The PostElection Interview

This is not really a test.
More of a survey,
so there are no right or left answers.

Did you mean to say
Answers are both right and wrong?

Isn’t that what I said?

Not quite, but go ahead.

How would you characterize the Obama Administration
right now,
and how might that compare with how you would characterize
the incumbent King Donald the Second Administration?

I don’t think you meant to say that either.
What department is this survey from?
The PsychWard or the Politically Incorrect Scientists?

Both, I guess,
but we call them the Positive Bicameral EcoPolitical Scientists.

Do we?

Yes, well,
perhaps you could respond to my question first,
and then we can get back to yours?

Sure, fine.
The Obama Administration looks and sounds and tastes and feels
like being part of a richly robust creole quasi-vegetarian stew,
maybe with some deep-ecology WinWin multicultural investment bread
on the more RightHand Dominant side.

Good. And the Trump Administration,
what happens to your creole stew,
and the multigenerational polypathic cooperatively-owned and produced
OriginalIntent Constitutional-Exegetical Manna?

The Trump Administration looks and sounds and distastefully creepy-feels
like being lost in a Conserving Survivalist MonoCulturing Supremacist Patriotic GodComplex,
like Schizophrenic AntiDemocratic RightBrain Oppositional Defiant Disorder,
struggling against LeftBrain Terror, Fear, and Anger cycles of LoseLose
cognitive-affective chronic-paranoid WinLose Capitalist-Violent-Supremacist
Left-Right Dysfunctional BiCameral Imbalance,
lack of Both/And RightBrain nurturing/DNA-naturing Health and WellBeing
EcoPolitical RightBrain Repressed ImBalance.

Interesting that your Obama Administration icon
also acts as a normative-prescriptive ecopolitical WinWin optimization
ecosystemic cooperative design recipe,
when decomposed into its rich-dense root-systemic creolization
trans-regenerational cooperative
matriarchal-sometimes domestically dominant
embryonic enculturation
polypathic regenerative health and wellbeing image
of quasi-vegetarian creole stewing
with multigrain optimally-healthwealthing bread,
composted with Earth’s regenerative-of-life
Left-Right CoFertility.

But your Trump Administration absence of sensory-neural RightBrain-LeftBrain confluent ecological-ecopolitically cooperative balance,
carries with it no heart-chakra sensory-nutritional,
or even digestive resonant v pathological, icon.
I see no creole stew equivalence or metaphorical comparison
through any of your sensory-inductive memory-conscious RightBrain eco-systemic DNA-scripted centers.

The Trump Administration smells like rabidly spreading fear-mongering,
which is bad,
like hot rancid death.

The Trump Administration tastes like it smells,
like something one would be wiser to disinvest of,
as mutually-politely as WinLose Dominant Elitists are capable.

Maybe a handshake of mutual best intentions,
and a generous corporate tax right-off
he agrees to turn all his privately-held corporations
over to the Trump Cooperative Ownership and EcoManagement Guild,
because, after all,
that’s what a healthy and truly safe WhiteMale Patriarchal WinWin God
would have wished he had LeftBrain Dominantly done instead.

In my continuing Obama Administration,
I hear John Debney’s “Creole Resurrection”
and “The Passion of the Christ”
echoes through the background of herstory.

In discontinuing the Trump Administration instead,
I hear Jerry Goldsmith’s “Exorcism Suite”
but also, dissonantly, Alfred Newman’s “PostRevolutionary Original Intent Prelude”
with both “The Omen” and “How the West was Lost”
playing on Right and LeftBrain simulcasting bicameral screens
of screaming dissonance.

in response to your question,
Do we both call ourselves Positive/DoubleBind NotNot Negative
BiCameral EcoPolitical Scientists?

We call ourselves PermaCultural (0)-Source HealthLeft-Dominant/ElderWisdom WealthRightFlow
co-arising nondual resonant,
more than quite so much LeftBrain historical Elite enculturation dominance
maybe economically cooperative co-redemptive owners of NationStates
EliteLeft/NonEliteMatriarchalRight eco-dominant,
maybe WinWin ecopolitical Left/Right Health and WellBeing
Positive PolyPathic Bodhisattva Warriors.

You had me with ecopolitical
trusting health-wealth WinWin co-arising optimizers,
self/other co-regenerative transgenerational mentors.

I don’t think I actually said that.

No need. I felt it.


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