Why I Am Here

At the Planet Gym
embodying my best business
when suddenly I wonder

Why am I here?
and repeats
in my wandering ear

And what magic
might appear

Isn’t that queer?
Not WHY am I here
with these Straight People

because this overpopulated question
may obscure other
ambidextrously resourceful directions
less shaded by fear
of robust diversity

I suppose
But, what can I hear
about why am I here?
and not over There
on the Other side

What two-sided relationships
would I need
to become fully here today?
and all seasons yet to arrive
in this sacred home of People
and PlanetEarth

With gratitude,
I suppose…
but, Why am I here

Cannot mean
only those purposes and means
asso-sedated with my home address
and sometimes needy
sometimes hostile
[downright spankin mean]

More creature comforts,
AND we search for sacred meaning
more intimate

Spiritual enlightenment
perhaps shyer,
early childhood Loser-Trauma

Drama messages
win/lose valuable

Vulnerable communications
with imperfect win/win transparent closets

Hiding chronic stress histories
of anxiety
longing for sacred peace,
or even just a secular piece, you know,
now and again

For chronic stress,

Longing for peace
or restored ego-resilience,
or at least a restored recliner

Happiness, and a marketable craft
and EarthMother teaching skills

For relearning not sad gladness
in hope,
in anticipation,
for opportunities
to co-invest
in always interesting neighbors

In the Planet Gym
our best health business.


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