Healthy Learning Platform

We cannot listen
or learn easily
when we do not feel safe,
said the environmental science students
to their corporate sponsored teachers.

Our lungs cannot breathe easily
or our hearts beat steadily
when we are not sure we can trust
the anthrosupremacist resource
currently lecturing

If not explicitly,
than in some implied
win/win, too optimistic sin,
win/lose, realistically right
more than left sacred,
lose/lose, nihilistic blaming Earth
for our economies of moral
EarthTribe scarcity,
scary complicity

Toxic inside learning anxieties
anticipating outside cooperative
organic incorporations
like cooperatively owned forests and meadows,
mountains and river valleys,

Contextually embraced
by RightOne practical survivalists
and Left ZeroZone
outside classroom thrivalists
learning inside civil manners
from MotherTrees
and their sacred mountained forests
and lakes,
green and blue
and cloud covered too

Studying vast lands
of win/lose uncertainty
taught verbally
for capital-embedded ears to hear,

And patriarchally reteach
ignoring our indigenous ecofeminist
deep green sacred
customary way of learning co-passionately felt
dialogical bioformation systems

Inviting conversations
between thoughts and feelings
as they inevitably
dipolar co-arise

When we are listening
deeply learning
easily curiously active
when we feel safe
and healthy
and sure we can trust
our cooperatively owned
sacred outdoor classroom gifts.


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