EcoFeminist Wisdom Theory

I’ve been warmly remembering
your peak solidarity experience
shared joyfully

When you suggested
in a state-wide wisdom circle
that your cooperative advocacy circle
might feel more robust
and become more strategically
and resonantly effective

If and when
local communities more intentionally share
their current municipal Trauma Prevention challenges

And, in this ecocidal anthrosupremacist sharing,
invite restorative eco-justice co-investors
into a temporary circle of special project alliance

So that local win/lose trauma issues
rise briefly,
and with local/state-WinWin co-empowerment intention,
to collective verbalized consciousness

Just as state and nation-wide governance issues
are now normatively communicated
down and out to diverse branches
to help describe
(not so much LeftBrain SWM dominantly prescribe)
what our state-wide alliance leaders
and policy experts
and natural/spiritual public well-being
ecopolitical resilience planning gurus
have prioritized
for cooperatively co-invested health
and sacred safety of MotherEarth.

Our most inclusive strategic priorities
for this next four green regenerative
restoring cooperative EarthPeace seasons
of organic kindness growth
through healthy robust democracy
co-invested networks.

I have been noticing
how these up and down
in and out
bilateral balancing hierarchies

Also co-passionately communicate
both at peak
and in local valley
toward win/win accomplished
nonviolent communicating
resilient verbally-abled leaders
nonverbally experiencing co-invested

And also,
as you took an acceptable risk
and verbally LeftBrain suggested,
Also feedback from down
and out
toward other Win/Lose entrenched systems
of retributive eco-injustice
engaged, and frequently enraged,
co-passionately communionating
ecofeminist win/win strategic network hunters
and gatherers
togathering this state-wide sacred circle
for monoculturally predative Trauma Prevention
through healthier and safer
eco-resilience planning legislation

Which may feel like the warm co-invested
organic wisdom
of any nurturing
Elder cooperative MotherTree

Virtuously circling up from Her sacred grassroots
information to Her Yang-solidarity Trunk
Root NonZero
Whole-Organic Chakra Zone;

Also in reverse,
re-circulating radiant FatherSun in-formation
solar-bright deep Trunk seasonally enlightening
omniscient yintegral deep
locally embodied root-systemic meaning
both down and up
in and out
through to Her sacred
same Yang/Yin Trunk

Flowing Yintegral feelings
co-empathically down
toward that bicameral balancing network
root system 0-root chakra

Virtuously win/win recircling
bilateral ego-branch/eco-root network systems
leaf and seed recycling
bi-hemispheric co-operating

Enlightening from-above sacred gifts
for empowering MotherEarth’s
rich fertile democratic soil
co-passionately co-invested
within cooperative Earth-network governance

Of Wisdoms’ virtuous win-up/win-down
healthy democratic
nonviolent circles
for ecopolitical co-governance,
branch and root
co-invested alliances
and project self-organizing sub-allied
and resonantly strategic co-investments

Trauma Preventive
strong and flowing
nonviolent-communion circles
yang-led and warm yintegral
liberal-peak branching
from conserving-valley
loving kindness roots
resonating Tao-governance circles

Warmly remembering
this peak solidarity experience
shared joyfully
after our last
state-wide alliance circle.


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