The Seductive Heckler

I remember
as a grade school child
an outside voice greeting me
each morning’s reweaving.

The Heckler was school morning alarming.
The Seducer waited to deliver daylight vacation greetings.

The Heckler demanded
I confine my speaking and writing time
to displaying only that ignorance
I was comfortable sharing with family
and neighbors
and classmates
and, possibly, the global stage of reason.

The Seducer invited me
to share only that deductive/inductive intelligence
worthy of collective wisdom
embraced by family and neighbors,
outside voices
and green ecotherapeutic power
to slow-grow love.

Love usually silent proof
I have contributed at least my fair share
to co-intelligent eco/theo-logical listening
to and with Left with Right bicameral WiseElders

Drawing and redrawing ancient moral maps
DNA-enscribed for long-term healthcare therapy,
seductive seasons of climate health
and not so much egocentric pathology,
steering away from bully heckling against vacationing Wisdom
of permapathic democracy
days of leisure absorbing
polypathic freedom
for deductive with inductive balancing ZeroZone

Health-wealth zone for optimizing
systemic thinking and speaking,
listening and learning Earth’s outdoor seductive voices
retelling natural/spiritual vocational choices.

Outdoor in side voices
wisely nondual
Heckler/Seducer equivalency

RE: UnConscious/CoIntelligent
natural/spiritual culture of health
ego/eco-equivalency trends.


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