Did You Notice?

Did you notice:

What you have for breakfast,
despite what Mom said,
is probably less important than who you do
and do not
have breakfast with,
and why?

The brand and make and year of your car
are less significant to your well-being
than the costs to you,
your family,
and their future?

The quality of your time
is less about how much you earn
and more about what you do,
and what you are unwilling to do,
to earn it?

You probably never respond to questions about how much you care for someone with the amount of time you spend with them,
“about 8.5 hours per week,”
while you might discuss how often,
and for how long,
you miss them in a week,
if at all?

When the quality of your well-intended humor
is measured in the number of smiles responding,
rather than the number of non-responses,
then you are in some serious trouble?

“Living” nature is not distinguished from “dead” nature,
by calculating quantities of difference,
but by noticing differences in quality of relationships.

You might define your love life as any hours without fear or anger,
or you might find that absence of fear and anger is necessary,
but not sufficient, for loving awareness?
If you have a higher bar,
faces of apathy and despair
are companions not possible to embrace
with love’s sufficiently empathic resonance.

DNA is a newer anthro-cultural language of intelligence
compared to older RNA regenerative non-self-consciousness?
Wouldn’t we be foolish
to disrespect our ecological Elder’s mental-environ conscience
to listen monopolistically enslaved to Left-brain’s competing dominance,
with comparatively adolescent language choices?
What good is deductive reasoning
attenuated from it’s natural,
and most nutritious,
source of fuel fertility?

Throwing out RNA’s primal
and ubiquitous regenerative intelligence
to value only DNA’s more recent humane reiteration,
reflecting on this (0)-Core prime consciousness,
throws out a cooperatively healthy baby
to hoard the bathwater?
Better outcomes could ensue
for the baby,
the water,
and you,
by bathing together in this nuclear stew.

You fall asleep in front of the TV
trying to stay awake
to watch something that apparently is much less entertaining
and healthy
than pursuing your own nightly dreams?

Living and dying are opposites,
but “living” comes in a spectrum
from “full” through “suffering dissonance”;
yet “dying” never comes in a correlated spectrum
from “purgative alacrity” through “contented confluence”?

When you stop using your mind
for anything resembling socially constructive purposes
it continues rattling on day after day
as if anyone were still attending;
but when you stop using your body
it almost immediately begins shutting down
as if no one needed tending?


Walking Baby’s Journey

Taking baby steps these days,

they hurt less than leaps and bounds.


An unusually negative way of saying:

small steps feel more contenting right now,

than larger plans for different memories.


What are these larger plans for different memories

you back away from right now?

How might you hang onto this dream

or avoid this nightmare

while continuing with your contented smallish steps?


Could you write and story-tell yourself through both messages,

perhaps nesting one within the other,

usually the smaller steps within the larger praxis and storyline

like a personal journal entry,

nested within each Earth Day headline.


Of which hopes and dreams is your life iconic,

as it is,

and becomes obvious by simply unweaving your story backward,

back through Earth’s spacetime enculturing history.

How you are different and the same as your grandmother

is the most recent episode in your epic

of how you are different and the same as Grandmother Moon,

is the most recent episode

in the universal epic

of how you are different and the same as  your Elder cousins,

Sun and Earth,

Yang on Yin, yet again,

Fire’s dynamic effect on Water’s self-absorptive evaporation.


Let’s Spring those Baby Steps, girl!

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