Nature’s Communicating Systems

unveils nutrition’s multi-media events.

Nutritional flow power
fuels health’s wealthiest messages.

Nonviolently compassionate nature/spirit communication
nurtures nutrition’s most robust
win/win medium.

Our nurturing neural systems inside
are more like a mature deeply resilient forest
than a desert
or tundra
or ocean

Although older parts of our lower brain network
may effluently
co-empathically feel more water-based,
sometimes a placid lake,
often a wildly surfing and surging ocean,
occasionally a productive beautiful flowing brook,
a tidal stream, up and down and up again,
a mighty river of power
rooted in interdependent rivulets
emerging integrity downstream
toward flooding compassionately communicating mouths

Open to communion with oceans
of new/old information
breathing in forests
exhaling seas
and tsunami seasons
of win/win fluid energy.


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