Balancing EcoPolitical Systems

Balanced systems normally calibrate
through double-negative dipolar feedback loops,
in which a change in one cause
incites an oppositional change in another effect,
so they balance each other out over reiterative adjusting time.

Hungry systems eat.
Devouring systems become satiated systems, potentially,
or at least less hungry systems.

Time-to-stop feedback,
time-to-start feedback,
are two nondual dipolar faces of reciprocity,
a hypostatic union of internal causal subsystem
and responsively effected/affected/effective environmental subsystem
co-creating mutual sustainability climates
and landscapes,
mutually echoing
dipolar co-arising
discerning reiterative delineations
between 0-sum optimizing WinWin outcomes
and 0-sum suboptimizing WinLose competitions,
heading toward runaway LoseLose.

Double negative feedback loops
are also positive/negative mutual sufficiency feedback loops
accessible to double-bound listeners,
also responsive co-empathic,
polypathic loops feeding and starving back
to strengthen WinWin self-as-part-of-other ecosystemic disciplines,
building resistance to runaway viruses
taking too monoculturally much
through WinLose competitively suboptimizing acclimations
not yet fully resolved WinWin potentiated.

Ego survivalist rampage
is the monolithic megalopolis monster
recreated in reverse of creation stories,
in which antiheroes encourage us to recoil
from greedy hoarding feedback loops within.

Like looking in the mirror
expecting to find a positive healthy democrat,
and finding a too-fat plutocrat
still hungry for yet more

Inspired by, and sort of a paraphrase of,  pp. 305-306 of “Braiding Sweetgrass”, Robin Wall Kimmerer, with gratitude.


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