Supremely AnthroCentric

Seems like RightWing angry reds
are clueless anthrosupremacists
who joke they’d be better off dead
than organically well fed

Despite faith in sacred EarthJustice
salvation by capital colonization
redeemer aspirations
falling militantly fascist apart

While blue LeftWing
more secularly cooperative corporate leaders
at least advertise redemption
while blushing over past miscalculations
extractive and capital divesting
hedgefund abusive
by investing against Earth
equity binding sustainable
multicultural health

Both partisan cheerleaders
for AnthroOnly commodity futures,
coldly continuing win/lose corporate,
anthrosupremacist hubris

Earth unpatriotic enough
to efficiently kill
other species’ great grandchildren,
and, unfortunately our own
not so anthro-supremely resilient

We obsessively file our grasping nails
while debating about how best
to learn to tolerate
lack of future therapeutic commitment
to Mother Eartha’s whole-sum
awesome health care

Giving up on hostile
too hot reds
and receiving too much blues
bad news
to safely calculate long-term
life-care reviews

While distracted
by counting the number of re-election dollars
able to co-habitate
on the dying head
of a supremely self-appointed pin.


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