Integrity’s Boundaries

What if we were song,
sacred litany?

What if,
What if we were dance,
gracefilled choreography?

What if we were energy,
therapeutic information?
Naked trees
joining navels
from native mother to nurture mother
down through speciating generations
up for regeneration.

What if?
What if we became tireless time,
reorganizing space?
Irreplaceable climates
within humid organic history.

I am not your place
and sadly not mine
with authority to displace
or responsibility to replace.
I am not my face.

We are designed to fall apart,
even with unlikely careful wear.
So what?
No excuse to surrender
to daily worn out deaths.
Well excused to rise this day
ready for each dusk
without anticipation
for love or lust
rain or dust
win or bust.
It’s just us
wearing down the best we can.

What if,
What if we were each a song
resonating one per measure,
beating Earth’s shortest line dance?

What if we were timeless energy,
resonating freestyle consciousness?


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