Politics As Unusual

soars Dr. Jane Anna Gordon,
turns our co-empathic evolving democracy project
into a verbal,
regenerative more,
degenerative less,
occasionally EliteColonizer-Pirates v NonElite-MultiCultural Prey revolutionary,
and even less occasionally Elite/NonElite Creolizing-SelfReGenerative.

What could all this Elite and NonElite political evolution and revolution
have to do with your self-optimizing, hopefully more nutritional and healthy than not, WinWin kind of optimistic day?

Well, don’t skip too quickly RightBrain averse to LeftBrain strings of complex labels and epistemological-linguistic ecosystems.

See, you just did it again.

So, pretend we are each bicameral LeftBrain Dominant EgoElites:
Wow, we sure are WinWin co-intelligent deductive/inductive bilaterally intelligent!

AND, we are also each bicameral RightBrain Suppressed EcoPolitical NonElites:
Wow, we sure are feeling nurturing and well-integrated,
and multiculturally-recreative abundant flows of NotThisInductive/NotThatDeductive dopamining hope for WinWin global co-redemptive creole-nutritional timeless relationships of love
and peace
and joy
and beauty
and reiteratively fertile-refractive-reflective-reflexive communication;
hope to cooperatively hunt and gather,
spiral and fractal-fuse,
consume and produce
ecopolitically WinWin Self/Other ReGenerative warm nurturing Optimization.

In short,
this is Eden’s most polypathically polynomially polyculturally possible
Health and Safety, defined as Positive
Bicameral Symbiotic-ReGenerative
(0)-Source Resonant
CoArising NonDual Yang/Yin HealthyWealth,
and this is also PermaCulturing Design
on behalf of both InteriorEgo-Left
and ExteriorEco-Right Hand Dominant EcoSystemic Landscapes
LongTerm SelfPerpetuating WinElite/WinNonElite Creolization
Health and Safety EarthClimates.

Imagine this is our GoldenRule
multiculturing nutritional health trust-expansion
in LeftBrain’s thoughts and languaged consciousness,
creole-confluent with RightBrain NonElite extended Elder family,
with fear-feelings but also healthy nurturing matriarchal cooperative economies of scale
and time
and healthy-wealthy balance,
flowing our future regenerations together,
and thereby degenerating our current pathologically patriarchal-elitist conservative trends
away from struggling with BothAnd-Right WinWin,
and struggling against EitherOr-LeftTooDominant WinLose
reweaving back toward DNA encrypted
nutritional regenerative strings
of (0)-sum Fertile OriginalIntent Information,
(-,-) Convex/ConCave CoRelational NotYangSpace, then also Not(NotYin) Time.
[Yin-squared WinWin = PolyPathicYang-Positive/Positive].

Creolization of Elite/NotElite Ego/EcoPolitical Relations
turns our co-empathic democracy project
into a regenerative Yang,
decomposing WinWin BiLateral Yin,
Elite/NonElite Creolizing-SelfReGeneration
of +(1.00)% UniversalYang Win
nondually co-defines dipolar (-,-)0% Sacred Creole-Acclimation Symbiotic Evolution (long-term nutritional ElderRight Brain)
and EcoPolitical Original BiCameral Constitutional Intent
(short-term Health and Safety Conserving LeftBrain EgoDeductiv
is also Inductive WinLeftWinRight-EquiValent Creolization CoOperating ClimateDominance.

Creolization, with Dr. Gordon,
is Sacred Ecology Mutual-Symbiotic DoubleBinding Acclimation, Dr. Bateson,
is NewLeftDeductive-Languaged evolving from ElderRightBrain,
probably more cooperative-matriarchal reverse-hierarchically BothAnd phylogenic-integrative, Dr. Jaynes,
both Exegetical LeftBrain Scientific Creole-Revolutionary
and Continuing BothAnd RightBrain Inductive Evolutionary-ReGenerateFlow, Dr. Kuhn,
and StrictPaternalisticYang-Right Elite-Conservative of ShortTerm Health and EgoSafety
and NurturingMatriarchal Yin-Left NonElite Progressives
LongTerm Creole-NurtureFeelers, Dr. Lakoff.

as ecopolitical mutual acclimation,
bicameral cooperation through co-empathic nondual trust,
polyculturing climax,
Beloved MultiCulturing Gospel CoMessianic Community,
as Alpha/Omega TippingPoints,
postcolonial revolutionary Original Intent
of HealthyWealth optimizing
ecosystemic and humanely economic empowering
bicameral YangLeft/YinRight,
also UniversalEgo/Unitarian-Matriarchal-ReGenerative
EcoLogical Health and Prosperity
BiCameral Constitutions.

All democratic bicameral constitutions
have been Originally Intended
to converge toward WinWin creole-cooperative ecopolitics
by diverging from monoculturing EgoLeftBrain EitherWin-OrLose
Survivalist-Supremacist-Royalist-Entitlement Dominance.

our WinWin RightBrain’s cooperative BothAnd evolutionary experience
co-governing with competitive EitherOr devolutionary decomposition of renouned labels,
selecting only these most nutritious polypathic co-mentors
for next day’s health as cooperative Elite/NonElite wealthing journey.


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