are ruled by prevailing polycultures,
unusually fertile margins between two bioregions,
like a continental-ocean shoreline
or a clear blue lakeshore
poised above green grassy plains
and below glaciered and alpine forested mountains.

are broader when horizontal,
or can be,
but always comparatively narrow
when delineated vertically,
the boundary between worm cultures
and above-ground human cultures
and above-head atmospheric waves,
ebbs and flows
of radiant light and misty clouds,
Full Moons and storied mysterious starlight.

Our bilateral intelligence
can also see an even sharper
prime temporal ecotone
riding the Great Transition divide
between impossible invisibility of predicting distant healthy generations
and lives, both healthy and pathological,
extending back from each eternal moment,
matriarchally integrative in reverse rememory
to yesterday,
last month,
last year,
former decades

Who was that person,
and how is s/he the same,
and different than this me now?

On back to each EgoIdentity’s
first interdependently autonomous awareness
of embryonic creolizing bicameral life,
Self inside matriarchal Sacred Other’s
paradise womb of MotherEarth
DNA memory,
hypostatic unions between lives stringing back
through gracefilling RNA
regenerate margins of unfolding fulfillment,
primally ergodic rhythms
and fractal 4Dimensioned patterns
through temporal margins
of reweaving
spiraling EcoTones,
culling integrative nurturing time.

This primal relationship,
within each 0-sum moment,
within MotherEarth’s sacred ecology
projects both back through Elder RightBrain interdependence
and LeftBrain’s secular-agnostic mistrust
of futures not yet hoped for,
of pasts now underground
with worms
in a cognitive-affective dissonant understoried world
where only above ground
and below growing pathological climates
of dualdark clouds
remains both secular Left
and Sacred Right
Prime PolyCulturing EcoTone,
anthro-salient as sacred bicameral Earth,
as above,
so below,
as past,
so shall we become
and notnot become future EcoHarmonic.

We would have better moments,
and better days,
to remember
both ecotones from which we came,
and ecotones toward which we return,
are each the same,
secular thicker and sacred cutting edge,
bilaterally divided
by each co-integrative moment,
like breathing in
and breathing out,
which is which,
depends on whether you are DNA you
or an RNA tree,
or somehow reforesting,
WinWin wu-wei both,
growing parallel above/below ground
deep listening nurturing learning
to cooperatively communicate
ego/ecotone root systems
are also fertile DNA/RNA creolizing boundaries.


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