And Everyone In Between

In theology,
and healthy ecological
and pathological relationships,
I know self-righteous fundamentalists
and nonviolent nondualists,
and most everyone else
processing together

how such an abstraction
between fundamental uniformity
of sacred energy
and nondual co-arising unity
of divine light,
can sever a healthy
polynomial balance,

A harmonic resonance
championed by the newer
fundamentally either/or deductive processes
of verbal language
calculating oppositional contrasts,

And the other flowing from ZeroSource memory
reincarnating nondualistic both/and inductive
karmic intentions,
preference for healthy
appositional comparisons,
20/20 vision…evolution…regenerative resolution.

In ecological compassion
between egoLeft and ecoRight,
Yang NorthWest and Yin SouthEast,
and theological wealthy
positive co-relational wisdom
between EarthNature and co-arising HolySpirit,
national cultures and global climates.

I know denialists of good faith
good humor
and good healthy
multicultural extended democratic
green families,

And I know apparently wiser co-arising
dipolar both/and
nondualist wisdom seekers,

LeftBrain dominant
and RightBrain spiraling
ecologically and theologically evolving
20/20 nonviolent nondualist revolutions

In fractal spacetime
4D prime polynomial co-passion,
as P approaches balance
as also N(NP


Full/Empty ZeroZone regeneration health trends,
as DNA fractally encscripted
celebrated multicultural language
for EarthHealth rights/wrongs
regenerative health/wealth trends,
often confused with degenerative health v wealth choices.

the greatest nationalistic karmic therapy
is to never violently prefer
to capitalistically
playground bully
international terrorist
go it alone,

and even as a humane enspirited
sacred species
of multicultural mediators,
global health optimization advocates,

Permaculture Designers
for democratic empowerment,
and dense dancing polyculturally stable outcomes,

Restorative Justice Court Officials
against criminalization
and revenge
and racism
and white male privileged heterosexism,
and further xenophobic violence,

NonViolent Communicators
of nutritiously compassionate co-investments
in healthy shared futures,

Students of systemic theology,
and ecological healthy relationships,
knowing fundamentalists,
terrified about biologically unhealthy
lack of natural sexual relationships,

And nonviolent nondualists,
advocates of universal resolutions
for healthy light,
and unitarian
interdependent webs of reweaving
beautiful moonlit EarthRivers
of flowing Humane Justice.


United by NonUniformity

What is uniformly monolithic,
like a circular law, or wall,
is non-sectarian.

What is united together
is trans-sectarian unity, like a lattice, or web,
maybe even pan-unitarian.

We can sometimes see differences
between a universal ego-centered LeftBrain deductive, dividing, view
and eco-passionate open systemic RightBrain inductive, integral, listening,
holistically interdependent meaning.

Bicameral listening deeply for universal nature/uniting spirit
secular/sacred voices of time
regenerating EarthLight
dipolar co-arising
discerning LeftYang with RightYin Selves

Muses blinking backward in DNA nutritional health memory
and forward
into polypathic universal wealth
uniting fully energetic
peace-filling diversity
of harmonically co-resonant Muses,
ego-inside with eco-outside primal relationship.


The DJ

The DJ plays wrong songs
for greens
and blues,
blacks and browns,
and dark wiselder matriarchal reds,
both natural
and spiritual
progressive parties too all-encompassing
to quickly disinvest
and octave ageless end.

never learned to dance outdoors
or even organically half-dressed
to impress,

To ride RightMind waves
of cooperative
MotherEarth primal relationship
revolving sacred DJ spin,
Earth’s harmonic resonating song.

DJ left MotherEarth
and sanctity behind
To buy Her up and app,
and inappropriately sell Her
to the highest patriarchal Pharisee bidder
buying passive market space
margins against Matriarchal resilient potential winner.

Quick gaming gains
deep darkly hidden chaos cash value
before environmental co-relationship
becomes an oxymoron
like capitalist healthy intelligence.

DJ learned his Ego
is his ZeroZone
with no remaining outdoor cherished vision
for realistic Rainbow ReStoring Warriors
replaying LP progressive folk tunes
and stand up EarthRooting improv
for midterm voters and investors
prepared to deeply listen
for outdoor health committed learning
democratic well-being constitution swearing
spinning greener DJs.


Raining Love Letters

With Rainer
I would rain love letters
into this Universe
but, once started,
how could such love expressed
ever warmly end
with grateful sufficiency?

Grace unfolding within each well-placed letter
forming welcoming word families
drawn into long healthy and love-filling sentences
recomposing polypathic paragraphs,
regimes of synergizing thought
directed to Other EcoUniversities;
Universalities of which I love EgoPart.

My love letters,
sentences in and to all universal regimes
fill with questions
often ending in my own hoped answers.
“How are you, handsome?”
“When are you not, beautiful?”

Earth’s beauty has Her own internal purposes,
secular idolatries and sacred loves,
from lust and greed
through WinWin Wonder
and collateral Awe,
ecstasy in EarthSoul Paradise,
neighborhood sit sites,
day through dualdark unregimented nights.


Healing Sciences and Sacred Arts

The Golden Rule,
like Permaculture Design,
teaches we all deserve
the restorative grace we need,
whether victim or predator of innocence
as we can each empathize
with those harmed
and with egocentric predators;
both written across our own
therapeutic live
and pathology of evil
potentiating hearts.

dwells within sacred ecological wisdom.
Experience of our internal-external relationships Universe
where forms of together Here
grace functions of therapeutic Now,
filling each loving and lovely heart and mind
and body with ethical sensory capacities
to restoratively engage both our secular Left deductive
and SacredRight inductive mind
and hearts with cooperative bicameral consciousness
of dissonance within this Universe of conscious confluence.

Religious history
invites us to release
fake-evangelical fundamentals
choosing monoculturing rather than polyculturing goals
among available anthro-centric dualistic choices
not benignly written evenly across our own Left-Right sacred health
optimization of internal-external ecopolitics
through cooperative co-redemptive development
of God’s egalitarian Grace,
of restorative internal justice as also ecosystemic peace
for and within all SacredEarth.

Universal Beauty and Truth and Trust
live within spectral senses.
Ugly and Deceit and Hate
turn nonsenses toward anti-senses
of each sacred ecological beholder.

What science separates to investigate,
solidarity of art with integrating artist,
Creation with Creator and ReCreators,
restores balancing nondual integrity together,
co-arising deeper and wider emergence

Beauty balancing Earth’s sacred interdependent morality
with LeftBrain Truths and Trusts
of health as Win-Win designed
and planned
and cooperatively implemented creolization
of feeling and thought and language,
and pathology of suboptimizing Win-lose,
and anti-health as predative colonizing Lose-Lose,
scientifically accessible
for further exploration
of creolizing polypathic artistic solidarity
with interdependent ethics gracing personal-political aesthetics
of humane-divine Universals,
primal relationship
of scientific integrity
with further aesthetic Beauty potential

Double-binding charm,
elegance of solidarity
as unitive balance
without settling for static uniformity
of thought
and feeling
and culture
and language.

Our Polycultural Golden Rule,
like Permaculture Design
and Restorative Arts and Sciences
teach us we all deserve
the co-arising Grace we need.


Original Intents and Purposes

Original New Yorker Intents and Purposes

So who did you expect
to actually elect,
Vandana Shiva?

from Uniting Constitutions of MotherTrees

Tribes and groves
grow forests together
forming more therapeutically perfect Unions
of unity yin-flowing integrity,
not quite so much uniformity
of Yang’s violating offensive strengths
for deductively commodifying
financial quantities of economic justice
as real estates for all,
yet blind to yin’s qualities
of restorative
ecotherapeutic mercy for our best-intending selves
living here together
as one MotherTree
reconstituting Tribes
for regenerative
Golden Natural Rule

Natural rules
are also sacred therapies
with collateral intent
toward investing in general Welfare
of We the People
on our one Planet
with our Plants
for mutual loving predation of Yang
and matriarchal-yin beloved prey
our shamed and blamed criminalizations
and marginalizations,
boundary issues of being in wrong places
with non-therapeutic intent
during bad Apple times,
when this most perfect EarthTribe Welfare
encounters climates of pathological risk.

Those who become citizens
of UnitingStated democracy
are born residents of Earth’s MotherTree CoOperative
committed to uphold this uniting general and more perfect Welfare
of individuals within ecotherapeutic families,
of families within EarthTribe Constituted First Native Nations,
for this Nation of and for democratic health care
giving therapeutically forward
toward future EarthTribe ReGenerations
and health care receiving restoring justice backward
since (0)-Soul
WinWin Space with Time
began our shared Welfare dream
of restorative ego/eco-therapeutic justice,
mutual mercies of noticing
who is upholding our more perfect healthcare Welfare,
and who is more like holding it up
like NRA evangelizers
standing fascist and allegedly saluting
flagpoles of fake plutocratic patriotism
and fake news of competition’s superiority for marketing purposes
and fake therapeutic constitutional intent.

Summary of Amendments
regarding self-impeaching anti-patriotic free speech
and behaviors
and grab and assault word choices toward further violence:

If the proposed public sector administrator
cannot run on a therapeutic record of cooperative ownership
and democratically evolving development
committed to clear health care giving and ecotherapeutic receiving

And if
instead defines our proposed future public administration
as against Whatever health care and receiving laws
and restorative justice rules
currently in ego- and eco-therapeutic place,
as being mostly against the Opposition’s Whatever here
as against the Opposition’s Whatever there,
without capacity to say or behave
as one might expect of a mature healthy ecotherapist
familiar with restorative justice
as therapeutically active hope
for our more perfect generic Welfare
as families
and communities
and as a nation
within a community of nations,

with future 2020 perfect revisioning opportunities
just around our three year corner,
let us look very much
in exactly the opposite
optimal yin-flowing yang dipolar strengthening direction
for optimizing positive and therapeutic restorations
of health care,
thanksgiving as grace-receiving.

We’re all on a more perfectly uniting EarthTribe
revolutionary resurrection
of reforesting Paradise direction,
but probably best not to put the white guy with the Presidential erection
right there in the fake news director chair,
or twittering toilet
for that matter.

Talk about the shame of Rome
burning while Caesar played with his
What about the blame of playing Trump
to inflame the entire planet
while playing with his
twitter messages?
Who let that happen?

It wasn’t the Council of MotherTrees,
I can tell you that for sure.
We have not yet been re-enfranchised,
given free-and-equal voice.

I think he learned his leadership skills
from New York’s taxi drivers.
But don’t blame them,
this was certainly not their original intent.


God as Healthing Process

Images of God as active dynamic process
have evolved through theological circles,
and marched through anthrocentric political squares,
for at least as long as I have been able to regenerate my alpha-thru-omega bet.

But, the idea of Sacred EcoLogical PolyPathic Unity
as a regenerative healthy wealth-management process
is newer to other evolutionary models,
including psychological, economic, and political sciences,
and other paradigms
of and for Earth’s more humane health evolving optimization,
and not of, so therefore even academically and theoretically and conjecturally against, Earth’s pathology
devolving further entropic chaotic dissonance,
where our Ps and Qs no longer appositionally balance
our notnot Polymathic Questions.

Newer to natural and social sciences,
as compared to both theology and metaphysics,
evolves this ReGenerative Process God of healthy love empowerment
through our more humanely democratic and cooperative matriarchal revolutions.

At least in our primal eco- and geo-systemic ways,
Sacred Unitive Process may be ancient
as retold through nature-spirit nondual Creation Stories
deserving the label PermaMultiNutritionally Cultured;
not quite so long as
recombinant acid strings of redeveloping organic time investments in future healthy regenerators.

It is to this profoundly radical God of DualDark EcoSystemic Health Process,
of and for BiLateral Evolving TaoTime,
that I can both Left pray and helpfully play, recreate,
and Right worship within nature’s ecologically sacred awe,
bliss of divinely humane (0)Riginal through (0)Mega Intent,
multiculturally ecopolitical,
self-empoweringly viral,
democratically cooperative,
LeftYang nature speaking
and listening RightYin co-arising
Sacred DualDark Unity.
Let us pray:

Investors in vibrantly nutritional outcomes,
Politically empowered public policy leaders,
All residents of Left YangBrain AnthroTribes and environmental subclimates,

please do not ever invite me to respond to any right now situation
with shame and condemnation about what I should have been and become
back before this right now opportunity,
now too late for longed for lower risks, now closed,
to open this active hope remaining
to do my best to help
nutritional freedom’s right now opportunities
with lowest anti-ecological risks.

It is not of our divine Wisdom
to become my judge, or your judge,
except regarding what we judge best to do together now,
rooted in our past experience together and apart,
imagining how we would yet love to become
instead of stuck in longing to be other than we are,
which is here,
dealing as positively-cooperatively as possible
with Win to not further Lose healthy options,
yet remaining,
within grasp of yet co-winning,
by letting go of condemning judgments my ego-Left Center may have preferred,
now gone,
yet still struggling,
learning in our somewhat harder competitive way,
letting go Left to grab up Right
intentions to redeem our severed parts
on behalf of health opportunities
more cooperatively regenerating
our wealthier multiculturing futures.

We would add our sociological to biological evolution,
to complete our Phylogenic Wisdom Story,
this Theory of ReGenerative EcoPolitical Evolution
of and for those who cooperatively nourish and digest themselves
with other healthing ecosystems
are those who ecologically thrive
through polypathic synergy
by ecotherapeutically purging ego-anthro LeftBrain hubris.

May we no longer merely competitively continue to settle
for Anger-Fear moralistic management,
and kinda’ self-condemning bad-faith systems
leading to chronic rabid fundamentalist paranoia,
when bilateral Sacred Unity invites co-empathic
nondual love of and for yet-remaining regenerative promise,
God/dess of Healthy Wealthing Process.


Double-Binding ReBirth

The dancer becomes dance
as the singer becomes song’s liturgical story.

The player becomes recreational play
and the worker becomes vocation.

The designer becomes bicameral design
and life becomes co-redemptive landscaping,
as space unfold’s time’s seasonal function,
Yang unfurls Yin-Yin’s bidirectional prime frequency.

Co-redemptive economics unfolds regenerative ecological systems
as coregenerating functional seasons develop informative nutritional abundance,
eco-normative value for natural life systems,
development processes,
creative bicameral processors
of form’s function as space’s well-raced polycultural time.

Winter’s transcendent decomposition
opens to summer’s diastatic fullness,
as Yin-time’s regenerative transactions
invite binomial balance to Yang-space’s permaculturing sustainable designs.

Trinitarian spatial dimensions
over unitarian bitemporal dimension
rationally deduces to more smooth-structured Eulerian function:
dualistic prime-linear space diametric systems
appositional and oppositional temporal-spatial values,
are explicitly and concavely our Universe’s metaphysical
+/(-,-)Zero-soul core prime thermodynamic balance
as Core Vertexial Space OVER Core vortexial dark time,
Polynomial Yang embracing Yin-Yin Game Theorem.

Man/Sha Legends

Dr. Stew’s Business Recipe

You probably heard Dr. Cook up on his P=np prophetic soapbox the other day, over in the Metaphysics Department. And, we don’t disagree except sometimes I think he does not appreciate the level of decompositional commitment it takes to make messianic manna.

While prophets tell others the positive teleological and ecological Tao string narrative, which truly does want to result in rationally balanced spacetime sustainable outcomes, messiahs are manna. Yes, sometimes also manic, but you have to be a little diastatically amped up to act as compost within our cooperative Commons, when so many have lost their way in producing ever more competition because their lack of self-sufficiency is so vast. Our  messianic vocations unfold within an unbalancing Earth, screeching dissonance to remind us of regenerative living, breathing, writing, story telling, music, movement, therapy, transliteration of paradigms and languages, socioeconomic orthopraxis, multisystemic ecopsychiatry, facilitating natural system development of optimizing synergy, compassionate mindfulness, love, active peace.

Messiahs comprehend interdependent functions that prophets only know as sequential forms. Messiahs mutually mentor while prophets try to teach and preach. Messiahs are nature’s decomposing understory, root system, pursuing polyculturally inclusive compost, development, and design, living vocationally self-expressive dreams to re-occupy Earth’s cooperative Universal Synergetic Intelligence.

If we could just get our numerology straightened around. Everybody knows that 1 times 1 is 2, not 1, just as 2 times 2 is 4, not 2. It takes at least 2 to multiply, both subject and object, both icon and thinker. Multiplication unfolds in spacetime with 1 as the rational square root of 2 and balanced +/(-)(-)0 as the 4-dimensional prime square-fractal root of 1. Doubling the unity of 1, speaking geometrically, is coincidentally comprehending both the convex exterior and the concave interior of numeral units. Taoists understand the convex face of iconic systems as YangForm, and the concave interior face as Yin binomial elliptical function. Euler understood this prime one-dimensional business function as the primal relationship of metric systems. Buckminster Fuller built on this Eulerian foundation, comprehending this as a hypothetical candidate for the prime relationship of universal Intelligence and all of nature’s regenerative systems.

This essential binomiality of 1 also adds ecological and economic layers of teleology to Zeroism, because 2 is to 1, as 1 is to +/-0. This becomes a numeral language for the permacultural Golden Rule: Treat each convex face (supereco-other) as balancing your ego-concave (id-entity) face, or things are going to get really competitive and dissonant and out of alignment, creating all kinds of karmic incarnational issues that we really don’t need right now.

As without, so within. As above, so below. As before, so after.

The physical binomiality of metaphysical unity can remind us that death bookends life just as night bookends day. Every natural system regeneratively gardens through decomposing self/other-absorption. So, why would we expect the unity of human natural life to revolve across time in some negatively deviant and dissonant way?