Hate-Love Relationship

Where we embrace love,
Grief is as strong as death;
love lost.

Where we are afflicted with hate,
Gratitude is as strong as death;
loss wished for.

Grief rages against loss,
Yet gratitude lost
can become violently angered,
terrorist frightened
of present and future
as past’s reincarnate vulnerable pain.

Grief begins
felt in solitary vulnerability.
Gratitude eventually heals
through transparently shared solidarity.

Love is as strong as
mortality’s vulnerable weakness.
No more,
no less,
as these merge into one healing face
of gratitude for co-relational gain
more than mere absence of pain.

Habitual love,
Earth-inhabiting resonant life,
as strong as


Invoking Unfinished GodEssences

My autonomous ego’s life
feels unfinishable,
unthinkably mortal in future disconnection;
an unfinished compassion life,
unfinishable love,
an unpolished divine icon
of Earth’s self-promulgating creation,
becoming more articulately interdependent folks,
intersectional resacralizing populations,
self and other co-empowering creolization processors,
north-western left hemisphere’s historic win/lose secularization.

our Gaian EarthMothers,
south past and eastern-future angelically co-present
Great Transition Troubadours
forever deepening sacred icons,
intersectional emissaries,
polypathic and polyphonic,
sacred MotherEarth becoming metaphorically global webbed,
rewoven away from left-hemisphere fashioned dualisms
of secularizing sacred both/and unity,
humanizing divine communion,
every day sanctuaried love-life,

Where pathological egocentric death
reconnects with healthy long-term compassionate communication
co-empathic communal deep listening
to learn nondualistic grief/gratitude re-education trends
bilaterally co-arising
unfinished articulation
still dynamically emanating
from unfinishable life
within Mother/Father EarthTribal His/HerStory.


Ego Ecstasy

I wonder
in powerful awe

If I can see
as well as hear
a timeless difference
between ill-timed ego-annihilation
and health-trained ego-fragmentation
into awed synergetic complex wonder,
chaotic eco-ecstasy.

If I can hear
as well as see
full-timed integrity
so dense
I am optimally fulfilled
by cooperatively silent celebrity.


Inconvenient Lives

Self confident
I would feel inconvenient
to be dead,

Yet relieved in freedom
from trimming toe
and finger nails
and receding hair
advancing down wrinkling neck
and softing shoulders.

Although not confident
I could grow
satisfied with fictional fame,
self-grandiosing glory,
I remain curious
how timelessly satisfying might emerge
historically famous fictions,
glories of grandly granted otherwise.

Confiding ancient secrets,
I could feel confluent
intuiting alive
resilience in freedom to survive
culture’s soft-spoken rhyming terror
flirting with authenticity
of memory’s patterned identity
and difference,
identically coincident.

masquerading hope,
fading dual-dark air without

True life
camouflaging trust’s pervasive love
I would feel false
to grow prematurely dead.


ReMembering Mortality

I wonder if something essential
to my individual identity,
our diverse ego centers,
must become recognized as waning,
on it’s
decomposing way toward death,
absence of hope for infinite future physical ego-integrity,
before it becomes possible to grab on to CoOperative Promise
with my more inductive eco-centering feeling left hand
to grow again from non-dominant
embryonic RightBrain organic seasonal beginnings
of listening for global multicultural integrity,
that matriarchal matters more, some Advent seasons,
and equally, during transitional birthing seasons,
and sometimes less revolutionary
yet still dipolar co-arising ego’s relentless waning.

Not just knowing death as incoming (0)-sum absence
of capacity to return love offered,
fear threatened,
but also gratitude for each eco-normative relationship
having become matriarchal integrity reborn,
some gone before already
and yet many to continue on
throughout this our eco-operating lines.

It is in my ego vulnerability
that Earth’s continuous matriarchal rebirth
grows reweaving
both within my personal landscape
and across this our ecopolitical global climate.




Integrity’s Boundaries

What if we were song,
sacred litany?

What if,
What if we were dance,
gracefilled choreography?

What if we were energy,
therapeutic information?
Naked trees
joining navels
from native mother to nurture mother
down through speciating generations
up for regeneration.

What if?
What if we became tireless time,
reorganizing space?
Irreplaceable climates
within humid organic history.

I am not your place
and sadly not mine
with authority to displace
or responsibility to replace.
I am not my face.

We are designed to fall apart,
even with unlikely careful wear.
So what?
No excuse to surrender
to daily worn out deaths.
Well excused to rise this day
ready for each dusk
without anticipation
for love or lust
rain or dust
win or bust.
It’s just us
wearing down the best we can.

What if,
What if we were each a song
resonating one per measure,
beating Earth’s shortest line dance?

What if we were timeless energy,
resonating freestyle consciousness?


Belover Communication

What purpose do I choose to live;

remaining aloof from evil practice and intent?

What meaning can we find for life

that could transcend our individual absence of identity?

Original Intent uncovers love’s revolutionary invitation

into mutual belonging.


What is this love, synergy, active peace-filling justice

of mindful compassion and contentment

here and now extending forward and backward

across all times and distinctions of identity?


Perfect love voids anger and fear,

confluent confidence overwhelmingly absorbing dissonance

as difference.


Anger dissipates without an enemy to target

through proactive and generously proportioned kindness,

pay-it-forward redemptive


balanced Id/SuperEco value,

as Yin/Yang,

as double-binding negative vortex

over positive (0)-Soul Teleological Prime Relationship

of Tao.


Fear fades coincidentally

as love fulfills its trembling place,

grows naked without tools or weapons,

merely minds and hearts and bodies

as interdependent natural systems,

to transform our metamorphic place,

confining dissonating heat to sweaty race,



and challenges intending long-term primal cooperation

within timeless all EcoEntity.


Edenic life ionically balancing ergodic recreation,

finding humor in ego’s hateful quaking,

double-binding double-negative monoculture

of Lose-Lose mutually mindless monopolistic dis-ecosystems.

All Yang,

no yin,

original over-deductive sin,

omitting half our good potential,

intuitively discovered as only half-bad,

not not Original Intent

of Polyculturally Multisystemic Harmony.


This prime relationship

between eco-logical mind and eco-normic heart

incarnates polypathically:

invest in what you and we all love most,

to disinvest in what we fear.

Multisystemically therapeutic,

like our human DNA-live organic relationships,

swallowing backward-evil monotemporal wrong directions,

biological folding and unfolding,

as passive-solar nuclear fusion of mind and heart.

Just-Right Vitamin D counteracts Despair.


Actively cooperative economic design,



fuel polyculturally multisystemic therapy,

as competitive Lose-Lose overly-sustained practices

feed anger,

silos of mortal fear,


feeding into monopolistic



monocultures of Black Hole entropic misappropriation,

and socioeconomic pathology.


Black Hole economic competition

never ends with enough for ME.

Ecological binding cooperation

never ends without sufficiency for WE,

consumers and producers,

regenerators and redeemers.


If we don’t fly apart first,

we might learn to fly and swim together

in full-fueled nutritionally organic markets

with permaculturally optimized design,

square rooted in full-living values

appositionally tipping,


swaying and dancing,

smooth-structured away from mortally feared dissonance,

WEself-identity immune pathology.


Within and on,

under and over,

before and after,

above and below

Midway’s ┬ánatural systemic Tao,








Evil is to dissonant-revol…, eco-fear and echoing anger,

as live be lover;

as alien competitors

absorb ionic re-balancing mutual redeemers.