates
regenerating wealthy landscapes,
ideally coming together,
like masturbating in pubic,
but subtly, and trans-genderally clothed,
only on the inside as if outside,
cuming together as one new multicultural regenerator march.

Sexy strutting marchers
but with opulent simplicity
remixing mindbody co-arisings,
with polyculturing health-wealth
resonating perpetual just-right foreplay climates,
then simulcasting decomposing re-investments,
of and for self and other
and sacredly,
internally as externally,
perpetuating our collective climax fertility.

Climate marchers that cum together
spray cooperative ownership and mutual-governance
to gather future generations of climate-healthy marchers
as public,
yet resonantly private,
master incubators.

This liturgy of sexy climate marching
grows room and spaces,
folds and places,
for both sad becomings into ego-loss,
making more room to commence with singing glad
being Earth’s echoing climax
of zero-sum eco-gain,
rhythmed not sin to sin,
but Win to Win further healthing days
and fertile nights.

My climate march
begins at midnight
with sad responsive songs of dualdark longing
to be rid of depressing competitive pathologies,
then rise with dawning trusted landscapes
to greet this new EarthDay,
to sing and dance and march
with glorious cuming resonant echoes
shimmering through Earth’s capital domes and turrets,
until we ring together
West and East
Left and Right
Yang and Yin
in perpetually resonating climax.


Dear Eve, and not so much Adam

Dear Eve and not co-mentor Adam,
solo writer of The Clitoral Monologues,

Love your book.
Just one suggestion,
switch the title to
The Clitoral-Penile EcoPoliTickle Dialogues.

Feminist to feminist monoculturing monologues
make OK theater,
perhaps even the first feminist nurturing ecopolitickle opera,
if you were to also become gifted with writing songs
and choreographing exotic clitoral-clitoral dances,
but your wisdom becomes more cooperatively powerful
on an ecopolicultural nondual co-arising stage,
both clitoral yintegral
and penile yang-poignant thrust
of regenerative timing;

Our wisdom nurturing, anthrocentrically healthy, selves,
reweaving evolutionary predators invading parasites
into hunters loving gatherers
of heathiest wise nutrition.

Probably strategically better to respond to The Penis-Only Monolonging
Business as Competitively MineIsBigger Usual,
with Clitoral-Penile synergy
of wiser transgenderal politickling investments.


Healthy Politics, and Sex, and Religion

I hope I know what is healthy sex,
in an experiential kind of way,
in a biblical kind of way,
and I can imagine a world with healthier,
more cooperative, political empowerment,
but I am clueless about healthy religion,
which most of my friends would claim is an oxymoron,
like military intelligence.

Well, I think it’s easier to have any one of these,
if you already have the other two.

So, if I am feeling warmly resonant with my good vibe
positive political psychology
of ecologically cooperative relationships,
including those that are sexual,
now that I think about it
I’m not really sure what a sexless human relationship would be.
Maybe ambivalently androgynous,
but isn’t that somehow the same thing as saying transgenderal,
and somehow that doesn’t seem sexless at all.
what does all that have to do with healthy v pathological religion?

What makes sex and political relationships regenerative,
and sometimes, unfortunately, degenerative,
is also what makes religions syncretically regenerative
across all Earth’s more celebratory ecosystems,
Creation Stories,
both Left-scientific languaged
and Right-artistic mythic,
divine as regenerative sacred inspiration
breathing through each moment and day
and night and death’s last eternal expiration.

Breath memories are sequential
but also consequential,
and cumulative empathically entrusting remembering
religioning healthy politics
of Earth’s sexy sacred cooperative ecological economics.

You seem to see politics as the religious business of empowerment.

And disempowerment.

Yes, to control nutritional and pathological regenerative/degenerative trends
of multicultural and multigenerational contentment,
absence of suffering and ecological loss,
for you, a Taoist Christian Zen-Jew.

More typically comprehended
as love ultimately comprehensive
within Judeo-Christian nurturing circles,
rather than demi-terrorists marching in Red Patriarchal Squares.

Yes, love takes a paternalistic-dominatrix tribal paranoid WinLose
Left turn
in Mohammad’s search for a more ecologically helpful Allah.

Love is synergy,
according to Bucky Fuller.

Yes, and consilience,
says E. O. Wilson,
over at Harvard
with that Positive Psychology clan
on the social science side of campus.

Syncretic and perennial philosophy,
for Alduous Huxley.

Yes, but why both?
Why not just syncretic,
like integrity of Earth’s ecological-nutritional values?

Perhaps because Huxley saw multicultural syncretism
as evolving polypathically and inclusively across time,
like the evolution of DNA’s intelligence;
so perennial,
like the seasonal cycles of development,
mutually and perpetually enriching future generations
with further layers and networks of interdependently healthy
metaphysical paradigmatic ecosystemic integrity of co-gravitating
Creation-ReGeneration Stories, Aphorisms, Wisdom Literature.

The pre-millennial transliterations
of post-millennial (0)-ego-sum-invested ecologically EarthCentric Soul,
gifting cooperative-nuturtring-nutritional resources and ecopolitical ownership forward,
to include WinWin choices only,
inclusive of all time, all generations of Golden Ruler ReGenerativists,
at least in our positive-nutritional, non-socio-ecopathological intent.

Sacred regenerations of incarnated Elder DNA
sensory-nutritional-digestive ecopolitical climate-normed consumer balancing producer organic functions,
looking at least that sacred 7-generations forward
in Earth Tribe’s multiculturally ecological
Ego/Eco BiCameral TaoEconomics
of New PostMillennial PermaCultural
Interior/Exterior EquiValent
NotNot Zeroist
PolyCulturally Climaxing Feminist EcoPolitical BodhiSattvas
and EcoNurturing Messiah Circles
and double-helixed fractal (0) sum zen-tao-bilateral spiraling temporal Yang/Yin mandala networks
of cooperative DNA/RNA solidarity
climate and landscape health-regenerativity.

but I prefer Rabbi Heschel’s
Wonder and Awe,
for all of the reweaving recreative regenerativity above,
whether sex, or politics, or religion,
and preferably all three,
for a really nice cooperative bicamerally balancing party
to be multiculturally held and had and owned
and consumed and produced
and empowered and disempowered
with ecologically optimal cooperative-politically regenerative Tradition/Story/Sonnets/Stars/Light/Sun/BiLateral DualDark Integral 4D RealPrimeTime Interdependence/(0)-Empty DiPolar
Black Hole

Oh, I get it,
like Teilhard de Chardin, right?

Well, yes,
left with right,
right both/anding wrong
health both/anding appositional pathological imbalances
of sexually cooperative ecopolitically reweaving metaphysical revolutions
of DNA/RNA (0) thermodynamic fractal-balanced octave-harmonic
light frequency reiterative
ecoconscious bicameral ego/eco-identity consciousness,
both (0)Mega-InterdependentYang and (0)Virgin-EmptyYin
coincidentally co-arising cognitive-affective
co-empathic trust,
rather than more LeftBrain Dominant
overly-competitive mutual ecopolitical mistrusts,
WinLose survival of the fittest evolutionary models
substituting for fully regenerative ecologically supported
cooperative power-with history
trumps monoculturing power-over competitive enculturing memory.

If no DNA,
then no sex,
no politics,
no religion,
no science.

If no light,
no DNA.

and if no yinyin as WinWin (0) square root
dual dark Black Hole (0)Rigin,
then no Perennial (0)Mega Yang/Yin
bicameral multicultural-regenerative balance.

well, don’t hold your breath.

Right, right.
Gotta keep breathing together,
if nothing else.
Would help, though,
I mean, you know, just as a post-millennial start,
to spend time and energy on planting trees and native grasses,
green organic root systemic Earth-nurturers,
cooperatively conjoined together,
where we now ballistically create deserts
of starving soils and souls,
too competitively not together.

I bet if we could figure out how to distribute all those guns
and missiles
and professional armies and navies and air-forces,
we could probably also figure out how to regeneratively distribute
cooperatively-owned and planted and harvested trees together.