Costs of Harvesting Oil

Let’s go back
back to before oil harvesting
to empower machines
to make stronger and more accurate bullets
for bigger and badder guns,
for fear and anger rifle associations,
for military fully invested
justified war theories
of devolution
standing in for
polypathic theories of Yang Revolution
with bilateral EvolvingYin
WinWin non-violent TaoTime.

Are you back there yet?
Before big oil
and big armies
and big enculturing public school miseducation
following monocultural anthropocentric hubris
looking for polyculturally healthier healing,
more robust
resilient mental health outcomes.

We might have to return
to our earliest healthy happy memories
of childhood EarthWombed care,
sensory learning,
heart and lung and mind bicameral development.

once we get back to this agrarian economizing EarthTime
and SoulPlace,
What is your highest and best Golden Rule
for Left good healthy deductive wealth use,
ethological nature
theological spirit
even therapeutic meaning,
secular-sacred vocational purpose?

Please let me know
if you see and hear restorative ballast
healing retributive ballistics.

Please let us know
if you feel called to support Earth’s refugees;
those not so well oiled
of all degenerating species.

To support refugees and emigrants
and immigrants with seeds and plants
and holistic ZeroZone nutritious plans
for ego-eco therapy,
pedagogical healing
and health care education,
restorative justice
and PositivEnergy Democracy,
and growing internal-external Climate Health
by shrinking and starving Climate Pathologies
inside too small egocentric
to be truly WiseElder Original Intent
of pre-industrial ZeroZones
with universal Yang health
and Unitarian Yin wealth


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