God as Healthing Process

Images of God as active dynamic process
have evolved through theological circles,
and marched through anthrocentric political squares,
for at least as long as I have been able to regenerate my alpha-thru-omega bet.

But, the idea of Sacred EcoLogical PolyPathic Unity
as a regenerative healthy wealth-management process
is newer to other evolutionary models,
including psychological, economic, and political sciences,
and other paradigms
of and for Earth’s more humane health evolving optimization,
and not of, so therefore even academically and theoretically and conjecturally against, Earth’s pathology
devolving further entropic chaotic dissonance,
where our Ps and Qs no longer appositionally balance
our notnot Polymathic Questions.

Newer to natural and social sciences,
as compared to both theology and metaphysics,
evolves this ReGenerative Process God of healthy love empowerment
through our more humanely democratic and cooperative matriarchal revolutions.

At least in our primal eco- and geo-systemic ways,
Sacred Unitive Process may be ancient
as retold through nature-spirit nondual Creation Stories
deserving the label PermaMultiNutritionally Cultured;
not quite so long as
recombinant acid strings of redeveloping organic time investments in future healthy regenerators.

It is to this profoundly radical God of DualDark EcoSystemic Health Process,
of and for BiLateral Evolving TaoTime,
that I can both Left pray and helpfully play, recreate,
and Right worship within nature’s ecologically sacred awe,
bliss of divinely humane (0)Riginal through (0)Mega Intent,
multiculturally ecopolitical,
self-empoweringly viral,
democratically cooperative,
LeftYang nature speaking
and listening RightYin co-arising
Sacred DualDark Unity.
Let us pray:

Investors in vibrantly nutritional outcomes,
Politically empowered public policy leaders,
All residents of Left YangBrain AnthroTribes and environmental subclimates,

please do not ever invite me to respond to any right now situation
with shame and condemnation about what I should have been and become
back before this right now opportunity,
now too late for longed for lower risks, now closed,
to open this active hope remaining
to do my best to help
nutritional freedom’s right now opportunities
with lowest anti-ecological risks.

It is not of our divine Wisdom
to become my judge, or your judge,
except regarding what we judge best to do together now,
rooted in our past experience together and apart,
imagining how we would yet love to become
instead of stuck in longing to be other than we are,
which is here,
dealing as positively-cooperatively as possible
with Win to not further Lose healthy options,
yet remaining,
within grasp of yet co-winning,
by letting go of condemning judgments my ego-Left Center may have preferred,
now gone,
yet still struggling,
learning in our somewhat harder competitive way,
letting go Left to grab up Right
intentions to redeem our severed parts
on behalf of health opportunities
more cooperatively regenerating
our wealthier multiculturing futures.

We would add our sociological to biological evolution,
to complete our Phylogenic Wisdom Story,
this Theory of ReGenerative EcoPolitical Evolution
of and for those who cooperatively nourish and digest themselves
with other healthing ecosystems
are those who ecologically thrive
through polypathic synergy
by ecotherapeutically purging ego-anthro LeftBrain hubris.

May we no longer merely competitively continue to settle
for Anger-Fear moralistic management,
and kinda’ self-condemning bad-faith systems
leading to chronic rabid fundamentalist paranoia,
when bilateral Sacred Unity invites co-empathic
nondual love of and for yet-remaining regenerative promise,
God/dess of Healthy Wealthing Process.


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