Learning Skills

Communication learning systems
like organic people
and plants
and living planets
could include education subsystems

employing nonviolent principles of communion

To optimize multicultural health
most polyculturally inclusive
thriving EarthTribe communion

To repair retributive justice win/lose
discommunicating corrupt systems
to restore global green/blue
regenerative peace

holistic win/win learning systems
could include historic education
reconnecting secular and sacred
ego/eco-bilateral systems

Employing co-passionate principles
of trauma prevention
social crime prevention
and state autocracy prevention
and federated kleptocracy prevention

Unitarian inter-continental communication systems
redundantly responsibly regenerative

could include polymorphic learning
co-empathic socio-emotional skills
employing compassionate organic communication
win/win mediating dialogue
metamorphic reflection

To optimize health wealthiest
EarthTribe polycultural communication
for learning climate thrival skills
healthier organically together
than falling robotically apart.


Healthy Learning Platform

We cannot listen
or learn easily
when we do not feel safe,
said the environmental science students
to their corporate sponsored teachers.

Our lungs cannot breathe easily
or our hearts beat steadily
when we are not sure we can trust
the anthrosupremacist resource
currently lecturing

If not explicitly,
than in some implied
win/win, too optimistic sin,
win/lose, realistically right
more than left sacred,
lose/lose, nihilistic blaming Earth
for our economies of moral
EarthTribe scarcity,
scary complicity

Toxic inside learning anxieties
anticipating outside cooperative
organic incorporations
like cooperatively owned forests and meadows,
mountains and river valleys,

Contextually embraced
by RightOne practical survivalists
and Left ZeroZone
outside classroom thrivalists
learning inside civil manners
from MotherTrees
and their sacred mountained forests
and lakes,
green and blue
and cloud covered too

Studying vast lands
of win/lose uncertainty
taught verbally
for capital-embedded ears to hear,

And patriarchally reteach
ignoring our indigenous ecofeminist
deep green sacred
customary way of learning co-passionately felt
dialogical bioformation systems

Inviting conversations
between thoughts and feelings
as they inevitably
dipolar co-arise

When we are listening
deeply learning
easily curiously active
when we feel safe
and healthy
and sure we can trust
our cooperatively owned
sacred outdoor classroom gifts.


Teachable Momentums

we left off yesterday
to pick up
where speaking non-violent principles
too often neglect to listen
to liberally artistic,
green and active
yet non-reactive
compassionate healers
may need to co-invest more
in co-operating democratic research
and for
WholeEarth DiaLogical Matriotism.

Excuse me,
but co-passioned listening
to silence
speaks not consent
to dispassionate lectures

Featuring compassionate feelings,
in every way but delivery
of compassionate communication
compatible with thoughtful principles of non-violent change
more intuitive, less leftbrain cognitive,

Complex language systems
yet less chaotic than violence
more than dipolar nuance

I’m hearing sensory
sensually resonant
co-passionate polyphonic language
forming more of an octave healing choir
singing four part green gospel

Natural liturgy for thriving
Truth and Beauty
health and safety
passionately surviving

Yet another autonomous Yang-verbal lecture
to pass down information
from heavenly paradise Principles
passive dispassion voiced
from on high ex cathedral authors
and authority judge figures

Speaking down
into fading democratic deep learning
root systemic researching ears and eyes,
noses and mouths
tasting and seeing warm and cold feelings
bitter and sweet tastes salty and sour
acidic needs
to feel authentically persistent

Green regenerative miracles
of perennially trusted Truths
and safely symmetrical double-binary Beauty

Compassionately ego-therapeutic
while restorating WholeEarth
systemic cooperative justice

For today’s politically incorrect multicolors
and then fade Blue liberal elite egalitarian
to remerge communing Green
conservational conversational
nonviolent interdependence
passing through principles
of autumn’s non-violet 0-range

Playing hard impassioned thoughts
as soft compassion worked out feelings
win/win multiply
optional peace investment games

Calculating leftbrain privileged
autonomous unspoken risks
against, not with,
rightbrain win/win adventurous opportunities
to regain regeneratively healing
positive blue/green WholeEarth classrooms

Health/wealth systemic
dually compassionate
intuitive co-investments
ego/eco therapeutic,
bicamerally speaking
after bilaterally deep learning

As I was starting to say,
before so compassionately
impassionately interrupted
from where we left off
in the 20th century
leftbrain information flowering
of 19th century Industrializing
Well Capitalized Militarizing
Patriarchal StraightWhite
ego designed AnthroSystems
privileged violent evangelical Yang
Red demonizing
punitive shame

On EcoOthers
dissociating blame away from Ego

PreDetermined monotheistic identity
only a leftbrain StraightWhiteMale god
could lectionary empower MAN
not so kind,

Yet sometimes curiously clever
at being cruel
enough to economically survive
not just passively obey
long enough
for yet another democracy thriving day

This green post-millennial 20/20 range
of compassionate revision
re-arranges reweaving reconnecting re-ligion

Our curiously clever win/lose
autonomously investing
light and power entrepreneur

May hope to retire
a professional academic
merely PhD-grade
Either True Or False philosopher

Feeding and watering ego identity
versus verses reverses
eco-incorporated overbearing
assaulting and extracting task masters

And my favorite pin-striped suit,
male or female,
and sometimes she/male
in between

An industrious era
of leftbrain capital dissociation
from traditional nutritional roots
uprising RedYang resiliently systemic
reverse green re-anticipation
within a compassionately felt octave

multiculturally feeling and responding

And polyculturally passionately thinking
and co-responsive
co-investing in Teacher/Student
Parent/Child co-mediating
compassionate Language Circles
for restoring green EarthJustice

Needs no important permission
or more information
from wise leftbrain Authority
before win/win economic/ecological
deep empowerment listening
co-arises multicultural felt voices

No longer bought and sold
by more monoculturing
leftbrain education systemic
patriarchal choices

Instead, now re-investing
in blue/green equity
and cooperative 0-range co-invested
authenticity of co-articulating Green Communion
principles of healthcare systems
giving as receiving communications

Sometimes memed
and re-membered
and re-connected
rehealing mixtures
of left/right dipolar co-arising
teacher/wise student compassionate discourse,
trans-generational proactive win/win deliberation

Deep co-listening dialogues
mentored and co-mediated
talk stereophonic non-violent therapy
and green blogcast
regenerating win/win health
caring non-violent
ultra-nonviolet coverage

Also feeling yintegral
full moon compassion flowing
rooted 0-range original
uncoverage lessons
left right off
for yet another past tomorrow
this cooperatively held day

We left off yesterday
to pick up
where respeaking non-violent principles
too often neglect to listen
to liberally artistic,
green and active
yet non-reactive
compassionately curious
eternally young
green healers.