EcoPassionate Pillow Talk

Here’s my problem, dear Yang.
It sounds good and healthy and right to me
that your Cooperate-ReGenerate (0)-Core ReProductive Theorems
are how we most fertile play our WinWin Game,

Did you also hear me,
dearest Yin,
that Competing-DeGenerate +1/(-)0,
Win some Lose some Devolutionary Theorems
of AntiClimatic Dissonance
(both secular and sacred)
are how we too competitively wage LoseLose,
both anticonserving Yang Patriarchal Egos
and antiprogressing Yin RightBrain Matriarchal Suppression.

It’s hard for me to look at such ugly oppressive neglect
of healthier climate opportunities
of and from your Yang-Hubris.

Well, I’m not saying I’m thinking this is a good and healthy thing
with long-term health and safety outcomes
for our co-arising nondual EarthTribe!

Yes, I know.
But couldn’t you just once
remind me of how much you love to say
more positively
only YangEgo Win with Yin FourSeason EarthFlow Win
is our co-arising way to best regeneratively spin?
That sounds so much nicer,
more inviting,
more transparently transcultural.

Sure thing, my polypathic Love.
So, are you busy?
Have time for a hot eco-political,
cooperative tango?

but you had me at ‘hot’.


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