2020 Polypathic EarthRights Party

Tell us what everybody most needs to know about the 2020 Global EarthRights Party.

Well speaking for myself,
and I guess probably my extended family
of diverse relatives and friends and neighbors,
certainly including the polar bears and turtles
and frogs and trees at-risk,
although I hesitate to put my words in others’ mouths,
or root systems,
I believe our cooperativey held central platform
supports regenerative health,
so we are all against further degenerative climate pathologies.

some of us seem to be LeftBrain better about defining these pathologies
we are all against
than we are RightBrain adept with optimally flowing refinements
of regenerative healthy wealth,
which we are all for.

That said,
I believe we might also agree,
whatever regenerative health is,
and most locally incarnating economic and political good,
this same healthy norms of polypathic value/disvalue
is characteristic of all living organic constitutions
balancing freedoms to recreate cooperative abundance
with freedoms from further degeneratingly dissonant competitions
of and for I must win so you must lose egocentrism,
most either/or assuredly,
but also downgrading co-arising anthrocentrism ourselves
as anything less than humanely-divine Left/Right bicamerally balanced
internal ecopolitical parties
playing WinWin ecological-biological health games.

The very idea that we could, together,
further advance cooperative ecopolitical regenerative capacities
of organic ego/eco-perpetuation
through competitive nationalistic
or even egocentric Win now to Lose even more climate health later
seems patently worthy of poetic satire
and fabulously obvious as politically incorrect
within the 2020 EarthRights Rainbow Party.

For someone who feels so hesitant to speak and sing and dance for others,
you certainly do invest a healthy amount of redundant back and forth
in your response to what was my first,
and now must become my last, question.
we’re out of time and space.

My point exactly.
Degenerating absence of sufficient ecopolitically cooperative time and space
is a LeftBrain dominant illusion of dissonance
within EarthTribe’s polypathic regeneratively co-arising
Elder RightBrain eco-flow of timing.

Maybe one more quick question,
hopefully with a quick response.
Who is not already in this 2020 EarthRights Party?

Well, it’s not yet 2020,
so one quick answer is everyone.
On the other hand,
everyone who actively intends to fill-in our polypathic regenerative health
as a wealth-network cooperative,
gifting ourselves forward between now and 2020,
is further introducing our WinWin evolutionary gaming prototype
of regenerative bilaterally balancing Ego/Earth time itself.

Are you suggesting that I could be a 2020 Party member
without even realizing it yet?

but, because of our inherently regenerative healthy constitutions,
we seem to become explicit DNA EarthRights Party members
as soon as we realize
we are already programmed to play this thermodynamically resonant Party Game,
but just not very well Right with LeftBrain balanced yet,
settling for ecologies,
within and without,
of WinLose relativity
when we could, together, enjoy exclusively WinWin DNA/RNA Solidarity ecopolitics,
also constitutionally regenerative within,
as prime (0) spacetime fusion polypathic principality,
and endo/ecto bilateral-capitally co-invested,
and when political landscape nutritional balance within,
resonantly digesting LeftBrain justice with RightBrain interdependent peace,
reflects our economic climate investments/divestments without.

When do you expect this prototype to fully unfold
toward peak regenerative performance,
if you will.
And please avoid anything too graphic;
this is a family show, keep in mind.

In 2020, if you will.

I guess I should have seen that climax coming.

Sounds more like you are already there
in your growing polypathic imagination,
looking for dormant nutrients and seeds
in this year’s harvested ecopolitical pathologies
of climate despair
and resistance to EarthTribe’s health loss and suffering.
It just gets easier to EarthRights play and party WinWin
with bicamerally fusing flowing ego/eco-consciousness.

Tell me something.
With the microphones and cameras off,
who do you think is the best Avatar
for EarthRights Party successful outcomes?

I think all Avatars are equally successful in the end
because in WinWin games,
no one optimally wins
until every breathing player wins
our abundantly integrative potential
for regenerative polypathic health.


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