End of an Era

This Halocene Epic
of GaiaEarth
began with FirstMourning Adam

This Halocene broke out
when Eve yinned
and Adam yanged
verbality’s first day
beyond non-verbals
with and for and sometimes against
each other.

And so this HumanGrowing Halocene Bubble
progresses up through
our current bimillennial cusp,

With no land-based frontiers
to further infest
with our growing mess
of waste
pollution of healthy life
wealthy rooting systems
interior frontiers
double-boundaried polypathic
polyphonic harmonic
RightRed West with LeftBlue East

Turning this Tipping Halocene
back toward cooperative Adam/Eve health
within and without
breathing in health
for humorous healing
this Halocene’s Climate Crisis,

Breathing out therapies
for EcoCentric Mother Trees,
advocating multigenerational reforestation
of continents,
healing soils
by healing souls
healing our cooperatively organic soil
and water,
and clarifying cooperative air.

This Halocene Tipping Point
between frigid glacier eras
and burning molten hells
is our human risk
and humane opportunity
to use LeftBrain deductive dominance
as a SacredElder RightBrain co-organic tool
developed and designed
by RNA-rooted Elders

Designed specifically for this dark post-millennial time
of demonic risk and angelic opportunity
to promise healthy wealthy life
for future generations
and to threaten punishments
due to our irresponsible greed,
extracting averise,
competition glutony
drawing down this Halocene’s slow grown Savings Account
rather than learning to live
within and off and for and of
our Sacred Earth’s WinWin
healthy co-investing interest,

Organic Intent
for LeftBrain-RightBrain rebalancing
Revolutions for PositivEnergy Democracy
of Sacred Ecological Earth.

ReWinding of First and Second Deeper Anthrocene
DNA with RNA
Bodhisattva CoRedeeming Souls.

PositivEnergy WinWin streams,
goodnews Western Grace
with notnot badnews Eastern Karma
give DNA fractals such a regenerative buzz
liberating RightBrain repressed NegativEnergy,
true enough,
but Positive refers not just to direction
but also pace,
not too fast or slow-grown,
just right timing of Here with Now.

Any quasi-disciplined,
sometimes a bit paranoid
rebellious insomniac
knows the felt difference
between hyperactive NegativEnergy
and the more slow-grown fertile climate
of PositivEnergy’s WinWin centering

Soul with Soil
revering interior-exterior space
slow growing PositivEnergy Times
and Healing Eras

And EgoEcoTherapeutic
more climate and landscape angels
than monoculturing dissonant demon scenes.


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