I Pledge Gratitude’s Revolution

I pledge FirstNative gratitude
for unfederated,
positive local through global
regenerative attitude.

I pledge gratitude to this Sun
and EarthMothers
from whom we come
into trusting democratic wombs
and eggs
and seeds
for which these continue to revolve life’s harmonic ecology,
one uniting species MotherTree of Life through Death
under and planted within God
as Gaian Goddess Principle
of ReForestry,
between glacial deforesting climates,
indivisibly polypathic,
with regenerative liberty
and authoritative egohealthy wealth of ecojustice
and of
and for
and from All EarthLives Matter.

I pledge gratitude
for unmitigated
positive local
as global cooperative
trusting attitude.


The Prophet Speaks

and sexism
and violent capitalism
are as American
and as bad for you
and your kids
as pre-millennial rotten and burned-out apple pie-makers
and their EarthPatriotic kids,
and living
and health loving post-millennial
WinWin co-operators
against LoseLose
and sexism
and violent capitalism
as AntiAmerican
as burning-out
and hanging-out
and banging-out
and harming the health in any way,
of matriotic apple-pie makers.

So said,
rather more than less,
one of the ancient river campers
speaking curbside
before the double-glass front doors
of his Cumberland Farms Cathedral.

In a sad and quiet voice.
Not a position he gloated about
as if he stood morally apart.
he speaks of dis-integrity
of our shared powerless positions
as autonomous systems,
struggling through each impoverishing day
of lost good faith youth
for, now, mere survival
when we could become sooo very much lighter
to rediscover
remaining integrity of our identity systems
for cooperative organic thrival.

my neighborhood prophet
for world peace
was long and lean
with sun-dried and bronzed wrinkled skin
over muscled sinew,
a long-grey bearded
and skeletal nature mystic,
with clear and open stereophonic memorizing eyes.

remembering his times with swimming wet green frogs
and sleek flying flashing ravens,
eagles of EarthPatriotic balance,
both honorable predators
and prey to aging apple pies
regretted and suffered
by long grey-bearded prophetic times
surviving threats and violence of nationalistic racism
and monotheistic sexism
and MightMakesRight capitalism,
WinLose subnormal optimization
of WinWin BothAnd opportunities,
Left integrated in and outside Right-felt memories
of maternal love
far too unmatriotically far behind
for EarthTribe’s cooperative thrival
of these our fit-in
cooperative powerlessness.

So, I asked our neighborhood prophet
if he had mentioned these problems to the Mayor.

“I guess your news for today,
I am the Mayor.”


One Home, Many Flags

We are one people,
with one home,
and one flag.”
D. J. Trump

I was with him
right up to the last word,
where I so hoped,
without any realistic expectation,
he would say one “climate”

Waving many diversely colored
polyphonic and polycultural flags
on behalf of health for all species
and against pathology for any ecosystem.

Democrats support WinWin politics
for all polypathic flags
of Earth enhabiting cultures,
where nationalistic elitists,
Plutocrats and entitled patriarchs,
are blinded by their own short-sighted ego-centric flag waving
for secularized wealth,
dualistically devoid of double-boundaried sacred health.

National flags rise and fall,
and still Mother Earth expects an answer
to which one climate we would have become
the fairest of and for us all.


Cooperative Health Expectations

We might expect LeftBrain deduced beliefs and monoculturing values
to develop a discontinuously co-arising energy and information base,
becoming dualistically dysfunctional,
of Earth’s limiting fossil-fuel declining energy,
and yet with more reclining information supporting slow-growth
of recycling resources
such as political Earth-centric outcome campaigns
and multicultural ecotherapeutic health policy development.

Nondual co-arising dipolar philosophers
bring on this primacy of energetic as ecological-information
forces and flowstreams.
Body is to nature
as mind is to spirit,
as mindbody is to natural enculturation
of cooperative bio/eco-spirit.

Anthrocentric LeftBrain nature
evolves to co-support,
to eco-messiah,
to ecotherapize
Earth’s regenerative nature more
and degenerative denaturing climate less.

LeftBrain thought
evolved from Elder RightBrain
experiential-ecological form with regenerate function,
formative temporal causes
with co-functioning effects,
cycling and recycling our regeneratively healthy
original constitutional intent;
ego subjects
with eco-objectives.

Reductionism simplifies metaphysical realities
of our deconstructing industrial cultures,
extracting short-term revolutionary transitions
from longer-term evolutionary eco-creolizing productions.

Through LeftBrain’s history of emergent dominance,
Yang-nationalistic strength over Yin-cooperativist flow
of matriarchal-domestic
co-responsibility trends,
we have overshot, overgrazed Earth’s store of ancient energy,
to return now to Left-Right healthy cooperative thrival
or human unhealthy might makes right
toward WinNow-LoseLater entropic survival,
with rapidly decreasing short-term quarterly returns,
much less a full four years of competitive nihilism.

Regenerative whole ecosystemic theories abound
from WinWin game theory
to dialectical nature/nurture ecosystemic co-arising materialism,
to regenerative as notnot degenerative bicameral cooperative ecosystemic theory,
to ecotherapeutic design sciences.
Perhaps Buckminster Fuller’s eco-synergetic cooperative EarthDesign geometrics
predict PermaCulturally Cooperative EcoTherapeutic Design,
but he,
better than most,
wrote and spoke from both sides of his bicameral brain,
as, I suspect, did Julian Jaynes himself,
as Edward De Bono saw bi-lateral co-intelligence.

How does degenerative energy descent into further climate pathology
also invite regenerative slow-growth information
emerging comprehensively cooperative positive deviance
of ecotherapeutic health and safety
as original cause and intent
of Mother Gaia’s matriarchal/patriarchal co-emergence?

is whole-open ecosystemic,
therapeutically integrated
cooperatively multicultural
design LeftBrain science
with RightBrain arts and humane-divine nondualisms.

Polycultural outcomes,
the original intent of permaculture health design,
re-apply health-wealth optimization prescriptive sciences
and descriptive arts of experiential sensory noticing
to regenerate long-term well-being of Earth,
and Her Tribes,
including those speaking within each bicameral ego’s heart
and mindbody.

to paraphrase David Holmgren,
seeks a wholistic healing integration
of ecopolitically cooperative values
through ecological bicameral perspectives,
comprehending a multicultural canvas of nutritional evolution,
no longer restricted and confined
by any LeftBrain dominant
nationalistic over-competing industrial society.


Patriotism as AntiOtherism

Paul Tillich wrote
“nationalism hates and must always hate Judaism and prophetic Christianity.”

When he spoke of nationalistic patriotism
he was thinking of fascism,
as the logical conclusion
of those more loyal to a specific supremacist space and time
than faithful to our more inclusively holonic creolization history
of a bicamerally regenerative species.

Nationalism too quickly devolves into idolatry of WinLose zero-sum gamesmanship,
elitist triumphalism as narrow-minded Chosen People
rather than WinWin nonzero-sum co-redemptive economists
of mutual messiahship.

Tillich’s ‘prophetic’ Judeo-Christian
would find U.S. nationalistic ‘evangelical’ Christians
unredemptively anti-prophetic;
merely fundamentalist EitherWinOrLose puppets of rabid capitalism
and, in more viral triumphalistic cultish forms,
also explicitly anti-Semitic
and anti-all-other-religions
and anti-historical-cultural evolution of traditional norms and values,
so anti-anything other than missionary position heterosexual expression.

Rabid ‘evangelistic’ Christianity
is anything but co-redemptively prophetic.
A messianic Christian evangelist
spreads WinWin good gospel news
through cooperative teaching and listening
and collaborative mentoring
about how we can grow this regenerative species
toward mutual transubstantiating holiness
which seems to have to do with transliterative enculturation skills
and nothing at all to do with lip service
to an “Our Shit Don’t Stink” triumphalistic creed.

When non-prophetic ‘evangelical’ Christians
examined Donald Trump’s intentions
as U.S. Presidential potential,
and declared his intentions for the patriotic elite as “pure,”
that meant purely capitalist WinLose nationalism;
saying nothing about the prophetic Judaism
of the all-inclusive loving Gospels.
Christians, Jews, and perhaps especially Islamic-terrified,
must comprehend
and resist
and declaim any notion that Republican Nationalist WeWin-SoYouLose ecopolitics
is anything less than anti-Messianic WeWin-OnlyIf YouAlsoWin,
which is co-redemptive,
ecologically healthy,

The democratization of globalizing love
is a huge history of spiritual experience,
communication for regeneration,
regeneration for ecological reconnecting,
again and again and again
Earth’s health with anthrocentric ‘pure’ and ‘loyal’ wealth.

To call the cult of fundamentalist WinLose nationalistic patriotism
“evangelistic Christianity”
is idolatrous elitism
taking out a promising contract against healthy human nature
to hit absolute zero bulls-eye bottom-line
LoseLose absence of syncretic supremacy,
promise to anti-prophetically gloat about absent-mindedly fiddling
while Earth burns;
declaring our vast anti-all-others absence of hope
for continuing climates of regenerative health
in the face of degenerating climate pathologies.

If you are familiar with the Wharton School,
as is Donald Trump
and his considerable too-glutonous billionaire CEO companions,
then you would probably know
you can slap a lipstick index
on a chauvinistic pig
of an elitist Winner-Take-All national economy,
but it will not really look, or work, any better,
and certainly won’t taste any healthier
or purer
or more loyal,
or even tangentially patriotic,
in historic prophetic hindsight.


Revolutions within Earth’s Evolution

Here we have a list of antonyms.
I hope terms on the left dipolar co-define
those on the right,
and vice versa.

Form                                   Function
Yang Strength                   Yin Flow
LeftBrain                            RightBrain
Interdependent                 Empty-Zero (Buddhism)
WinWin                               WinLose
Nature                                  Nurture
PowerOver                          FlowPowerWith
Compete                              Cooperate
Thrivalist-Progress            Survivalist-Conserve
Secular information          Sacred energy
Economic health                Ecological wealth
Ego                                        Eco-Environment-Other
Languaged Thought           Sentient Feelings
CerebralCortex                    BrainStem
Revolutions of Health        Evolutions of LongTerm Wealth

ReGenerative WinWin       DeGenerative Win-short-term/Lose-long-term
Yang/Yin Balance                Yin/Yin notnot ecological WinWin
PolyPathic                              Poli-BiNomial Tipping Points
toward health and safety, when conjoined,
toward pathology and risk, when left unwoven.

This bipolarity
rather quickly breaks down, flexes out,
into co-arising nondual dipolarity.
Complexity between matriarchal cooperative WinWin
and patriarchal competitive WinLose
evolves density of co-arising nondualities,
reiterative dialogue between ego-languaged LeftBrain
and ecoconscious aptic WinWin long-term normative,
yet also ego-survivalist synaptic WinLose short-term RightBrain,
feeling ego-discontinuous with the remainder of Earth’s natures.

The goal of ecopolitical evolution, then,
is to grow WinWin, both short- and long-term continuous,
through further extending dialogue
between the larger ego-eco staging cerebral cortex
and the smaller ego-centric brain stem dipolarities
of aptic-empathic co-trust (+,+)
and synaptic (-,-) antipathic feelings of mistrusting flee and fright.

Our BrainStem thrivalist-cooperative WinWin,
yet also competitive-survivalist WinLose,
is universally syntaxed by RNA/DNA affective confluence
OVER dissonance.

The separation of LeftBrain cooperative health and safety outcomes,
from RightBrain domestically matriarchal comparative wealth of sharing opportunities,
by minimizing unnecessary competitive risk-taking,
is our universally multicultural
trigonometric work of integrative holonic thalamus,
our reiterative-dialogueing Holonic Spirit
between creolizing God/Dess of CerebralCortex
and democratizing notice and invitation
of BrainStem’s primordial fractal syntax
favoring aptic-regenerative-cooperative ecopolitics.

As competitive WinLose patriotism is to nationalistic ego-enculturation,
so cooperative WinWin matriotism is to EarthTribal ego-familial enculturation
of cerebral bicameral cortex identities,
as we collectively deep learn and reweave
that Earth is not only our eventual tomb
but also, historically and culturally
and ecopolitically speaking,
Mother Earth is our species’ eco-conscious nurturing womb
of multiculturing-creolizing phylogenic and ontogenic maturation.

Or, as Gregory Bateson would map it,
our sacred ecological re-acclimation revolutions
to and with and for and of Earth’s cooperative WinWin
climate health and safety.

Our expanding Left-Right mutually nurturing cortex hemispheres
grow cerebrally impatient with Old School
nationalistic WinLose compete to invest
and then to disinvest
in and through and past and around each other.
We are too interdependently communicating now
to long tolerate nation-state elitism
over our deep encultured Earth loyalties.

Our pride of place and home and family
rests in full-octave flow abundance
with recycling revolutions of Earth’s synergetic health.

To protect this,
to cooperate with each other species,
WinLose lines on nation-state political maps mean nothing,
while densely overlapping regenerative economic boundaries
for further cooperative evolving WinWin Commons Ownership
and self-other regenerate governance
becomes everything any one healthy EarthTribe cerebral ego
could ever hope to love with.